Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ebola Threat and Illegal Immigration

Prior to the current outbreak, Ebola was so deadly, with a greater than 90% mortality, it always seemed to burn itself out.  The current Ebola strain with a 50% mortality is actually much more of a threat precisely because it is less virulent.  50% mortality means 50% survivability which means more carriers that can unknowingly infect others.  
The 1918 Spanish flu only had a 2.5% mortality rate. But that flu strain spread across the world.  2.5% of several billion is still a big number.  

The CDC has a patent on a particular strain of Ebola virus. According to patent law, you cannot patent nature.  But you could patient a virus strain that you genetically engineered. I hope CDC scientists weren't stupid enough to genetically engineer a less-virulent Ebola that would turn out to be more deadly overall.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) potentially has some of the greatest political power of any government entity.  In the face of an outbreak of a deadly pathogen, HHS can lock a person, family, group or community away in quarantine for an indefinite  period of time. During the days of Leprosy (Hansen's Disease), sufferers were banished to Leper colonies. 

The problem with Africa and their attempts to contain Ebola is that African officials will order an entire family to be quarantined together if one family member contracts the disease.  This quarantine policy actually increases the odds that family members will be exposed, contract, and spread Ebola.  Accordingly, instead of alerting WHO officials or seeking medical care for sick family members, Families are just disposing of dead bodies in the street for fear of being placed in quarantine.

There is a considerable risk of Ebola coming into the US by way of illegal immigration through the porous Mexican-US border.  Illegals are arrested and instead of being immediately deported are sent to be processed in several Homeland Security residential centers. In addition to spreading TB, flu, and many other infectious diseases, an illegal with Ebola could potentially spread Ebola to hundreds of other illegals in these residential centers. After being processed, illegals are then sent on to any city in the US until their court date which is set months into the future. In this way, one Ebola carrier processed at one of these Homeland Security Residential Centers could potentially spread ebola throughout the country.

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