Thursday, March 14, 2013

Legislating Morality

Some people believe "we shouldn't give the government the ability to use the force of law to compel morality". In my opinion, we are soooooooooooo hopelessly lost if people believe this.

Morality is the only thing that government legislates and enforces. If government didn't legislate and enforce morality, what else would it legislate and enforce? Mythology?


Government = force
Morality = Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.

Basis of American Morality (applies to theists and atheists alike):

1. All men are created equal (i.e. one person is not more important than another).
2. Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you (i.e. do no harm).

American Government really doesnt need a lot of rules. If harm is done by one individual to another, than an impartial jury can determine if the allegation is harmful, and if there is evidence that harm has been committed by the perpetrator upon the victim. And then the jury can determine a just punishment and/or compensation.

No law need be written. The concept of "Rule of Law" has become a monster.

Accordingly: If we believe in a " Do no harm" (to others) society and that "all people are equal".

Recreational Drugs:
1. Using recreational drugs is self-abuse
2. Possessing and using recreational drugs is not harming others
3. Selling and distributing recreational drugs is harming others
4. Citizen Juries should prosecute distribution.

Same-gender marriage:
1. Children born into a family without both a mother or father harms the child.
2. Children are a protected group and must be looked out for even if their is no perceived harm.
3. Same-gender relationships between consenting adults carries no perceived harm by either party.
4. Consenting adults are not a protected group.
5. Marriage differs from civil union in the licensing to create biological offspring and raise them.
6. Children who are not raised effectively can become a liability and harm the community.
7. There may be no need for Government licensing for marriage or civil union but Citizen Juries should protect children and make sure they have proper homes.

In this sense, I guess I've reversed my opinion about that "Government shouldn't get involved in martiage or civil union." But only in the sense that the government shouldn't get involved in the licencing of anything and only provide a means of the community to prosecute perpetrators of harm.

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