Friday, June 28, 2013

Zimmerman vs. Martin

I don't support either side. Both sides share blame. However, I am more concerned that the media is whipping this case into a frenzy that may ignite into riots. If riots turn into armed conflict, I fear we may well see harsher weapons restrictions and maybe even gun confiscation in America.  Gun confiscation in America would leave the US vulnerable to nuclear attack and invasion by Russia and China.  

Now we are hearing that Ben Kruidbos IT Director of Florida State Attorney's Office testified that prosecutors withheld evidence from George Zimmerman's defense team has been fired.  Kruidbos said that 2,958 photos were in the report given to the defense but that his report contained 4,275 photos.

We are also hearing that Judge Nelson at the last minute opened up the possible charge of Manslaughter as a possible verdict as well as Second Degree Murder.  The defense had only been arguing against the Murder 2 charge this entire time.  Dirty Tricks?

Instructing the Jury on Manslaughter Judge Nelson says: "To prove the crime of Manslaughter, the State must prove the following two elements beyond a reasonable doubt: 1. Trayvon Martin is dead.  2. George Zimmerman intentionally committed an act or acts that caused the death of Trayvon Martin."

That's it. Just 2 bullet points. According to this Zimmerman is guilty.  Matin in dead and Zimmerman shot him. The section goes on to describe the Manslaughter further but without any more summarizing bullet points.  It is my opinion that this beginning 2 bullet point summary is exceptionally misleading.  Fortunately we have some smart jurors who have asked Judge Nelson to reclarify the definitiion of the new Manslaughter charge.


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