Monday, July 28, 2014

9 Great Problems

1. True Religion
No Blood Atonement
Agency vs Animal 
Repentance and Covenants
Welfare and Virtue
Temperance, Family
No priestcraft, lay ministry, prevents conflict of interest. Church must call to repentance.

2. Constitutional Government
Monarchy vs Republic
Rights and Privilege
Separation of Power
Real Rule of Law
Religion: Welfare and Virtue
Enumerated rights
Due Process
No Socialism
State Jurisdiction = harm to others
Church Jurisdiction = harm to self

3. Economic System
Safety Society System: Full reserve, non-profit, fee-based loans, treasury creates all money, local banks administer loans, currency backed by real estate, no inflation, no speculation. On-demand money creation. immediate equity, Reverse mortgage. "All things common" and cost not based on quantity and quality of labor and not scarcity.  Not a fear-based economy.

4. Independent Power
Renewable, Local, Safe, Clean
Scandium-Zirconium SOFC: Bloom box 
T. Henry Moray- Direct Betavoltaics/Alphavoltaics
 Farnsworth fusor/polywell

5. Health
Nutrition- vitD, sulfate, sunlight, niacinamide, no nitrites, no calcium, no fluoride
Life Extension- Telemorase
Cancer- BCL2 inhibition = Vermox, Vit D, sulfate, antioxidants, Metabolic manipulation = metformin/DCA, iron chelation = desferoxamine
Resurrection- Priesthood
Sepsis - Antibiotic + iron chelation

6. Food production- don't waste land growing drugs: tea, coffee, opium, etc. Local production. Coop farms. Sulfate fertillizer and increased atmospheric carbon dioxide.

7. Water purification and desalinization. Vacuum Vapor Compression 
Biolet: don't poop in the water

8. Housing Construction- build on as you grown construction. 

9. Transportation- antigravity, magneto-plasma dynamics

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