Friday, August 01, 2014

Homocysteine, Sulfate Deficiency and Chronic Disease

I've been on the Sulfate bandwagon this past week. Studies and commentary by Dr. Seneff at MIT and others suggest that some chronic autoimmune disorders may also be related to Sulfate deficiency and are linked to elevated homocysteine in the blood. 

If the body doesn't get Sulfate in the diet then it will convert the amino-acid cysteine into Sulfate using a complex mechanism requiring many B-vitamins. 

If the body doesn't get enough cysteine amino-acid in the diet, it will steal sulfate and cysteine from the body (catabolic vs. anabolic). Elevated homocysteine is a manifestation of this catabolic Sulfate deficient state. B-vitamins lower the homocysteine but don't reverse the catabolic sulfate deficient state.

The experiment:
1/4 tsp epsom salt twice-a-day
avoid tylenol (causes sulfate deficiency)
20 minutes of unfiltered natural sunlight with UVB.

Most don't get enough sulfate in the diet because industrial farms aren't using ammonium sulfate fertilizer.  Instead "Big-Agra" is using ammonium nitrate and urea (double nitrate per pound). Even food from organic farms can be sulfate poor because they use manure from soy and corn-fed animals which are both sulfate poor feeds. There is not much sulfate in grass either. Sulfate is almost considered a pollutant but at the same time the government recommendatuons on Sulfate say if you add it to the soil, you get leafier plants.

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