Thursday, May 02, 2013

Visions of Glory Review

Author John Pontius has a difficult job presenting possible revelation in his book "Visions of Glory". It's tough to record authentic revelation because every detail must be correct. I think the Second Coming Christ wearing white was the biggest miss. Pontius presents Christ's appearance at His Coming in Glory wearing a white robe like the famous LDS painting. However, LDS scripture as well as the New Testament say Christ will be wearing red.

The thing I may agree with and had thought about prior was the details about possession by spirits. We are warned that the same addictions that we have here may plague us in the next life. I can imagine that without the holy ghost a spirit may not FEEL at all. So, I can see how spirits may seek to tempt mortals to pleasure seek and possibly possess them in the act in an attempt to FEEL what they are feeling. I don't buy spirits fighting over possession. It seems Legion didn't have any problem with sharing the pig.

However, I am sure with the gift of the Holy Ghost righteous spirits can focus on feeling the joy and happiness of Christian service and not get caught up in pleasure- or pain-seeking behavior.

Small Issues:
1. The General Conference was cool but this great meeting will likely be at Adam-ondi-ahmen and not Salt Lake City. If the Salt Lake Conference Center were damaged, the Church built a near twin building in Rexburg, ID at BYU-Idaho.
2. Immigration Canyon should be spelled Emigration Canyon
3. Medical descriptions do not ring true
4. Union Pacific building is part of Gateway Mall and has 2 restaurants, live performance area called “The Depot”, and offices.
5. Not enough emphasis on the problem of nuclear fallout and clean water. The major calamity that will strike Babylon will be a nuclear first strike by Russia and China.

Possible Doctrinal Problems:
1. Attempt to link to Apostle for legitimacy.
2. Interaction between pre-mortal and post-portal spirits. (This would indicate the veil is lifted)
3. Ordinances in heaven mirrors ordinance on Earth. (Spirits can't do ordinances)
4. Says calling to 144,000 not a church calling and women also called.
5. Says dust in atmosphere made temperatures warmer due to global warming and not colder by reflection of sun's light.
6. Zion laid out in a wagon wheel pattern. (City of Zion layout was square)
7. No Sign of the Son of Man proceeding coming in glory.
8. No year without a rainbow.
9. No money or ownership. (United Order recognizes ownership and stewardship)
10. Describes Christ's eye color as blue and doesn't witness marks.
11. Christ at His coming in glory is wearing white and not red. (D&C 133 and Rev 19)
12. Does not discuss the physical resurrection.
12. Says that some Translated Beings were called to serve on other planets (D&C 130:5)

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