Saturday, November 15, 2014

Water: Energy, Purity, Health

I have saveral posts on this blog that talk about the 10 great questions. Some of these questions have been answered but those answers have not yet been widely adopted. Others have yet to be answered. The questions are: Religion, Government, Economy, Energy, Health, Water, Food, Education, Housing, and Transportation.

I was watching a Ted Talk today on water and it was discussing a 4th phase of water called EZ water that forms on waterdroplets and hydrophilic surfaces that explains many of the unusual physical properties of water such as cohesion and capillary flow.  It turns out that at these boundaries, there is a significant separation of charge that is energized by infared light that could be harnessed in the development of free energy batteries.  This EZ water phenomenon could also be used to purify water and its interaction with NIR light could be a secret to improved health and healing.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Republicans Control Consequences

Many in America are hopeful that come January, the Republican-controlled Senate and House will get America back on track. However, there may also be consequences.

Over the past 6 years since the Housing crash in 2008 which was an engineered crash, we have seen the government signing up millions of Americans onto federal Welfare and Disability programs. The plan was to get as many unemployed onto the disability category and out of the unemployment category and even welfare category. 

In the last year or so, I have begun to see a shift in policy even before the Republicans have taken office.  The Obama administration is beginning to investigate and audit welfare and disability recipients and in many cases not only deny payment but assess penalties for claimed fraud violations without a court of law. 

In a most recent development a friend of mine on disability says the government is asking the insurance provider at his previous employment to assess whether or not the insurance provider is responsible for covering disability of my friend. So, what is happening is that the Federal government is requiring private insurance to investigate whether they think my friend really is disabled. 

The Federal government has already approved my friend's disability. But who knows but if my friend's past insurer investigates and judges that they don't think he is disabled and therefore not responsible to pay any disability, then the Federal government may also come back and deny disability as well.  They may even assess fines without a judge or jury.

Another development is in the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).  Several states like South Carolina have ruled to refuse provide state exchanges.  Pres. Obama has in response decided to go outside the law and set up a federal exchange which the Surpreme Court may rule is unconstitutional.  

What I see here is several trends that may be converging to put the squeeze on the nation's poor.  If welfare is abruptly cut, like in Rome to the Foeterati, we may see civil unrest. In a gun-saturated state like South Carolina, it would be a shame to see riots leading to gun violence leading to casualties.  The consequence may be a push towards gun confiscation.

Russia and China are prepping to challenge and even destroy the West if they can.  One last hurddle to Western decapitation and conquest is gun-confication.  You might think it odd to suggest Republican's are going along with a Communist plan.  The Republicans and Democrats, Communist and Tea Parties are going along with a plan, but it is globalists.

Bank of International Settlement Basel 1 Accords crushed the Japanese economy.  Basel 2 caused the housing collapse.  Basel 3 implementation would crush the entire Western banking system which is way over-leveraged with trillions of derivatives. However, accirding to the BIS website, Basel 3 implementation has been posponed to 2019.  If Basel 3 ends the REPO market, everything falls apart.

Central Banks Print Money =>  Big Banks borrow free => Big Banks buy bonds => Big Banks swap bonds for cash on REPO market => Big Banks buy their own stock => Big Bank stock Holders cash out and move to Paraguay. => US creates record billionaires => QE money lines elites pockets. => sterilization limits inflation. (All Big Corps are also Banks after end of Glass-Steagall)

BIS BASEL 3 Accords call for banks to hold onto more cash reserves. This is an excuse for banks to not lend money to public (inflationary) but hold onto FED cash and prop up stock market (sterilization).