Monday, June 02, 2014

Soviet Archives

Joel Skousen reports on Dr. Stanley Monteith's "Radio Liberty" about several collections of communist communications smuggled out of Russia soon after the false fall of the Soviet Union.  These documents reinforce that the spontaneous collapse of the Soviet Union was an illusion.  The same people are in charge and allied communists were active in Europe in encouraging European countries to join the Socialist European Union.  Skousen comments on a report by Claire Berlinski that western media has been complicit in a coverup.  It is Skousen's opinion that Russia maintains control of its former Eastern Bloc possessions and has continued to modernize and expand its military capability in preparation for a surprise nuclear attack in the West.

The problem is that most of these archives are not translated into English. There is as yet no "smoking gun" document that proves Skousen's assertions. It may be that these documents are just more controlled opposition like WikiLeaks and Eric Snowden.  If these archives contained anything damaging, Im sure people would turn up suicided or arrested like Aaron Swartz of Anonymous and Lulzsec.

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