Monday, January 27, 2014

"Mitt" is Clueless

Netfix has just released a documetary about Mitt Romney's 2008 and 2012 presidential candidacy.  Mitt Romney was on "Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel" promoting the documentary.  During the interview, Jimmy tells Romney how really cool and fun he is and how unfortunate it was that the country never really got to know him during the campaign. Instead of blamming the media, Romney cooly chalked it up to the reality of brief stump speaches and debates. 

Well, it was hard to watch.  The documentary is very complimentary.  You see the Romney family talk, play, pray and joke around together. You see Mitt bemoan the continually brutal negative press from the beginning "who is this guy", to "flip-flipper", "to evil capitalist who fires American workers and off-shores jobs" to the "outta-touch rich 1% guy who doesn't care about the other 47%".

On election day there is a considerable hope and optimism seeing a greater more enthusiastic voter turnout then with John McCain 4 years earlier.  Despite the media's reporting otherwise, it was apparent that the Rebuplican base was energized and excited and unified in their  support of Romney for President.

However, when Florida, Ohio, and Iowa results came in for Obama, it was immediately clear that Mitt had lost.  That was it.  Romney gave his concession speech, thanked his staff, and then returned home and back to his regular life.  Just like Mitt said in the video, Mitt's loss was like attending a funeral.  Except Mitt supporters are not just mourning Mitt's loss, but the loss of our country.

In a way Romney was the best and worst presidential candidate we could have hoped for.  Mitt was definitely qualified for the job and just like he had done so many times before; he would have returned America to profitability and prosperity.  Yet, on the other hand, you wonder how a guy like Mitt could lose to Pres. Obama after four years of a slumping economy, terrible US foreign policy in the Middle East, and the Benghazi scandal.  

Following the election, I remember the media gleefully informing us that the traditional Christian family was now out-numbered by single mothers, minorities, and liberalized children.  The traditional Christian family had now lost our country.

One thing I can't get over is how a guy like Mitt seems so absolutely blind to how the world works. He let an unknown guy into his inner circle to follow him around and document his candidacy.  Talk about an obvious play to get insider info on your opponent.  Corporation do this to each other to steal trade secrets. Oh, how we so easily fall prey to flattery.

I went to one of Mitt Romney's rallies in South Carolina.  The media hated him and only asked antagonizing questions about working at Bain Capital and about jobs being lost in the process of saving a failing company.   

Romney never seemed to understand that our country is one of many controlled by a private central bank.  Those private central banking investors own the media and many major corporations in the country.  These corporations absolutely depend on government contracts.  So, in the spirit of self-preservation the CEO's of these mega-corps and mega-banks get together at private meetings like Bohemian Grove and Bilderberg and decide the POTUS beforehand.  It's been done this way for 100 years.

But this time, to get Pres. Obams re-elected the establishment had to pull out all the stops. I don't think I have witnessed a more fantastically executed and unscrupulous plan than the 2012 election.  In addition to the community organizers and conserted media onslaught, there was overwelming signs of vote fraud. In the days of electronic voting, election outcomes are now like statistics: whatever someone wants them to be.  

Even nature was against Mitt.  I am sure I have never seen a storm like Sandy make such a sharp left into an advancing cold front slamming into the New Jersey coast.  Always tropical storms churn west but are always pushed out to sea by an advancing cold front.  

Just as Mitt so correctly foretold.  This is serious and America is at the tipping point.  I also don't think Mitt realizes the purpose of this documentary is to rub our noses in the loss.  This mockumentary can only be topped by the networks showing Rahm Emmanuel celebrate as Ohio was called for Obama.

The Latest straw poll in New Hampshire demonstrates that Mitt Romney is still the Republican front runner. Unfortunately, I don't think Romney will run again in 2016 because he has been convinced that he is a "flawed candidate". This is only partly true. I personally, think Mitt should run again, but only if he wakes up first and gets a clue about how American politics and the media really work.


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