Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Convert Church to Shelter

1. Following nuclear strike on the US, no one will venture our for 3-5 months due to fallout.
2. After that the only people left will be the prepared and the cannibal.
3. Once safe to emerge you go straight to the Stake Center.
4. Better to consecrate than turning away cannibals daily.
5. Gather together with surviving Saints, pool resources and talents.
6. Lawless looters, raiders, and brigands will prey on the weak like a pack of wolves.
7. Do not "bug out" and isolate yourself.
8. Convert Stake Center into shelter.

How to covert Church Building into shelter:
1. block off parking lots
2. board/brick/armor/sandbag up and secure all entrances
3. board/brick/armor/sandbag up and cover up all windows facing street.
4. Use only one entrance and exit (rear-facing metal single door)
5. Check in and out, have 24-hour station at entrance
6. 24-hour watch
7. divide duties: cleaning, food prep, activities
8. Send search parties out to get resources.
9. Send search parties out to check on member status.
10. assign families small classrooms
11. Divide single men and women into separate common sleeping areas.
12. HAM radio. Send out search parties with radios.
13. Keep chapel closed off for use only on Sunday. 
14. Do not use chapel for sleeping or storage.
15. Morning and Evening Ward prayer, scriptures, devotional, flag ceremony.
16. Strict moral standards and Sabbath observance.
17. At the point of gathering, it will be safe to venture outside but power, water will be disrupted so we will need to immediately build latrines.
18. identify clean water sources such as homes with well water, generator and fuel to run the pumps.

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