Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2012 Election Perspective

Despite the biased media telling us a vote for Romney was a vote for the lesser of 2 evils. When it comes to pervious elections with Gingrich, Bush, Dole, and McCain; I was excited to vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and felt like they could really change things in America and restore this nation to its former greatness.

When I woke up this morning, I had a heavy heart for America. I don't think that the Bush or Obama policies of war and bailouts are the right direction for America. I was hoping for real change that only a Romney-style restructuring could deliver.

What's more, as a married, white, Christian American, I now feel powerless in America. Not that I have anything against any other social group. However, speaking for my demographic; the media told us last night that while married, white Christians overwhelmingly voted for Romney, we were told the election was determined by Black and Latino minorities, single white females and the younger voter.

Its just a total shock to realize the married, white, Christian demographic no longer has the electoral power it used to have in America. What is also sobering is that all the trends show that the minority and single female demographics are growing rapidly. The married, white, Christian demographic has lost political power in America with no signs of improvement in the future.

In reality, despite the media's mischaracterization of the election, this is not a race issue. The issue at the heart of the election is there are more people in America that believe in government socialism than those who believe in personal responsibility to be both self-sufficient and care for the poor.

But 2008 is different than 2012. In 2008, traditional American Christian families helped elect Pres. Obama. This time, Pres. Obama won purely off the votes from black, Latino, single women, and collage-age demographics. For the first time, the traditional American Christian family may no longer be able to determine the political course of this nation. The 47 percent it seems has now become the 51 percent.

I will add that I didn't enjoy watching PBS show Rahm Emmanuel celebrate in Chicago as Florida and Ohio went to President Obama any wore that I enjoyed Baptist Southern Convention Ethics Chair Richard Land commenting on Romney's lose in the GOP Primary on PBS back in 2008. 


Anonymous said...

Afriad of being a minority? Lucky Romney's not in power, he promised to treat minorities even more like second-class citizens...

Anonymous said...

Judge Romney on his record as gov in Mass. Lowest unemployment, best schools, balanced budget, insured 100% of his people. Minorities did quite well in Mass.

Me and my family will be fine whomever is in the WH. But we will soon see how much the minorities will suffer under Obama with the continued war and bailouts. Pretty soon the wheels will start falling off.