Friday, March 15, 2013

Earned income credit

This morning on NPR, I was listening to a report about the earned income credit. According to NPR the earned income credit is wonderful and a success. We were told that the earned income credit has done exactly what it was designed to do we are told that presidents from Reagan to Bill Clinton and Obama supported the earned income credit. And we are told the program has expanded every year since Its inception.

Credit earned income credit was designed to give single mothers to pay single mothers go to work cannot stay home and take care of the children. I Wonder what the differences in cost between 3000 $6000 plus the cost cost of childcare at Headstart program.

I wonder what the social costs are in such a program. Studies have shown building orphanages results in more orphans. And creating welfare programs creates more welfare recipients. And having more single mothers working means less mothers mothering and their children.

Report says the program isn't perfect because some game system and others qualified but do not collect. But we're given an anecdote of a mother was come from Ecuador qualified for the earned income credit and use the money to take her son to her son is in college.

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