Saturday, September 07, 2013

Syrian False Flag Threat

The International Bankers want the US to get involved in a war with Syria in the worst way.  However, their red line with regard to the use of chemical weapons is not winning the public opinion at home. Pres. Obama and Sec. Kerry didn't seem to have much better luck at the G20 summit.

9/11 was used to motivate the US to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. However, after 12 years of the War on Terror, US citizens are tired of chasing Al-Qaeda especially now since the in a bazaar twist the Al-Nusra rebels in Syria are associated with Al-Qaeda.

Globalist Bankers are playing up the Syrian and Iranian threat of WMDs. However not everyone is convinced the terrible incident where Sarin neuro toxin was used on a Damascus suburb was Assad's doing.  

NATO countries say they have evidence which they won't divulge that Assad crossed the red line in using Sarin on his own people. However Russia did its own investigation and found that RDX was the explosive used in the chemical weapons which doesn't match with Assad's weapons. 

How does Russia know so much about Syrian chemical weapons? Syria knows all about Syrian weapons because they are the source of those weapons. These WMDs were first given to Saddam Hussain in Iraq and then transferred by Russia to Syria before the US invasion. 

The current threat is that if the Globalist Bankers want war and the Sarin chemical attack is not working to rally the US to invade yet another Middle Eastern country, there may need to be another much bigger incident to convince people.

Sen. Lindsey Graham this week was reported by CBS affiliate as saying if the US didn't invade Syria, terrorist groups like Al-Nusra who we have been supporting in Syria might just get ahold of a nuclear weapon and blow up Charleston harbor.  The alternative media has picked up on this rather random yet specific comment.  

Unfortunately, whether provoked or false flag, many fear that it just might take an incident like Senator Graham is describing to leverage support for another war.

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