Saturday, September 14, 2013


Social Order

1. Gospel of Jesus Christ
2. Church teaching virtue and charity
3. Government gets out of the charity business.
4. Virtue: 1 Cor 5:11 fornication, coveting, idolatry, railing, drunkenness, extortion is grounds for church discipline and excommunication.
5. Hurting yourself is the jurisdiction of the church, 
6. Hurting others is the juridiction of the government

Constitutional Government

1. Do away with case law
2. Law should decribe proceedure for fair trial only
3. Government juisdiction only if harm done to others
4. Impartial jury decides if harm has been done and punishment
5. Continue representative government and separation of powers
6. Restore ellectoral college system (prevents voting fraud)
7. Give all federal lands and moneral rights back to the respective state

Equitable Economics

1. Full reserve banking (deposits never lent out)
2. Treasury creates all money not just a fraction
3. Local Safety Society System bank administers loans on-demand of federal money that is fee-based only. 
4. Federal Government generates revenue by loan origination fee and tarrifs.  No federal income tax.
5. Home mortgage earns equity from day 1
6. Missed payment deducted from equity delaying a default
7. No inflation-deflation
8. money for "on demand" loans backed by "real" assetts like land, real estate and proven mineral deposits; and never stocks or speculative paper that if repossessed have no value.
9. value of money based on quantity and quality of labor.
10. Venture capital is a separate system

Energy Independence

1. Like cells in the body, all homes should pump their own water, grnerate their own power and burn their own trash
2. Couple Alpha-voltaics (alpha particles seeking electrons) and Beta-voltaics (high energy electrons) would converts radioactivity directly to usable electricity

Health and Life Extension

1.Telemirase activity
2. Cellulase 1,4-beta-D-glycosidic linkages
3. etc.

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