Sunday, April 07, 2013

Aluminum Phosphate and Squalene

I was reading a food label on Baking Powder that says it contains regular baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as well as aluminum sulfate and calcium phosphate. If I remember back to high school chemistry solubility rules, Al2(SO4)3 + Ca(H2PO4)2 = AlPO4 (s) + CaSO4 (s).

Anyways, I think it very likely that a combination of AlSO4 and CaPO4 will yield some AlPO4. The significance of this is that aluminum phosphate is a very common adjuvant used in vaccines to stimulate the immune response.

My question is, knowing that aluminum phosphate is so immunogenic, should we be using it in our food? Could aluminum phosphate cause certain people to develop gluten allergies such as celiac disease?

My friend J---- was being treated for low testosterone and vitamin D. He had just had shoulder surgery and had been more sedentary. After supplementation, he was feeling much better. But then he got the pneumonia vaccine (ppsv23). He got his testosterone and vitamin D levels checked again and despite supplementation, his levels were unmeasurably low. How could this happen? Does ppsv23 contain the Squalene adjuvant MF59 or AS03? I think he also got a flu shot this year. I'll also have to see if he is on a statin (blocks cholesterol synthesis).

Using squalene as an adjuvant makes no sense. Squalene has no business being in a vaccine. Squalene is not immunogenic in and of itself. Squalene is a major precursor in the production of sex hormones, vitamin D, and cortisol. If a vaccinated individual were to develop anti-squalene antibodies their bodies would cease producing testosterone, vitamin D, aldosterone, cortisol.

Knocking out squalene is very significant because it wouldn't matter how much time a person spent in the sun. The sun only activates vitamin D, it doesn't make it. So, a person could spend all day in the sun and if there is no vit D precursor, then there is no vit D to be activated.

The consequences of being deficient in these critical hormones could and would result in significant effects to the immune system among other effects. My friend says he is feeling tired again despite continued supplementation. What could have happened to his vit D and testosterone?

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