Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Nephite Archaeology and Anthropology

I have started a pintrest board on Nephite archaeology and anthropology.  I think there are strong parallels between the Hopewell/Woodland culture and the Nephites of the Book of Mormon.  You can view my board on Book of Mormon Archaeology here:


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Nuclear War Preperation

I do believe the fear over radiation is over-hyped.  I just was an old radiation nuclear engineer in the ED a couple months ago and he was being treated for basil cell skin cancers but he worked at Savannah River and worked directly with fuel cell rods with minimal shielding.

However.  There is a point at which gamma radiation will cook you and wipe out your bone marrow at over 2-5 Severts. But it is probably not true that any amount of radiation is harmful.  It depends on how much and what type.  Gamma mostly goes through you.  Alpha and Beta doesnt penetrate but is harmful if inhaled or ingested.

So when it comes to nuclear war.  The best protection is to live 10 miles from a nuclear target to avoid overpressure, gamma and thermal effects and after-affects of the detonation.  Most people in Nagasaki and Hiroshima died of thermal burns. Intetesting that Wearing white underclothes and natural fibers was sonewhat protective to thermal effects of the bomb outside a certain distance from the explosion. (between exposion and thermal radius of bomb). 

When it comes to fallout.  Beta and Alpha-particle radiation exposure is a problem if inhaled and ingested. The LDS Church doctrine of food and water storage will provide prepared members clean uncontaminated basic nutrition during the fallout period.  Fallout emiting Alpha particles is very toxic if ingested.  Alpha particles are a Helium nucleus missing 2 electrons.  These particles will strip electrons off anything and damage any tissue they contact.  Beta particles can sunburn the skin

1. Live 10 miles from nuclear target to avoid blast, thermal and gamma radiation effects of nuclear detonation.
2. Water and Food Storage
3. Wheat is excellent to store because of its balanced nutrition (starch, protein, fat) and because government and lawless elements won't want it.
4. Geiger counter to check contamination of food and water.
5. Painting respirator to filter air if having to leave home to replenish sypply of clean water.
6. Oral Potassium Iodine or topical Providone iodine solution to protect thyroid.
7. Plastic or PVC rain suit with googles to protect from beta exposure if having to leave home to replenish sypply of clean water. 
8. Roll plastic and duct tape to seal home and create a decon area at a back door. (although I would not plan on venturing outdoors for at least 2 weeks)
9. Radioprotectants increase immunity to radiation exposure: powdered milk and protein powder, epsom salt, meletonin and desferoxamine.
10. As soon as it is safe to emerge, gather at the LDS Stake Center with survivors and pool resources and talents. LDS groups provide protection because of 1. agreed upon leadership structure 2. gospel standards keep undesirables away.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Tying Light Into a Knot


Light is made up of individual photons and exibit properties of both a particle and a wave.  Photons are massless but also the fastest stuff in the Universe.  Nothing travels faster than light (3x10^8 m/s^2).  Light exhibits several measurable properties which include direction, electric field, magnetic field, and polarization.  

This paper talks about using interference from 2 coherent light sources (lasers) together with filters to force light into traveling into an infinite loop called a mobius strip.  

One interesting implication of the success of this experiment is the possible relationship between light and the electron.  Science doesn't understand what the electron really is.  Electrons exhibit many properties of light.  They behave a bit more like a particle but also exhibit wave-like characteristics.  But unlike, photons, electrons travel slower than light and exhibit a small bit of mass. 

The possible relationship between photons and electrons some suggest is not QED (Quantum Electrodynamics) where the Universe is made up of a set of fundamental particles, is that electrons amd other particles are made up of light tied into a knot.  In other words, light that propagates in a straight line is massless, but photons that travel in a tight loop in resonance with the Compton wavelength of fundamental particles, exhibit mass.

The photon structure function theory goes a step further suggesting that quark-antiquark pairs which decay into hadrons (ie protons) can be generated by scattering electrons with high energy photons.  This theory suggests that that all matter is made up of light.