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Afghanistan Conspiracy

South Africa Conspiracy-
South Africa started out as a Dutch colony. Then gold and diamonds were discovered. So, Cecil Rhodes and Milner's kindergarden go down and take it for the British putting the Dutch farmers (Boer's) in concentration camps and use African's as slaves to mine them. Now DeBeer's has a monopoly on diamonds  and we all go into debt when we get married  to buy one of these overpriced "blood diamonds".  Rhodes named part of Africa Rhodesia after himself.

Opium in Afghanistan Conspiracy-
The Conspiracy has been producing Opium in  Afghanistan for thousands of years since Rome. In fact the trade deficit Rome had with the East led to Rome's rise and downfall. Roman currency was gold.  Gold was sent East for spices and drugs.  Roman illegitimacy and drug use led to poverty which led to a welfare state (free bread and circus).  To get more gold to lube the economic engine, Rome had to conquer and bring in  tribute and debase their currency. This is why  gold is bad as a currency. 1. There is never enough gold. 2. therefore, you have to conquer your neighbor to get more of it.

To supply the Legion with soldiers they brought  in German illegal aliens known as Barbarian Foeterati (Marian Reforms = Dream Act).  When Rome was bankrupt, the Foeterati  were cut from benefits and they were  organized into an insurrection that fractured  the Empire forever. Feudalism and the Holy Roman Empire took over and succeeded  through the Muslim conquest, crusades, 100- years war, and Spanish Inquisition to destroy  all rival Christian capitals and control Christianity. The star and crescent moon commemorates the fall of Constantinople, the last rival capital.

The Holy Roman Empire ended in 1805 when Napoleon won the Battle of the 3rd Coalition  and Emperor Francis 2 (real Pope namesake) signed the Treaty of Pressburg Dec 1805.   Then Nathan Rothschild causes a stock market panic after Britain beats Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815 and then buys up more than half the British  Empire before Britain finds out it had won.   Nathan spread the rumor they had lost then  tells his people "buy it all".  The City of London  then joins the Vatican as the banking center  and the second of 3 stars for "Columbia".

The British Empire wanted to control
 Afghanistan opium. There were several Anglo Afghan wars in the 1800's. Then we have the  Opium Wars with China.  Britain wanted all that Roman gold and European silver that had  been sent East. So, they wanted to trade opium for gold and silver to reverse the trade deficit.

To destroy the US, Britian had to turn the US into a Rome. To do that, the US had to build up a military and get involved in 3 world  wars spread over another 100 years. During WW1 Britain had to appear to be losing to Germany to fool the US into getting involved.

However, something happened when Britain was loosing WW1.  They lost Afghanistan.   Afghanistan declared independence in 1919  when Afghanistan attacked Britain and India. It was at this time that opium production shifted to South East Asia. A major objective of the Vietnam war was to shift control of the opium trade in the "golden triangle" from France to Britian.  The Hmong people have been growing opium in the mountains of Viatnam, Laos. and Tailand for generations, but the Hmong don't process it or distribute it.  Up until 2007, Khun sa, leader of the Shan people in northern Burma (Myanmar) controlled the opium trade.  With the media surrounding Aung San Suu Kyo, and new pipelines being built across the Shan state to China it is looking like the Bankers now control both Afghan and "golden triangle" opium.

To regain control of Afghan opium, Russia invaded Afghanistan in the 1980's. The international bankers control Russia as a bogeyman vs. the US. The US supplied stinger missiles to the Mujahideen fighters scaring the Soviets out (Charlie Wilson's War).  The point here was to have the Mujahideen who were loyal to the US control the opium.  However, instead of the bankers gaining control, the Taliban took over instead, cutting opium production by 80%.

Now we have 9/11, Saudi nationals trained in  Afghanistan by Mujahideen allies attacked the WTC.  The US goes into Afghanistan after Alqaeda,  but instead of fighting Alqaeda, we are fighting the Taliban. Opium production is up 300%.  And now Alqaeda is our ally in Libya and Syria. 

Over, the US has shipped over 100,000 containers via Russian territory. Many unloaded containers end up in Russian possession.  I bet you these containers don't leave Afghan empty and I bet I know what's in them.

So, what happened to the gold in China?  Well,  US Commodore Perry (origin of the backwards US flag) visited Japan leading to the Meiji Revolution and the overthrow of the Shogunate (The Last Samurai). The Japanese were then sent against the Chinese (Sino-Japanese Wars).

Rumor is that during WW2 Chinese gold was transferred to the Philippines for safe keeping and then loaned to the US as part of Bretton-Woods to establish a world reserve currency and help develop the 3rd world.  There were huge gold shipments into the US. Chinese were given US bonds in exchange that were purposely flawed and labeled counterfeit when they surface on occasion.

Who is John Birch?  He worked for the CIA in China and was assassinated after discovering that both Sun Yat Sen and Moa Zedong were funded by the international bankers to create the Communist Revolution in China.

What is the end game? The grand conspiracy wants the US to become the "bully of the world" and increasingly economic and morally and militarily weak and corrupt. Then Russia and China will decapitate the US with a nuclear first strike.  Then the US and Europe will give up sovereignty to global government.  

Then read "Georgia Guide stones". 85% population reduction.  Eugenics where people are fooled into picking genes of their babies and turning into dog breeds that can never again stand up to the wolf.  They want the illusion of elected government but everything will be controlled by globalist sustainability and environmental policy and taxes.  Another dark neo-feudal age would begin again.

The conspiracy is not Communist or Islamic but fabian globalist controlled by international bankers who falsely associate themselves with Jewish  Zionism to bring the world against Israel and bring about Armageddon.

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