Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More FEMA contracts

This website monitors FEMA/DHS purchases.  Many people have been monitoring FEMA acquisitions and drills since Hurricane Katrina because we suspect one day these supplies will be used.  The strange thing is that none of these FEMA purchases helped much during the Super Storm Sandy event in 2012. You would think it would have.  So, what are they prepping for?

FEMA Purchases/Projects
(google any of these to verify: enter search term 'FEMA *.* '
1. relocation centers 
2. body bags
3. cemetery construction
4. grave vault liners/caskets
5. DMORT/mortician drill
6. MRE's
7. hollow-point ammunition
8. MRAP vehicles
9. drill  relocating children
9. water
10. hospital blankets
11. scrubs and sweatshirts
12. mobile showers and toilets
13. mobile 100-man shelters
14. 3-day survival backpacks
15. super morgue, processing and immunization center in SLC

16. FEMA is buying 600 million syringes for a 2-dose H7N9 vaccine for every American.  The ajuvant to be used is the controversial oil-in-water emulsion MF59 and AS03 which are squalene based.

Using squalene as an adjuvent is documented as creating anti-squalene antibodies. Squalene is a major precursor for cholesterol, vitamin D, cortisol, and sex hormone synthesis.  Knocking out squalene could render the victim with an impaired immune system, decreased fertility and other neuro-endocrine dysfunctions such as narcolepsy.

Jacob, a co-worker,  was receiving vitamin D and testosterone supplementation therapy in 2012 by his doctor.  He then received several vaccines.   His measured vitamin D levels dropped to undetectable even while taking supplementation.  He now requires vitamin D and testosterone replacement therapy.  I am not sure if any of the several vaccines he received contained MF59 or ASO3 but this is the kind of adverse reaction I would expect.

"In preparation for a possible large scale national H7N9 influenza vaccination program, CDC is considering using the two oil-in-water emulsion adjuvants in its stockpile (AS03 and MF59) with an H7N9 vaccine."

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