Monday, May 13, 2013

IRS, SEC, HHS, EPA and FDA Targeting Patriots

We hear this week that the IRS, HHS, and the SEC was targeting patriot, religious, conservative, and non-profit organizations.  Federal agencies have admitted to preferentially targeting certain organizations with extensive and expensive audits. 

I know personally that this illegal intimidation also targeted Private Emergency Medicine groups.  I work for great yet progressive-leaning contract management group. Our hospital recently changed electronic medical records and we had EM consultants from Minnesota and other area visit.  These consultants were members of private EM groups and reported extensive harassment by HHS  in auditing all their charts to justify their billing practices.

I had the hunch at the time that these private groups were being singled out and harassed by the government.  Now with this latest revelation about IRS, SEC, and HHS, now I suspect even more that these audits were likely politically motivated and unwarranted.

The FDA has been persecuting LDS dry-pack canning facilities by creating more and more regulations.  Consequently, the LDS Church was forced to recently announce the closure of all its US facilities East of the Mississippi.

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