Sunday, January 19, 2014

Constitutional Fundamentals

It was suggested that someone develop a curriculum on Constitutional principles of government.  If I were to develop this curriculum, I think I would cover the topic differently than than just focusing on details  like "spending bills must originate in the House". There is a big difference in covering the principles of constitutional government vs. the details of the Constitution.

Constitutional Principles:

1. Man is created in the image of God and therefore all men have intrinsic value and worth.  All men are created equal with unalienable rights: Life, liberty (self-determination), property

2. Natural Law is "do no harm".  Do not infringe on the rights of others.

3. Satan and Evil are real (Satan cannot create so he must enslave)

4. The price of freedom is blood (empowered evil will never voluntarily give up power)

5. Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely (Const Gov distributes and separates power)

6. True Political Spectrum:  Anarchy ----------------Const Gov---------------Socialism/Monarchy

7. Monarchy: King has all rights. People have privilege. 

8. Constitutional Gov.: People have all rights. Elected leaders have express (written) privilege. 

9. Historical Abuse of Monarchs (how soon we forget):
-Indiscriminate Capital Punushment 
-Indiscriminate womanizing
"primae noctis"
-Deal out privilege to king-men
-slave and cast systems
-control of borrowing and lending
-cant bare arms
-Indiscriminate arrest and indefinite detention
-indiscriminate eminent domain
-no freedom of religion 
-no freedom of press, speech, privacy, assembly
-involuntary quartering of soldiers
-one-child policy, forced sterilization, detention camps
-etc, etc, etc

10. Socialism is not ethical. Bailouts enable unproductive behavior. Charity is a personal responsibiliy and not a federal responsibility.  Welfare is the business if religion because the state doesn't encourage virtue or rehabilitates.  The state enables and creates purpetual dependance.

11. Socialism is not equal. Someone must be the producers, others the takers, and an elite few are the redistributors.

12. Learn from history or you will be doomed to repeat it History is written by the victors Good guys dont always win
Winning bad guys change history so they can use the same tricks to enslave.

13. The Revolutionary War was faught over control over printing our own currency and issuing our own credit
(if you want to start a business or invent, if it threatened England, you were out of luck. they would steal your idea).

14. The Civil War was faught over "Protectionism vs. Free Trade"
(eventually the machine beat the man and the South had to industrialize. They resented having to pay higher prices to the North and wanted cheaper slave-produced goods from East India Trafe Company (Walmart).

15. Review of Constitutional Freedoms and Prohibitions:  Due Process, Habeus Corpus, Impartial Jury, posse comitatus act, Bill of Rights. 

16. Since Woodrow Wilson and FED Reserve, US Government and Media taken over by Globalist Special Interests who will use the Communist Threat to scare the US into abandoning our sovereignty and Constitution and accept Global Governance (Agenda 21).
--Cleon Skousen "naked capitalist"

17. Compare and contrast allegiance of elected County Sheriff vs Appointed City Police Chief. Sherriff's allegiance is to protect the people who ellect him. Appointed police chief allegiance is to protect interest of Mayor and corrupt special interest who pay for his re-election campaign.

18. worst kind of system is where you dont realize you're a slave (Matrix). Elected leaders are puppets. Legislators dont write nor even read the bills they are voting on. You think shopping at Walmart vs Target is a choice. ect. You are just given enough to pacify you to sleep. Gov puts drugs in food and water to keep you docile. Future genetic and fertility technology will be used so you can pick babies eye color and domesticate humans into breeds by genetic subtraction never to be able to stand up to the wolf ruling master race again.

19. Tariffs protect the environment, domestic manufacturing and industry as well as workers.  Tarrifs protect true price discovery.  People pay true cost.  If you pay your neighbor, they will pay you. Tariffs did NOT cause the Great Depression.

20. Religion must do welfare and virtue. Constitutional government relies on self-government.  

21.  Oppressive governments love to create dependence on utilities, welfare, education, retirement etc. Citizens should be self-reliant. 

22. Natural Law.  Worth of Souls. Do no harm. Simultaneity vs non-conflict.  Right to life but not health care.  Cannot force another to serve you.

23. Governmemt today is backwards: Executive legislate via executive order.  Judiciary legislates via court order amd ruling will of the majority discriminates against protected groups with false rights.  CIA appropriates its own money. Legislature executes its own funds via pork legislation and earmarks.  Senate cannot investigate doesn't know actions of CIA.

24. If you want people to believe a lie, you must first silence the truth.  Oppressive government say they hate democracy because all the differing view points never accomplish anything.  What they really want to suppress is the truth from being heard and consensus from being made after truth rises to the top.  Tells you a dictator is more efficient.  Media never makes right conclusions to make us think that reasonable people are unable to arrive at right conclusions and  consensus.  

25. Act on consensus and not compromise. The Great Compromise on Representation was really consensus.  Both sides got what they wanted and gave up nothing.

26. Majority tend to desire that which is right.  Do our business by the voice of the people.  Democracy is not 2 wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner but 2 sheep and a wolf deciding.  The majority are moral.

27. Representatives to be selected based on virtue and NOT merit. Who decides what is if merit? God decides what is virtuous.  We are NOT to live in an Ayn Rand Meriticracy.  Personal life does affect politics.

28. We do legislate morality.  All laws are morally based on "do no harm". But there should never be laws against a man's belief.  Also, self-harm (recreational drug abuse) is the jurisdiction of religion.  Recreational drug distrubution does harm and there is a victim (Kavorkian principle).  Brain 

29. Rule of Law: if duty, causality and harm can be proven that is enough for a conviction without a specific law to be written down.

30. Voluntary Tax is a fee. Government can fund itself by issuing currency for fee-based loans and tariffs.

31. Safety Society System.  Failings of gold-backed and Fiat currency.  Safety Society System is full reserve .  Money backed by real estate. No inflation. Reverse mortgage equity insurance. Congress should coin money and regulate value and not the bankers.

32. Angola Prison in Louisiana was transformed from the most dangerous to the safest by giving each inmate 2 things: 1. knife, 2. bible.  (prevents attacks with shivs and shanks)

33. Caitalism is as dangerous as Communism because those with the capital have perpetual unelected power.  We can have free enterprise without needing the capitalists to decide or the government to decide what they will invest in. See Safety Society System. No, we did not vote with our dollars.  Safety Society still has a place for venture capitalist, but the community can decide and approve most things.

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