Monday, September 23, 2013

Zion vs. Fascism

I was listening to NPR the other day And a comment was made about Communism and  Nazi fascism.  The commentators said that these social experiments were based on the notion that Germany and Russia could achieve a perfect society if they could just forcibly get rid of a certain segment of the population.

This got me thinking about the LDS idea of Zion.  Do we think that we can have a perfect society if we just get rid of certain group of people? Are we guilty of thinking that if only God could get rid of the poor and the wicked, the rest of us could realize and enjoy the perfect society?

Instead, maybe Zion is the type of society that perfects people. A perfected people will not tolerate poor among them.  But instead of turning the poor away, a Zion people would help the poor become rich.   As far as the wicked go, Zion would never forcibly turn anyone away.  But when Satan and his followers  discover that they have no power over a Zion people, they will either have to repent or voluntarily separate themselves.

What gives Satan power?
artificial scarcity, poverty-  bribes, pay offs, 
sin- blackmail and addiction
fear of death- (scarcity issue)

How to bind Satan?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More FEMA contracts

This website monitors FEMA/DHS purchases.  Many people have been monitoring FEMA acquisitions and drills since Hurricane Katrina because we suspect one day these supplies will be used.  The strange thing is that none of these FEMA purchases helped much during the Super Storm Sandy event in 2012. You would think it would have.  So, what are they prepping for?

FEMA Purchases/Projects
(google any of these to verify: enter search term 'FEMA *.* '
1. relocation centers 
2. body bags
3. cemetery construction
4. grave vault liners/caskets
5. DMORT/mortician drill
6. MRE's
7. hollow-point ammunition
8. MRAP vehicles
9. drill  relocating children
9. water
10. hospital blankets
11. scrubs and sweatshirts
12. mobile showers and toilets
13. mobile 100-man shelters
14. 3-day survival backpacks
15. super morgue, processing and immunization center in SLC

16. FEMA is buying 600 million syringes for a 2-dose H7N9 vaccine for every American.  The ajuvant to be used is the controversial oil-in-water emulsion MF59 and AS03 which are squalene based.

Using squalene as an adjuvent is documented as creating anti-squalene antibodies. Squalene is a major precursor for cholesterol, vitamin D, cortisol, and sex hormone synthesis.  Knocking out squalene could render the victim with an impaired immune system, decreased fertility and other neuro-endocrine dysfunctions such as narcolepsy.

Jacob, a co-worker,  was receiving vitamin D and testosterone supplementation therapy in 2012 by his doctor.  He then received several vaccines.   His measured vitamin D levels dropped to undetectable even while taking supplementation.  He now requires vitamin D and testosterone replacement therapy.  I am not sure if any of the several vaccines he received contained MF59 or ASO3 but this is the kind of adverse reaction I would expect.

"In preparation for a possible large scale national H7N9 influenza vaccination program, CDC is considering using the two oil-in-water emulsion adjuvants in its stockpile (AS03 and MF59) with an H7N9 vaccine."

Afghanistan Conspiracy

South Africa Conspiracy-
South Africa started out as a Dutch colony. Then gold and diamonds were discovered. So, Cecil Rhodes and Milner's kindergarden go down and take it for the British putting the Dutch farmers (Boer's) in concentration camps and use African's as slaves to mine them. Now DeBeer's has a monopoly on diamonds  and we all go into debt when we get married  to buy one of these overpriced "blood diamonds".  Rhodes named part of Africa Rhodesia after himself.

Opium in Afghanistan Conspiracy-
The Conspiracy has been producing Opium in  Afghanistan for thousands of years since Rome. In fact the trade deficit Rome had with the East led to Rome's rise and downfall. Roman currency was gold.  Gold was sent East for spices and drugs.  Roman illegitimacy and drug use led to poverty which led to a welfare state (free bread and circus).  To get more gold to lube the economic engine, Rome had to conquer and bring in  tribute and debase their currency. This is why  gold is bad as a currency. 1. There is never enough gold. 2. therefore, you have to conquer your neighbor to get more of it.

To supply the Legion with soldiers they brought  in German illegal aliens known as Barbarian Foeterati (Marian Reforms = Dream Act).  When Rome was bankrupt, the Foeterati  were cut from benefits and they were  organized into an insurrection that fractured  the Empire forever. Feudalism and the Holy Roman Empire took over and succeeded  through the Muslim conquest, crusades, 100- years war, and Spanish Inquisition to destroy  all rival Christian capitals and control Christianity. The star and crescent moon commemorates the fall of Constantinople, the last rival capital.

The Holy Roman Empire ended in 1805 when Napoleon won the Battle of the 3rd Coalition  and Emperor Francis 2 (real Pope namesake) signed the Treaty of Pressburg Dec 1805.   Then Nathan Rothschild causes a stock market panic after Britain beats Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 and then buys up more than half the British  Empire before Britain finds out it had won.   Nathan spread the rumor they had lost then  tells his people "buy it all".  The City of London  then joins the Vatican as the banking center  and the second of 3 stars for "Columbia".

The British Empire wanted to control
 Afghanistan opium. There were several Anglo Afghan wars in the 1800's. Then we have the  Opium Wars with China.  Britain wanted all that Roman gold and European silver that had  been sent East. So, they wanted to trade opium for gold and silver to reverse the trade deficit.

To destroy the US, Britian had to turn the US into a Rome. To do that, the US had to build up a military and get involved in 3 world  wars spread over another 100 years. During WW1 Britain had to appear to be losing to Germany to fool the US into getting involved.

However, something happened when Britain was loosing WW1.  They lost Afghanistan.   Afghanistan declared independence in 1919  when Afghanistan attacked Britain and India. It was at this time that opium production shifted to South East Asia. A major objective of the Vietnam war was to shift control of the opium trade in the "golden triangle" from France to Britian.  The Hmong people have been growing opium in the mountains of Viatnam, Laos. and Tailand for generations, but the Hmong don't process it or distribute it.  Up until 2007, Khun sa, leader of the Shan people in northern Burma (Myanmar) controlled the opium trade.  With the media surrounding Aung San Suu Kyo, and new pipelines being built across the Shan state to China it is looking like the Bankers now control both Afghan and "golden triangle" opium.

To regain control of Afghan opium, Russia invaded Afghanistan in the 1980's. The international bankers control Russia as a bogeyman vs. the US. The US supplied stinger missiles to the Mujahideen fighters scaring the Soviets out (Charlie Wilson's War).  The point here was to have the Mujahideen who were loyal to the US control the opium.  However, instead of the bankers gaining control, the Taliban took over instead, cutting opium production by 80%.

Now we have 9/11, Saudi nationals trained in  Afghanistan by Mujahideen allies attacked the WTC.  The US goes into Afghanistan after Alqaeda,  but instead of fighting Alqaeda, we are fighting the Taliban. Opium production is up 300%.  And now Alqaeda is our ally in Libya and Syria. 

Over, the US has shipped over 100,000 containers via Russian territory. Many unloaded containers end up in Russian possession.  I bet you these containers don't leave Afghan empty and I bet I know what's in them.

So, what happened to the gold in China?  Well,  US Commodore Perry (origin of the backwards US flag) visited Japan leading to the Meiji Revolution and the overthrow of the Shogunate (The Last Samurai). The Japanese were then sent against the Chinese (Sino-Japanese Wars).

Rumor is that during WW2 Chinese gold was transferred to the Philippines for safe keeping and then loaned to the US as part of Bretton-Woods to establish a world reserve currency and help develop the 3rd world.  There were huge gold shipments into the US. Chinese were given US bonds in exchange that were purposely flawed and labeled counterfeit when they surface on occasion.

Who is John Birch?  He worked for the CIA in China and was assassinated after discovering that both Sun Yat Sen and Moa Zedong were funded by the international bankers to create the Communist Revolution in China.

What is the end game? The grand conspiracy wants the US to become the "bully of the world" and increasingly economic and morally and militarily weak and corrupt. Then Russia and China will decapitate the US with a nuclear first strike.  Then the US and Europe will give up sovereignty to global government.  

Then read "Georgia Guide stones". 85% population reduction.  Eugenics where people are fooled into picking genes of their babies and turning into dog breeds that can never again stand up to the wolf.  They want the illusion of elected government but everything will be controlled by globalist sustainability and environmental policy and taxes.  Another dark neo-feudal age would begin again.

The conspiracy is not Communist or Islamic but fabian globalist controlled by international bankers who falsely associate themselves with Jewish  Zionism to bring the world against Israel and bring about Armageddon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Conspiracy Explained

History of the great conspiracy by Myron Fagan-


25 goals of the great conspiracy-

Grinding America Down-

"Naked Capitalist" by Cleon Skousen

Robert Welch "John Birch Society"-

The Protocols of Zion-

Letter by Pike to Mazzini-

"Silent weapons for quiet wars"

"None dare call it conspiracy" by Gary Allen

Saturday, September 14, 2013


Social Order

1. Gospel of Jesus Christ
2. Church teaching virtue and charity
3. Government gets out of the charity business.
4. Virtue: 1 Cor 5:11 fornication, coveting, idolatry, railing, drunkenness, extortion is grounds for church discipline and excommunication.
5. Hurting yourself is the jurisdiction of the church, 
6. Hurting others is the juridiction of the government

Constitutional Government

1. Do away with case law
2. Law should decribe proceedure for fair trial only
3. Government juisdiction only if harm done to others
4. Impartial jury decides if harm has been done and punishment
5. Continue representative government and separation of powers
6. Restore ellectoral college system (prevents voting fraud)
7. Give all federal lands and moneral rights back to the respective state

Equitable Economics

1. Full reserve banking (deposits never lent out)
2. Treasury creates all money not just a fraction
3. Local Safety Society System bank administers loans on-demand of federal money that is fee-based only. 
4. Federal Government generates revenue by loan origination fee and tarrifs.  No federal income tax.
5. Home mortgage earns equity from day 1
6. Missed payment deducted from equity delaying a default
7. No inflation-deflation
8. money for "on demand" loans backed by "real" assetts like land, real estate and proven mineral deposits; and never stocks or speculative paper that if repossessed have no value.
9. value of money based on quantity and quality of labor.
10. Venture capital is a separate system

Energy Independence

1. Like cells in the body, all homes should pump their own water, grnerate their own power and burn their own trash
2. Couple Alpha-voltaics (alpha particles seeking electrons) and Beta-voltaics (high energy electrons) would converts radioactivity directly to usable electricity

Health and Life Extension

1.Telemirase activity
2. Cellulase 1,4-beta-D-glycosidic linkages
3. etc.

Where is the inflation?

The US is at least 17 Trillion in debt (not counting unfunded liabilities) and must borrow nearly 100 billion every month to fund our welfare programs and military industrial complex.  In the past, Bretton-Woods set up a system following the decline of Britain where Saudi Arabia and OPEC would only sell oil in dollars.  

Britain didn't care if the Pound fell from its reserve status so long as Saudi Arabia kept depositing all its money in City of London Banks. This was the Deal set up between Lawrence and the Arabians.  Then those billions of dollars become trillions of dollars in loans via Western-style fractional reserve lending and compound interest.  

In the age of fiat currency, this arrangement where the USD is the world reserve currency, and US trade deficits, where countries like China with a load of USD want to go out and buy some oil and other commodities with it.  China is interested in a strong USD so they buy our TBills (lend) to fund our national deficits.

However, China has had enough of US TBills and now the Middle East is selling oil in other currencies and gold. The BRICS (Brazil Russia India China South Africa) have formed a "Dollar Exclusion Zone" and are trading in their own currencies.  The only buyers of TBills now are the FED themselves which devalues the USD.

The US saw this coming and Gen. Wesley Clark predicted that the US would be at war with 7 Middle East countries in 5 years.  Why? Because Iran Iraq and Libya were planning on selling oil in Euros, Yuan and Gold Dinars. This threatens the USD and is why the US has been supporting the Saudi Arabian-backed Muslim Brotherhood take control over the Middle East.

So, why is the US not seeing the inflation we would expect?  First, because there may be an ocean of USD out there. Much more than M3 reveals. Maybe 100 Trillion. Second, the FED has been practicing "Sterilization".  Sterilization is where the FED prints and gives free money to banks at 0% interest, and they turn around and lend it back to the US x 10 thanks to fractional reserve lending and the money multiplier.  

The banks buy up US TBills which float our national deficits and also US Stock which props up the stock market.  At the same time, the bankers cash out any stock options they have. Remember all top businesses are also banks now and eligible  for free money (Glass-Steagall)

With the demand for TBills with all the free money, TBills don't pay out a high percent return any more. So, this is why city pension funds and banks also buy Credit Default Swaps.  CDS's are rated "triple  A" like bonds but represent bond insurance. The US issues bonds but also buys bond insurance. But no one could possibly insure the US if it couldn't pay. So, the sellers of CDS's (another toxic asset) like Goldman Sachs, divide up the insurance and sell it to everyone. This way they "spread out the risk". 

However, all the banks and companies and pensions and everyone who own CDS's insurance liability policies,  may get some monthly premium income at 4%, but they couldn't possibly pay either.  Like AIG, a US default would sink everyone together.  The sellers of CDS's like Goldman Sachs are not interested in taking responsibility for the TBill insurance they sell, but just making commission on the buying and selling of the CDS's.  When the default happens everyone else will be left holding the bag.

But none of that free money trickles down to you because of LIBOR fixing. Banks get free money from the FED, but they don't pass on the free money to you and me or each other.  This is "sterilization" and the reason behind LIBOR fixing.  Only the bankers and CEO's get rich as they cash out their stock options as they prop up and buy up their own stock.  Because the money doesn't "trickle down" to you and me, inflation is attenuated. 

But there is some inflation manifest with the rising cost of oil and the decrease in purchasing power of the USD. But who is getting the squeeze?  China is. Instead of seeing prices rise at Walmart, profit margins are narrowing for Chinese manufacturing and workers.  Remember, manufactures don't tell Walmart a suggested retail price, Walmart tells the manufactures what they will sell for-- take it or leave it".

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Syrian False Flag Threat

The International Bankers want the US to get involved in a war with Syria in the worst way.  However, their red line with regard to the use of chemical weapons is not winning the public opinion at home. Pres. Obama and Sec. Kerry didn't seem to have much better luck at the G20 summit.

9/11 was used to motivate the US to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. However, after 12 years of the War on Terror, US citizens are tired of chasing Al-Qaeda especially now since the in a bazaar twist the Al-Nusra rebels in Syria are associated with Al-Qaeda.

Globalist Bankers are playing up the Syrian and Iranian threat of WMDs. However not everyone is convinced the terrible incident where Sarin neuro toxin was used on a Damascus suburb was Assad's doing.  

NATO countries say they have evidence which they won't divulge that Assad crossed the red line in using Sarin on his own people. However Russia did its own investigation and found that RDX was the explosive used in the chemical weapons which doesn't match with Assad's weapons. 

How does Russia know so much about Syrian chemical weapons? Syria knows all about Syrian weapons because they are the source of those weapons. These WMDs were first given to Saddam Hussain in Iraq and then transferred by Russia to Syria before the US invasion. 

The current threat is that if the Globalist Bankers want war and the Sarin chemical attack is not working to rally the US to invade yet another Middle Eastern country, there may need to be another much bigger incident to convince people.

Sen. Lindsey Graham this week was reported by CBS affiliate as saying if the US didn't invade Syria, terrorist groups like Al-Nusra who we have been supporting in Syria might just get ahold of a nuclear weapon and blow up Charleston harbor.  The alternative media has picked up on this rather random yet specific comment.  

Unfortunately, whether provoked or false flag, many fear that it just might take an incident like Senator Graham is describing to leverage support for another war.