Monday, September 23, 2013

Zion vs. Fascism

I was listening to NPR the other day And a comment was made about Communism and  Nazi fascism.  The commentators said that these social experiments were based on the notion that Germany and Russia could achieve a perfect society if they could just forcibly get rid of a certain segment of the population.

This got me thinking about the LDS idea of Zion.  Do we think that we can have a perfect society if we just get rid of certain group of people? Are we guilty of thinking that if only God could get rid of the poor and the wicked, the rest of us could realize and enjoy the perfect society?

Instead, maybe Zion is the type of society that perfects people. A perfected people will not tolerate poor among them.  But instead of turning the poor away, a Zion people would help the poor become rich.   As far as the wicked go, Zion would never forcibly turn anyone away.  But when Satan and his followers  discover that they have no power over a Zion people, they will either have to repent or voluntarily separate themselves.

What gives Satan power?
artificial scarcity, poverty-  bribes, pay offs, 
sin- blackmail and addiction
fear of death- (scarcity issue)

How to bind Satan?

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