Sunday, June 08, 2014

Obama-Care increases ER visits

Drudge Report links to an articke reporting that Obama-Care has increased ER visits in Kentucky by 12 percent.  Most of these visits are nonemergent. This is likely to continue to increase. Despite what the article says this should be no surprise.  ER visits in Europe and Massachusetts increased by a similar 15 percent after implementing socialized health care.  Those in the business knew this all along.  Common sense says that If people have a benifit, they will use it.  But additionally, many private  physicians are refusing to accept Obama-care while the few that do are too busy to see the deluge of new patients.  Finally, there are no barriers (e.g. expensive co-pay) other than long wait times to being seen in the ER.  The ER has always been the US universal healthcare system. The ER has always seen anyone and everyone without appointment and regardless of insurance status.

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