Thursday, April 24, 2014

Patriotism and Family

A recent news story reported on an increasing trend of young single and even married American women foregoing childbearing and adopting dogs instead.  I actually have several co-workers who fit this trend and who routinly show off pictures of their canine "baby" (marriage and sterility problems notwithstanding).

In other news we hear about the increasing hostilities between the Ukraine and Russia.  In addition to politics, and control of natural resources, one of the major issues at play is that not enough Ukrainians live in Eastern Ukraine.  Instead, Eastern Ukraine is populated by numerous ethnic Russians and Russian speakers.   The Russian population in Ukraine is providing an excuse for Russia to encroach on sovereign Ukrainian territory.  Russia claims a responsibility to protect Russians from the political and social instability in Ukraine even if much of the instability is secretly caused by Russia.

What does Ukrainian politics and dogs have to do with one another?  The root problem in Ukraine or any territorial dispute is that possession is 9/10th of the law.  Because of decreased fertility rates and increasing immigration, Ukraine has been slowly losing its territory.  The same trends of decreased fertility and invreased illegal immigration is occuring in America and Europe.

I think people in ancient times had a much clearer view on this issue that we do today.  We talk about patriotism and preserving fredoom by being in the military and risking life or even taking life. I think the most valuable way to preserve feedom and defend the Constitution is not necessarily by taking life but instead by giving life.  If we believe Christian America is a superior way to live, then why not raise a family instilling in our children Christian values, understanding, and appreciation for our God-given Constitutional freedoms?

If you love America then why not bare and raise Christian-American offspring?  My Puerto Rican co-workers say that Peurto Rico doesn't seem to have the same problem America does.  They joke that Puerto Ricans are net exportors of Puerto Ricans.  There are more Puerto Ricans that live outside Puerto Rico than live on the small Island. If trends continue as they are, it might not take many more generations before the US begins loosing its claim on the territory that our forefathers shed their blood to obtain and secure.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Con-Con is a No-No

There is a movement in the US now to get a majority of states to call for a constitutional convention. The issue at hand is to pass an balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution which would prevent the federal governmwnt from deficit spending just like the states.

However, calling a con-con can be very dangerous. As many constitutional conservatives have said, there is nothing wrong with the constitution we have.  The only problem is politicians who refuse to follow it.  Also, you don't need to call a con-con to pass an amendment, and you shouldn't need an amendment to get the federal government to balance the budget.  The fear is the people pushing for a con-con may end up making many more changes to our precious constitution then just amending it. 

A local evangelical Christian minister called into a local radio talk show talking about his experience trying to attend several of the Constitutional Convention events. He said he recignized Tea Party leaders now behind the Convention Movement. He talked about offering to say a prayer and that being absolutely refused that he pray. He gave a warning that the people behind this are anti-Christ.

I worked with a national Tea Party organizer. Joker Obama Tee-shirt designs he made and showed me at work ended up on national news the very next week. This gentleman encouraged me to listen to Alex Jones. He worked as a nurse but was fired for displaying a complete lack of empathy for patients. This same nurse also reported me to management for discussing religion in the work place.

I agree with this local minister that the people behind the Constitutional Convention may want to destroy it not save it.