Sunday, June 08, 2014

No Economic Collapse

[President Smith said that the conditions after the war would be "dreadful" - David H. Horne]

[For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark. (New Testament, Matthew 24:28)]

Yes, the FED is printing money and getting the US in debt that we can never repay. There is no way out of the hole we are digging. That said, there will be no collapse before war. The FED can continue to print money and bail Europe out until war comes. The threat of economic collapse is providing cover for the elite to prepare for nuclear WW3. However, when the elite come out of their bunkers, they will claim that Russia and China deceived them and that they had no idea Russia and China were expanding and modernizing their nuclear capability while the US has been unilaterally disarming.

After the attack on the West by Russia and China, the scheme is to trick the US into giving up our sovereignty to NATO to prosecute this war against the great communist threat.  Thus we walk right into the globalist hands.  The UN and their global warming/carbon tax is another bogie man which is meant to distract us from giving up sovereignty to NATO.

The FED will still print and bail out the world until Russia China deal the decapitating nuclear first-strike on the US. They know Obama is weak and carries the nuclear football and would stand down after a first-stike. US missiles are off "Launch on warning". Russia and China will likely not pass up on the opportunity to strike a weak president.

The threat of economic collapse is real but a cover. The FED knows they can keep this bailout game going until war (WW3) when they will just walk away from their debt, do a global reset and start over.

That said, before WW3, the globalist still need to confiscate weapons in the US. Russia and China can't effectively invade the US and martial law cannot effectively be maintained if everyone is armed.  So, there still needs to be some orchestrated event to motivate an attack on the second amendment. The random school shootings we have seen thus far were enough to rid guns from Europe but not the US.  Some have postulated that a limited collapse of the EBT system would generate instant riots and the sort if violence that could lead to gun confiscation. (this has been tested).  I just can't imagine what civilian force the President Obama referred to that would do the door-to-door confiscations.  We have seen these operations tested following Hurricane Katrina and the Boston Bombings.

Obama-Care increases ER visits

Drudge Report links to an articke reporting that Obama-Care has increased ER visits in Kentucky by 12 percent.  Most of these visits are nonemergent. This is likely to continue to increase. Despite what the article says this should be no surprise.  ER visits in Europe and Massachusetts increased by a similar 15 percent after implementing socialized health care.  Those in the business knew this all along.  Common sense says that If people have a benifit, they will use it.  But additionally, many private  physicians are refusing to accept Obama-care while the few that do are too busy to see the deluge of new patients.  Finally, there are no barriers (e.g. expensive co-pay) other than long wait times to being seen in the ER.  The ER has always been the US universal healthcare system. The ER has always seen anyone and everyone without appointment and regardless of insurance status.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Soviet Archives

Joel Skousen reports on Dr. Stanley Monteith's "Radio Liberty" about several collections of communist communications smuggled out of Russia soon after the false fall of the Soviet Union.  These documents reinforce that the spontaneous collapse of the Soviet Union was an illusion.  The same people are in charge and allied communists were active in Europe in encouraging European countries to join the Socialist European Union.  Skousen comments on a report by Claire Berlinski that western media has been complicit in a coverup.  It is Skousen's opinion that Russia maintains control of its former Eastern Bloc possessions and has continued to modernize and expand its military capability in preparation for a surprise nuclear attack in the West.

The problem is that most of these archives are not translated into English. There is as yet no "smoking gun" document that proves Skousen's assertions. It may be that these documents are just more controlled opposition like WikiLeaks and Eric Snowden.  If these archives contained anything damaging, Im sure people would turn up suicided or arrested like Aaron Swartz of Anonymous and Lulzsec.