Thursday, October 04, 2012

Mitt Romney Wins Debate

I agree with CNN and NPR that Romney easily won the debate against Pres. Obama last night. Pres. Obama couldn't look Gov. Romney in the eyes the whole evening.

In spite of the clear victory the media attacks Romney on not giving enough specifics. However I'm not sure what they were looking for. Not sure how much more specific you can get when it comes to explaining that instead of raising taxes you can reduce deficits by cutting spending; then lowering tax rates while eliminating exemptions.

By lowering tax rates, government tax revenue increases as businesses pay less tax, hire more employees, reduce unemployment, and increase the number of citizens paying taxes. The State of Michigan demonstrated how raising taxes reduces government revenue because raising tax rates created more unemployment and less people paying taxes.

Not sure how much more specific Romney should've been about becoming more energy independent. What more can you say then he supports drilling in Alaska, drilling offshore, burning clean coal and building pipelines.

How much more specific can you be about healthcare then talking about Romneycare which has already been implemented and works in the state of Massachusetts. The State of Mass helps individual citizens pay for private healthcare.

The truth about specifics is that United States President isn't a dictator. The president should govern on principles and allow the legislature and the individual states to decide the specific details.

This is the problem with Pres Obama who thinks the President should appoint Czars and unelected boards that dictate to the rest of the country exactly what we should do.

It seems much of the mainstream media will concede that Romney easily won the debate but just claimed that nothing in Gov Romney said was true. Now we are seeing the mainstream media trying to debate Romney after-the-fact the way Pres. Obama was unable too.

What are the most compelling things about Romney and his vision plan for America is that it's not a nice sounding theory but is proven. Romney is not just talking about being able to return American to prosperity. Romney spent his life returning American business to profitability. When he was governor of Massachusetts he balanced the budget while lowering taxes. And at the same time getting everyone insured under RomneyCare and maintaining low unemployment and #1 schools.

There is no inaccuracies or lies or 1/2 truths or deception in Romney's record. Romney promises that he can do for America what he has already done for countess businesses, and for Massachusetts.

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