Monday, January 27, 2014

"Mitt" is Clueless

Netfix has just released a documetary about Mitt Romney's 2008 and 2012 presidential candidacy.  Mitt Romney was on "Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel" promoting the documentary.  During the interview, Jimmy tells Romney how really cool and fun he is and how unfortunate it was that the country never really got to know him during the campaign. Instead of blamming the media, Romney cooly chalked it up to the reality of brief stump speaches and debates. 

Well, it was hard to watch.  The documentary is very complimentary.  You see the Romney family talk, play, pray and joke around together. You see Mitt bemoan the continually brutal negative press from the beginning "who is this guy", to "flip-flipper", "to evil capitalist who fires American workers and off-shores jobs" to the "outta-touch rich 1% guy who doesn't care about the other 47%".

On election day there is a considerable hope and optimism seeing a greater more enthusiastic voter turnout then with John McCain 4 years earlier.  Despite the media's reporting otherwise, it was apparent that the Rebuplican base was energized and excited and unified in their  support of Romney for President.

However, when Florida, Ohio, and Iowa results came in for Obama, it was immediately clear that Mitt had lost.  That was it.  Romney gave his concession speech, thanked his staff, and then returned home and back to his regular life.  Just like Mitt said in the video, Mitt's loss was like attending a funeral.  Except Mitt supporters are not just mourning Mitt's loss, but the loss of our country.

In a way Romney was the best and worst presidential candidate we could have hoped for.  Mitt was definitely qualified for the job and just like he had done so many times before; he would have returned America to profitability and prosperity.  Yet, on the other hand, you wonder how a guy like Mitt could lose to Pres. Obama after four years of a slumping economy, terrible US foreign policy in the Middle East, and the Benghazi scandal.  

Following the election, I remember the media gleefully informing us that the traditional Christian family was now out-numbered by single mothers, minorities, and liberalized children.  The traditional Christian family had now lost our country.

One thing I can't get over is how a guy like Mitt seems so absolutely blind to how the world works. He let an unknown guy into his inner circle to follow him around and document his candidacy.  Talk about an obvious play to get insider info on your opponent.  Corporation do this to each other to steal trade secrets. Oh, how we so easily fall prey to flattery.

I went to one of Mitt Romney's rallies in South Carolina.  The media hated him and only asked antagonizing questions about working at Bain Capital and about jobs being lost in the process of saving a failing company.   

Romney never seemed to understand that our country is one of many controlled by a private central bank.  Those private central banking investors own the media and many major corporations in the country.  These corporations absolutely depend on government contracts.  So, in the spirit of self-preservation the CEO's of these mega-corps and mega-banks get together at private meetings like Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg and decide the POTUS beforehand.  It's been done this way for 100 years.

But this time, to get Pres. Obams re-elected the establishment had to pull out all the stops. I don't think I have witnessed a more fantastically executed and unscrupulous plan than the 2012 election.  In addition to the community organizers and conserted media onslaught, there was overwelming signs of vote fraud. In the days of electronic voting, election outcomes are now like statistics: whatever someone wants them to be.  

Even nature was against Mitt.  I am sure I have never seen a storm like Sandy make such a sharp left into an advancing cold front slamming into the New Jersey coast.  Always tropical storms churn west but are always pushed out to sea by an advancing cold front.  

Just as Mitt so correctly foretold.  This is serious and America is at the tipping point.  I also don't think Mitt realizes the purpose of this documentary is to rub our noses in the loss.  This mockumentary can only be topped by the networks showing Rahm Emmanuel celebrate as Ohio was called for Obama.

The Latest straw poll in New Hampshire demonstrates that Mitt Romney is still the Republican front runner. Unfortunately, I don't think Romney will run again in 2016 because he has been convinced that he is a "flawed candidate". This is only partly true. I personally, think Mitt should run again, but only if he wakes up first and gets a clue about how American politics and the media really work.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sochi Olympic Security

Everyone is worried about security and the upcomming winter olympics in Sochi, Russia.  I share the concern.  If there is a terrorist attack during the games; Russia will blame Saudi Arabia, Great Britian and the US.  Right or wrong, Russia believes Saudi Arabia sponsors the Chechen Rebels.  And right or wrong, Russia sees Saudi Arabia as a proxy for the US.

Regardless of who is responsible in reality.  If there is a terrorist attack during the Sochi games, Russia will likely blame the US for it.  But after repeated insults in Georgia and with the Chechen Rebels, an attack now may be the the "staw that breaks the camel's back".

More on Benghazi

"In response to a question from Rep. Michael Conaway (R.-Texas), Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told a closed session of a House Armed Services subcommittee in October that the military cannot kill the terrorists who attacked the State Department and CIA compounds in Benghazi, Libya, because Congress has not authorized the use of force against those terrorists."

1. The US had no congressional authorization to be in Lybia at all in the first place.

2. You don't need Congressional authorization to protect the US Ambassador from attack (consulate or embassy or CIA compound or driving down the road).

3. Lybian Ansar al-Shaia was led by Abu Sufian bin Qumu, formerly a driver for Osama bin Laden.  Qumu was released by the U.S. from Guantanamo Bay in 2007 and was transferred to a Libyan prison where he remained until he was freed in a 2010 amnesty deal.

4. President Obama knew the attack on Benghazi was a terrorist attack but instead ordered that the "on-call" forces who stand by 24-7 to respond to an Ambassador or Embassy distress call to STAND DOWN.  

5. The Obama Administration sought a cover-up the Benghazi attack before the elections by referring to it a demonstration that got out-of-control.  Susan Rice made multiple media appearances delivering and Administration-sponsered excuse.  

6. The idea about the attack being a demonstration over a video may have come from Ansar al-Shaia but that doesn't mean you believe it and call off your on-call special forces when your Abassador comes under fire; whatever the reason.

7. The Obama Administration is not truthful in saying that there were no military assets in the area to respond to the attack.  We know Tyrone Woods and Glenn Doherty defied stand-down orders and responsed just a mile away.

8. Thanks to Woods and Doherty, many people at the Benzghazi compound were saved. However, the media or Senate has not interviewed any of them.

Democracy is not just a vote but also access to information.  We are not free in America.  The Congress will not audit the FED.  The Congres has not investigated what black operations the CIA independently funds with its seized drug money.

Economic Trends

Several things going on economically:

1. Implementation of Basil 1 Accords caused Japanese "Lost Decade"
2. Implementation of Basil 2 Accords in 2007 crashed the housing market (mortgage-backed securities)
3. China real estate over-investment (ghost cities)
4. FED QE money printing
5. Sterilization keeping QE money in speculative markets
6. Mega-Banks buying bonds and credit default swaps (bond insurance) with QE (not inflationary) instead of lending (inflationary).
7. Mega-Banks use REPO market to exchange bonds and swaps with each other for cash to invest in DOW (inflates DOW).
8. CEO's cashing out stock options while DOW inflates with QE.
9. Waiting for implementation of Basil 3 Accords which will do away with the REPO market.
10. China is buying up real estate in US.
11. US has 17 Trillion in debt (700% revenue), 5 Trillion is owned by US government agencies itself (Social Security, Disability, Military, etc). 12 Trillion is private owned.  (5.7 T Foreign owned = 1.3 T China, 1.2 T Japan; FED; Pub and Priv Pensions; Mutual Funds )
12. Increasing FED interest rates will increase how much interest the US will need to pay in interest to float the national debt.

.... with REPO gone, banks may no longer be able to prop up the DOW with QE.

.... If Bond Market collapses, banks holding credit default swaps (insurance) will be liable to pay, which they will pass onto the depositor. We may see a Cypress-style bail-in.

.... So what is safe to invest in: real estate, cash, stock, bonds, gold? I have chosen one of these to invest in.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Constitutional Fundamentals

It was suggested that someone develop a curriculum on Constitutional principles of government.  If I were to develop this curriculum, I think I would cover the topic differently than than just focusing on details  like "spending bills must originate in the House". There is a big difference in covering the principles of constitutional government vs. the details of the Constitution.

Constitutional Principles:

1. Man is created in the image of God and therefore all men have intrinsic value and worth.  All men are created equal with unalienable rights: Life, liberty (self-determination), property

2. Natural Law is "do no harm".  Do not infringe on the rights of others.

3. Satan and Evil are real (Satan cannot create so he must enslave)

4. The price of freedom is blood (empowered evil will never voluntarily give up power)

5. Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely (Const Gov distributes and separates power)

6. True Political Spectrum:  Anarchy ----------------Const Gov---------------Socialism/Monarchy

7. Monarchy: King has all rights. People have privilege. 

8. Constitutional Gov.: People have all rights. Elected leaders have express (written) privilege. 

9. Historical Abuse of Monarchs (how soon we forget):
-Indiscriminate Capital Punushment 
-Indiscriminate womanizing
"primae noctis"
-Deal out privilege to king-men
-slave and cast systems
-control of borrowing and lending
-cant bare arms
-Indiscriminate arrest and indefinite detention
-indiscriminate eminent domain
-no freedom of religion 
-no freedom of press, speech, privacy, assembly
-involuntary quartering of soldiers
-one-child policy, forced sterilization, detention camps
-etc, etc, etc

10. Socialism is not ethical. Bailouts enable unproductive behavior. Charity is a personal responsibiliy and not a federal responsibility.  Welfare is the business if religion because the state doesn't encourage virtue or rehabilitates.  The state enables and creates purpetual dependance.

11. Socialism is not equal. Someone must be the producers, others the takers, and an elite few are the redistributors.

12. Learn from history or you will be doomed to repeat it History is written by the victors Good guys dont always win
Winning bad guys change history so they can use the same tricks to enslave.

13. The Revolutionary War was faught over control over printing our own currency and issuing our own credit
(if you want to start a business or invent, if it threatened England, you were out of luck. they would steal your idea).

14. The Civil War was faught over "Protectionism vs. Free Trade"
(eventually the machine beat the man and the South had to industrialize. They resented having to pay higher prices to the North and wanted cheaper slave-produced goods from East India Trafe Company (Walmart).

15. Review of Constitutional Freedoms and Prohibitions:  Due Process, Habeus Corpus, Impartial Jury, posse comitatus act, Bill of Rights. 

16. Since Woodrow Wilson and FED Reserve, US Government and Media taken over by Globalist Special Interests who will use the Communist Threat to scare the US into abandoning our sovereignty and Constitution and accept Global Governance (Agenda 21).
--Cleon Skousen "naked capitalist"

17. Compare and contrast allegiance of elected County Sheriff vs Appointed City Police Chief. Sherriff's allegiance is to protect the people who ellect him. Appointed police chief allegiance is to protect interest of Mayor and corrupt special interest who pay for his re-election campaign.

18. worst kind of system is where you dont realize you're a slave (Matrix). Elected leaders are puppets. Legislators dont write nor even read the bills they are voting on. You think shopping at Walmart vs Target is a choice. ect. You are just given enough to pacify you to sleep. Gov puts drugs in food and water to keep you docile. Future genetic and fertility technology will be used so you can pick babies eye color and domesticate humans into breeds by genetic subtraction never to be able to stand up to the wolf ruling master race again.

19. Tariffs protect the environment, domestic manufacturing and industry as well as workers.  Tarrifs protect true price discovery.  People pay true cost.  If you pay your neighbor, they will pay you. Tariffs did NOT cause the Great Depression.

20. Religion must do welfare and virtue. Constitutional government relies on self-government.  

21.  Oppressive governments love to create dependence on utilities, welfare, education, retirement etc. Citizens should be self-reliant. 

22. Natural Law.  Worth of Souls. Do no harm. Simultaneity vs non-conflict.  Right to life but not health care.  Cannot force another to serve you.

23. Governmemt today is backwards: Executive legislate via executive order.  Judiciary legislates via court order amd ruling will of the majority discriminates against protected groups with false rights.  CIA appropriates its own money. Legislature executes its own funds via pork legislation and earmarks.  Senate cannot investigate doesn't know actions of CIA.

24. If you want people to believe a lie, you must first silence the truth.  Oppressive government say they hate democracy because all the differing view points never accomplish anything.  What they really want to suppress is the truth from being heard and consensus from being made after truth rises to the top.  Tells you a dictator is more efficient.  Media never makes right conclusions to make us think that reasonable people are unable to arrive at right conclusions and  consensus.  

25. Act on consensus and not compromise. The Great Compromise on Representation was really consensus.  Both sides got what they wanted and gave up nothing.

26. Majority tend to desire that which is right.  Do our business by the voice of the people.  Democracy is not 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner but 2 sheep and a wolf deciding.  The majority are moral.

27. Representatives to be selected based on virtue and NOT merit. Who decides what is if merit? God decides what is virtuous.  We are NOT to live in an Ayn Rand Meriticracy.  Personal life does affect politics.

28. We do legislate morality.  All laws are morally based on "do no harm". But there should never be laws against a man's belief.  Also, self-harm (recreational drug abuse) is the jurisdiction of religion.  Recreational drug distrubution does harm and there is a victim (Kavorkian principle).  Brain 

29. Rule of Law: if duty, causality and harm can be proven that is enough for a conviction without a specific law to be written down.

30. Voluntary Tax is a fee. Government can fund itself by issuing currency for fee-based loans and tariffs.

31. Safety Society System.  Failings of gold-backed and Fiat currency.  Safety Society System is full reserve .  Money backed by real estate. No inflation. Reverse mortgage equity insurance. Congress should coin money and regulate value and not the bankers.

32. Angola Prison in Louisiana was transformed from the most dangerous to the safest by giving each inmate 2 things: 1. knife, 2. bible.  (prevents attacks with shivs and shanks)

33. Caitalism is as dangerous as Communism because those with the capital have perpetual unelected power.  We can have free enterprise without needing the capitalists to decide or the government to decide what they will invest in. See Safety Society System. No, we did not vote with our dollars.  Safety Society still has a place for venture capitalist, but the community can decide and approve most things.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Executive Black Budget

One of the revelations by Edward Snowden on the NSA domestic spying is the reality of a whitehouse "black budget".  What happens here is that with the beginning of the war on drugs, laws were put in place that allowed government agencies to keep money seized in drug enforcement activity.  This is not an insignificant amount of money.  The federal government can then spend that drug money on covert "black operations" that Congress is not aware of and has no oversight over.

Do you see the harm here? The Constitution is set up to preserve a separation of powers.  Congress has the power of the purse and the power of investigation.  Congress is supposed to know everything the Executive Branch is doing and approve the funding of those activities.  However, in the last 100 years, there are numerus CIA-directed activities that the Congress or even the Whitehouse is not aware of and which are not covered in Congressional appropriations bills because many federal agencies have an independent source of funding.

The US government is all backwards.  We have the Judicial branch legislating.  We have the Executive branch legislating by executive order and appropriating drug money. And we have the Legislative branch executing the law via pork barrel politics (specifies who gets the money).

Same-Gender Marriage in Utah

Activist judge, Judge Robert J. Shelby of Federal District Court in Utah overturned the state’s voter-approved ban on marriage for gay couples. The Utah judge suspended state law ruling that the state law violated equal protection under federal law.  This ruling is currently under suspension by the Supreme Court until it is decided by a higher court.

The reason why government is involved in marriage at all is because a man and women who create a life have an obligation to raise and support the child and not just walk away. But government otherwise has no business to get involved in two consenting adults of whatever persuasion or orrientation who decide to live together.  

Joel Skousen, political scientist , makes a great point that the courts are making same-gender couples a protected group and giving them false rights.  Same-gender couples should have the right to live together but the government should never force the rest of the population who doesn't agree with same-gender marriage to recognize it and serve them.  Joel Skousen says a false vs. fundamental rights depends on the right having both simultaneity and being non-conflicting.

For example, people have a simultaneous right to life, but not to free medical care.  Free health care would require doctors to serve people involuntarily.  Medical care is a false right that does not meet the "non-conflicting" criteria.  Other fundamental rights would be the right to self defence, right to possess and control acquired property, etc.

Some are of the opinion that the Utah argument that "children are best raised by both mother and fathers" is weak.However, with advanced fertility, same-gender couples are now having biological children; and not just using surrogates, but actually mixing genetic material by 2 males or 2 females.

Accordingly, the argument that children are best raised by a married mother and father is still very valid.  Children's right to marriage is not just for nurture issues but also because of very important genetic issues.  Same-gender couples allowed to use artificial means to procreate will be a dangerous genetic experiment that would greatly limit the child's genetic diversity and fitness. 

One more point:  The American Academy of Pediatrics did a study to try and determine if children raised by same-gender couples were as "well-adjusted" as children raised by traditional married couples. The study found that children raised in same-gender families were only as "well-adjusted" as those raised by heterosexual families who had been divorced.  But the media consistently misrepresents the findings of this study.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Fat and Heart Disease Myth

Way back in the 1950-60's a major longitudinal  cohort study called the "7 Countries Study" was done studying the effects of diet, activity, smoking and blood pressure on rates of heart attack and stoke.  In addition to correctly correlating smoking, high blood pressure and sedintary lifestyle with disease, the study suggested a link between fat intake and health.  This was the beginning of the so-called "mediterranean diet".

So, the significance of the study was that the US governmeny decided to reduce IS fat intake by 30%.  Amazingly enough, we did it by replacing butter and lard with sugar and trans-fats (crisco and margarine).  The consequence of all the fructose and trans-fats however was an explosion in chronic disease in the US. 

For decades dietitians and doctors advocated a diet with low saturated fat and cholesterol. However, today we are now learning what we should have known all along: First, that cholesterol (like in egg yoke) has nothing whatever to do with HDL and LDL but is a major component in healtly brain tissue. Second, we now have verified that saturated fats like in natural butter and coconut oil raises HDL (protective lipoprotein) levels and lowers LDL.

[How did we allow the government and media convince us that milk and eggs were poison while artificial crisco and margarine spread were good?]

When it comes to LDL and HDL, we know that elevated LDL is bad.  But in reality, its not LDL alone that is harmful but oxidized LDL. Oxidized LDL is what causes inflammation and plaque formation in blood vessels.  So what is it that oxodizes LDL?  The major oxidizer of LDL in the American diet is sodium nitrite found in nearly all processed meats (bacon, sausage, hot dogs, lunch meat, bologne, etc).  HDL's on the other hand carry more antioxidants and therefore are protected from becoming oxidized.  

The next thing that happens is that flouride in our toothpaste further damages the LDL and plaques.  Now we also know that those who take calcium supplements and drunk calcium-fortified orange juice cause the lining of our blood vessels to become calcfied.  If a calcified plaque in the heart or neck ruptures, then a clot forms, resulting in a major heart attack or stroke.

Accordingly, I will give a current list of good and bad:

1. Saturated fat
2. HDL
3. Eggs
4. Milk
5. Butter
6. Coconut Oil
7. Vitamin D

1. Oxidized LDL
2. Fluoride
3. Sodium Nitrite
4. Any kind of bacon, lunch meat
5. Crisco and Margarine
6. Calcium Suppliments
7. Calcium fortified orange juice
8. High Fructose Corn Syrup and Sucrose