Saturday, March 29, 2014

Geopolitical Questions

1.  I've heard you say, "talk of USD collapse is hype" and "when the globalists come out of their bunkers after a nuclear strike they will claim that Russia deceived them".  The bunker comment begs the question, If the globalists had no idea about Russia and China attacking the West then how did they know to build bunkers? (or move to Uruguay)  The answer may be that all the collapse hype we have been hearing since 2008 just might be a cover.  Globalist may claim that they built the bunkers for fear of societal/USD collapse.

2.  Why would Russia and China make any significant military moves now when after first-striking the West, they could take all the  territory they wanted unopposed. Any big moves of Russia against Ukraine or the Baltic's now would raise alarms in the US.  As you rightly have said, the US is going to bailout Ukraine and the Ukraine will turn the money over to Russia.  Russia benefits from a suppressed economy in Ukraine so they can buy food and machinery low and sell gas and oil high.  

3. I disagree the North Korea is the flash point for WW3. North Korea was already used to give an excuse to remove missiles defense from Europe.  Doesn't Daniel talk about the Medes (Syria) and Persia (Iran) as the spark like Alexander the Great?  Doesn't Isaiah 17:1-3 tell us the spark will be Damascus? " The fortress of Ephraim will fail".  Damascus (oldest city) may be a parallel to Methuselah whose death marked the flood.

3. What is your view of the Dodd-Frank Stress Test?  Isn't the stress test just the implementation of the BIS Basel 3 Accords?  Will the Basel 3 Accords end the REPO market?  Why are they picking on Zion's Bank?  Banks are getting free QE money to buy US bonds and Credit Default Swaps (Bond Insurance).  Neither pay great.  But the banks can trade these securities among themselves for cash via the REPO market and then turn around and use that REPO cash to buy stock with it.  Thus we see the inflated stock market with QE/REPO money.  While the stock market climbs, the Elite cash out via big dividends and stock (option) buy-backs. 

However, if the REPO market goes away because of Dodd-Frank/Basel 3, then that means a huge contraction of the money supply, and that will sharply contract/correct the Stock Market because banks are no longer inflating the market with REPO/QE money.  The stock correction may crash the bond market which triggers the Credit Default Swaps and a massive Cypress-style bail-in. Whatever banks are holding the Credit Default Swaps (Bond Insurance) will be on the hook like AIG was with Mortgage Insurance.  Except the banks may likely transfer the liability to the public and seize money out of segregated accounts (Bail-in) to pay the interest on the debt (bond holders).

4. The media has been hyping dollar collapse and buy gold since 2008.  Listen to any radio show or conservative/libertarian podcast and they all are selling gold.  However, The Bible says that we will be marrying and given in marriage up to the end.  So, I think their will be no catastrophic collapse before WW3. But we still need one more thing other than war with Medes and Persia.  We need gun confiscation.   Will brief, limited economic turmoil because of Dodd-Frank/Basel 3 cause enough chaos that we see gun confiscation in the US but not collapse? 

Do we think we may see a "mother-of-all" false flag operations blamed on Iran as an excuse to attack Iran?  Pres. Obama says he is concerned about Terrorists in NYC more than Russia.  Or will Israel preemptively strike causing retaliation on US Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and draw the US into the war?

I don't know for sure but I bet the HMS Echo, HMS Tireless and The Austrailian Ocean Shield equipped with the TPL-25 underwater microphone sent to Malaysia are not just listening for flight 370. These assets are Chinease stealth sub hunting. So, either we will figure our with this operation how to track Chinese stealth subs or we will provide reassurance to China that we cannot track them.

Also, the Rolls-Royce engines that provide satellite telemetry data.  Even though the airline was not subscribed to receive the data service, that doesn't mean Rolls-Royce wasn't collecting the data on their own engines.

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