Friday, May 31, 2013

The Unbelievers

Atheists love to pit Science and Religion agsinst each other. Atheists claim that only Science can explain "How" the universe was created.  However, this is a false argument. The pupose of Religion is NOT to explain the "How" of the universe. While Science deals with the questions of "What" and "How", Religion is focused on explaining "Who" and "Why".

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss have been touring the country debating science vs. religion.  I was just watching a YouTube clip where they were discussing a new documentary "The Unbelievers".  I haven't yet seen this film but from the explanations from Richard Dawkins he made some arguments against religion I wanted to address.

1. First off, Dawkins sets up debate between science and religion.
2. Dawkins claims religion and science are two conflicting ways man has devised to explain the universe.
3. Dawkins claims science explains the universe by the scientific method, experiment, observation, and verifiable and predictive facts.
4. Dawkins claims religion describes the universe by superstition and tradition.
5. Dawkins says faith is the enemy because blind belief can lead to radicalization and irrational behavior.
6. Dawkins would like people to abandon all religious belief and embrace pure rational thought.
7. Dawkins calls religious belief that one person knows better than another to be arrogant and scientific thought to be humble.

First, this is a false debate:
1. The purpose of religion is NOT to explain the universe.  The purpose of religion is to explain how mankind should behave and relate to one another.
2. Religion only has gotten into trouble in describing the Universe by drawing false analogies in an attempt to support a proscribed behavior.  False analogies don't make the proscribed behavior wrong.
3. Religion is fine allowing science to explain the universe.  But when we realize with dark matter and dark energy make up over 95% of the Universe, and that we see or can detect less than 5%, I think its arrogant for science to think they have much of a clue to how the Universe works.  Seems to be a lot of belief, blind faith, and tradition to go along with the many unverifiable scientific theories.
4. The business of Religion is teaching charity and virtue and NOT explaining the Universe.
5. What makes human's human is that we have the capacity to NOT act like animals. Religion purpose is to reinforce this human behavior.
6. Religious faith is NOT about blind obedience and not about being irrational or unverifiable. 
7. The idea of religious faith is to encourage animal-natured humans to follow the time-tested examples of our forebearers, and verify the word by experimentation to suppress our animal nature, and  to treat our neighbors with charity and virtue. 
8. Religious faith simple message is "try it and you'll like it".  Test the word before you cast it aside.  The need for initial faith is that the natural man cannot comprehend, see, understand, or conceive  of the benefits of human behavior before he has tested it.  But once faith has been tested and verified by experience, the principle of behavior becomes knowledge.
9. Religion teaches that humans can be hungry but decide to fast, they can be offended and decide to forgive, they can sacrifice  something they want now for something better in the future.

True Religion Teaches:
1. treat others how you would want to be treated.
2. do no harm
3. help your neighbor
4. govern your own actions
5. all humankind are equal

Law of the Jungle Teaches
1. do as you will
2. if you are more fit than others, than it is your duty to rule over the others and spread your superior genetic material for the survival and advancement of the species.
3. if you have a desire, you must obtain it. The universe has placed that desire in you and you put yourself at odds with the  universe if you deny yourself.
4. it is for the good of the species that each individual realize the full extent of their desires.

Problem With Law of the Jungle Thinking?   What happens when 2 people want the same thing?  They have to kill each other to get what they want. Or one has to decide they really didn't want that. In this system, there is only room for one person at the top.  Or there are a gang of mob bosses who act like they are fighting with each other but in reality they collude and prey upon their own followers.

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