Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mitt Romney and Red October

I have been watching some movies with my son Devin.  Devin was curious to watch the Netflix movie, "Mitt", about Mitt Romney's failed presidential candidacy in 2012. If you are really awake about how global government works, this movie on Netflix will not just make you disappointed that Romney lost the election but feel deep dispair at realizing how "the powers that be" electronically stole the 2012 election.  Also, about how clueless Mitt was about how his own globalist advisors sabatoged him and his campaign, and how we were all led to falsely believe that 8 million less republicans voted in 2012 for Romney than voted in 2008 for McCain.  "Mitt" was created to rub our nose in his defeat, and to try and convince us that Romney is a flawed candidate who can never win a national election.  The only flaw Romney has is not recognizing the Bohemian Grove/CFR/Bilderberg, anti-Westphalian/neo-feudalist, Fabian Globalists for who they really are.

Tonight Devin and I were watching "The Hunt for Red October". We really enjoyed the movie.  Devin had just finished reading the book.  I had to remind Devin what a clever piece of propaganda the movie is.  The movie should cause great concern about how the unscrupulous "National Security Advisor" ran-the-show and made all the important policy decisions over the generals, but also the president himself.  Unfortunately, having known several secret service agents, the President really is the last to know anything and we have a whole generation of Jack Ryan-want-a-be's in government who are convinced that keeping secrets and telling lies for "National Security" is somehow keeping America safe.  The truth is all the lies and secrecy only keeps the bad guys in government safe. In reality all this CIA black-ops stuff has only resulted in destroying US credibility in the world. Most people in government are good but these good guys never are permitted to see the dark side of government.

The FBI is bringing charges against FIFA and their selection of Qatar for the 2022 World Cup. Like the Olympics,  should it be any surprise how much corruption is involved in the decision.  However, with the US investigating and prosecuting an international matter, if US and Western sponsors boycott the 2018 World Cup in Russia,  this will only serve to further anger Russia and China against US policy.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Conspiracy Reality

An old adage says that if you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.  Another adage says that history is written by the victors.  Unfortunately, what we think we know about history may not be true because the good guys don't always win.  We may know the chronology of events, but we may be mistaken about why certain events occurred.  Why would Satan be interested in obscuring our understanding of history?  Simple, so he can reuse the same tactics on us and get us to make the same mistakes. The Doctrine and Covenants tells us that when Christ returns to the Earth, He will take the time to review the history of the Earth to us from start to finish. (D&C 88:108-110).  Why would Christ take the time to review world history with us during the Millennium?  Because we don't know it.

Book of Mormon:
The Book of Mormon is a book of sacred scripture containing a special witness of Jesus Christ and a warning.  What is the great warning of the Book of Mormon? The Book of Mormon records the fate of two great ancient civilizations in America that were destroyed because of their pride, materialism, and neglect of the poor which allowed secret combinations to overrun, overthrow, and completely destroy their civilization. The genetic and anthropologic record supports that the great Adena and Woodland (Hopewell) cultures flourished for a time in North America only to completely disappear from the archeological record with only their war mounds heaped up containing thousands upon thousands of skeletons as a witness of their fate.

The Book of Mormon prophet Mormon says in unmistakable terms that Jesus Christ had shown him our day and he knew our doing. Mormon said that the purpose of the Book of Mormon was an exhortation for the Gentiles to "be more wise than they had been".  Mormon warned us to first, come unto Christ and then awake to the reality of our awful situation and avert the secret conspiracies from gaining the sole management of the government (Hel 6:39) and from eventually succeeding in their goal to overthrowing the freedom and sovereignty of all nations (Ether 8:25).

Another major theme of the Book of Mormon is its admonition that we never "forget the captivity of our forefathers".  This admonition to remember is not only about remembering God's infinite tender mercies and His deliverance, but also to remember the various causes for which our forefathers sacrificed, bleed and died to preserve our freedoms and provide us greater opportunities and prosperity. One way we can forget the captivity of our father's is to be confused about why certain conflicts were fought. When Satan convinces us of an alternate version of history, we can quickly find that we have compromised away the same freedoms that our forefathers died for without even lifting a voice or finger in objection. 

To begin our understanding of history, we need to review some principles that are presented in the Holy Scriptures of how Satan and evil operates in the world. Second, we need an accurate summary of the signifant events that bring us to the our current place in history. Third, we need to understand the lessons of history so we can know exactly how to avoid making the same mistakes.

No Rules:
God the father had a plan by which his spirit sons and daughters would come to Earth, gain a mortal body, and learn from experience to control that body, and voluntarily choose the good over the bad with enticements but without coercion.  Agency required that we be given rules and commandments to follow.  Without rules, there would be no choices.  We would just be ruled by our appetites and fears.  However, God knew that would make mistakes, become unclean, and be unable to return into our Heavenly Father's presence.  Thankfully, Jesus Christ volunteered in the pre-earthly counsel in heaven to be our Savior and atone for our sins allowing us a probationary time to learn to learn restraint and how to obey.  However God's plan, because of agency, meant that some would never return. After being separated from God, only those who would voluntarily choose God would return to live with God. The essence of Gods plan is "Not as I will but as thou wilt."  If we love God, we will voluntarily seek to humble ourselves and to know and to do His will.  God's plan of agency allows man to make every thought, decision, and act a demonstration of love.

Alternate Plan:
Lucifer arose with an alternative plan.  Lucifer suggested that if there were no rules and no commandments that all mankind could come down to earth and be forced to obey through fear.  Without any rules men would acted upon like animals, behaving according to his appetites and reacting according to his fears. A few men would conquer according to their strength, genius, and ruthlessness, but the remaining majority would be subjugated by ignorance and fear.  

"Do as Thou Wilt":
Satan promised that he could just scare us all into obedience. According to Lucifer's plan, if we worshiped Lucifer instead of God, he falsely promised that his plan would save everyone.  Not one soul would be lost.  However, instead of being exalted with God, we would be enslaved under Lucifer forever.  Thus began the war in heaven that continues on Earth.  Satan and his followers were cast out of heaven to the Earth still seeking to frustrate God's plan and take down as many of us as they can.  But at the same time Satan unknowingly provides needed opposition for us in this test of mortality.  Satan's doctrine is "do as thou wilt".  However, the problem is with this pyramid system there really only one person who could ever do whatever they wanted. Also, what we want can easily be manipulated by fear and misinformation.  According to Satan's plan, all our thoughts and acts would be coerced by fear. 

Our spirits are eternal and existed with God in heaven before this mortal life.  We lived with God but we didn't have a physical glorified body like God. The scriptures tell us that we assisted Jesus Christ in creating and preparing this Earth for our mortality. "The Earth is full and there is more than enough and to spare".  With Christ, we made sure that our Earth would contain every needful thing for the prosperity and happiness of all who would be born onto this planet.  We also knew that bad, terrible and painful things would happen to good people and even children. We were also assured that through the atonement of Jesus Christ, all our losses could be made up to us.  We all were given full informed consent before coming to Earth.

The history of conspiracy in this world begins with Eve in the garden of Eden. Eve was pure, innocent, trusting, na├»ve to sin and could not comprehend that the serpent could possibly have ulterior motives.  Satan lied to Eve and tempted her to partake of the forbidden fruit, exploiting her trusting nature and supplying her a good reason for partaking of the fruit.  The conspiracy uses many of us today by the same strategy. Evil people merely give us a good reason why we should do what we do when we trustingly follow along without asking too many questions.  It's not polite to be suspicious. We follow orders with good intentions without knowing who our leaders really are.

Satan next used the power of fear to coerce. Eve to give the fruit to Adam and then to cause Adam and Eve to hide themselves from God and hide themselves from God's judgment.  Eve was made to fear that a just God would cast her out of the garden and that she would be alone.  Are we motivated and do we motivate by fear in our lives and in our professions?  Do we act according to faith, hope and charity, or to we take counsel from our fears?  Are we governed by scarcity and an economics of supply and demand or do we govern our affairs from a position of faith and abundance?

Next, Satan promised Cain that he would have power and wealth by killing his brother Abel.  Instead of trying again and making his offering to God correctly, Cain instead sought to please Satan who enticed him with the promise of power and wealth.  Satan also falsely promised Cain that his murder of Abel would remain secret and that he would escape judgement.  Are we deceived into believing that we can continue in sin and escape judgement without changing our ways, trying again, and doing well?  God promises us, like Cain, that we will be accepted if we do it over and do it right.

After it was discovered that man could exploit and enslave his fellow man through lies and murder, to keep these evil acts required a cover-up. That is when groups of people would enter into oaths with each other to stand as false witnesses to cover up evil and escape judgement.  These oaths if broken are enforced upon death in the most barbaric manner.  Infiltration of these secret combinations is prevented by requiring each member to perform various evil acts that only begins with sodomy and continues a course of even more inhuman and unmentionable acts.

Satan cannot create, so he can only steal, corrupt, and enslave.  The Bible gives the account of how the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men and mingled with them.  The product of these forbidden unions were the Nephalim or Giants? This is not talking about angels or aliens mixing with humans.  The anthropologic and genetic record unmistakably proves that humans and Neanderthal coexisted before the Great Flood and intermixed. The hybrid products of these forbidden unions were the Cro-magnon.  Why did man do this?  The Book of Mormon gives a hint when it discusses the Nephite sin of polygamy. The Nephites married many wives for wealth and power and this is also likely the reason why man entered into this genetic corruption.

At the time societies ran on the cottage industry.  Family businesses with many children and extended family meant more production and more wealth.  However, in early human history, there were not many humans around to enslave, less available women, and the Neanderthal could not be domesticated.  But at some point someone speculated that a Neanderthal/Human hybrid just might have the right temperament and intelligence for exploitation. This genetic experiment turned out to be a disaster.  Cro-Magnon were both fierce and cunning and had God not destroyed the Earth with the Flood, the Cro-Magnon would have likely have hunted humans to extinction.

Slavery did not end with the Great Food.  In every age man has used the creation of class, caste, or race to demean and subjugate a certain part of the population and elevate another part of the population.  In the modern era, the elite class subjugate the third world through sin, lack of education, and poor health. The elite subjugate the first world through sin, debt and materialism.

The sins of worshipping Baal, Moloch and Ashtoreth had to do with turning life into a commodity to be bought and sold. Ritual substance abuse, prostitution and infanticide performed in unholy groves was about turning people, life, and the process of creating life into a money-maker.  The religious aspect of the groves provided a system of control and legitimacy. Furthermore, the people who paid money to engage in these abominable acts were deceived into believing that these acts somehow showed reverence to their gods.  Ancient man engaged in these terrible sins out of a respect for their gods.  Today people engage in these same sins out of a desire to worship themselves.  Today, modern man's individual hedonistic desires is what matters most to them.

One World Government:
Nimrod commissioned the building of the Tower of Babel.  God destroyed babylon and scattered the people and confounded their language. What was so bad about Babel?  Was it just the tower?  The Tower of Babel was a very ostentatious building project, but the biggest problem with Babel was that all the people had one language, one government, one religion, and one god, but it wasn't the One True God.

God confounded the language of the people at the Tower of Babel out of a hope to redeem mankind.  God knew that if the people were scattered that at least one person might turn to him and seek to worship the true God.  The Bible tells us that that one individual was Abraham.  And from Abraham God created the great nation of Israel which has waded through much adversity but again exists today as both a nation and a people. 

Blood Atonement:
Humans rely on animals for food and raiment.  In this way, shedding the blood of animals equates to life. Accordingly, false religion tells people that they can appease their gods through the shedding of human blood. Whether it is the burning of a virgin, or infanticide, or the Crusades; false religion throughout history preaches the doctrine of blood atonement.  Ancient man's false gods were anthropomorphic representations of the concepts of prosperity, health, safety, and fertility.  Man routinely engaged in ritual chemical abuse and prostitution and infanticide believing that these terrible acts would provide the desired peace, prosperity, health, and eternal salvation they desired.  The Catholic Crusaders were promised a forgiveness of sins if they shed Muslim blood in Jerusalem. Today, we are promised prosperity and safety if our US troops shed blood over there so we can be safe over here.  Also, think of the 1.2 million abortions in the US per year (58 million since 1973) and 1.3 billion abortions in the world since 1980 that we allow in exchange for the promise of prosperity.

The true doctrine of Christ teaches that the only path to peace, safety, prosperity, and salvation is through the blood and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Only the blood of Christ forgives sins. 

Tribe of Dan:
After God confounded the languages at Babel and people were scattered forming many nations.  Among all the people, Abraham desired to serve the true God. Abraham's lineage through Moses established the righteous nation of Israel. After several hundred years of relative prosperity but continual war due to the failure of the tribe of Dan to take their inheritance. Israel was an island of true belief surrounded by an ocean of corruption. That corruption infiltrated northern Israel beginning with Dan (Synagogue of Satan) and led to the eventual division and destruction of the Northern Kingdom by Assyria. The Southern Kingdom is prodded into repentance by Isaiah and the South is miraculously preserved. However, this repentance didn't last and the Southern Kingdom was eventually taken into captivity by Babylon. [500 bc]  It is not a coincide today that the disputed Gaza Strip and Golan Heights are the exact inheritances that Dan failed to possess over 3000 years ago.

Mystery Babylon:
After many years in exile, Israel is allowed by Persia to return home and rebuild the temple. But something happened following the fall of the Babylonian empire by Persia. During the time of Isaiah, if you wanted to practice the religion of Babel, you could openly practice it. The religion of Babel involves going to a designated grove of trees and engaging in religiously sanctioned drug abuse, ritual prostitution, sodomy, cannibalism, and infanticide. Whatever the people did in a grove reaffirmed their subservience to Satan. Conversely, everything that happens in the Jewish temple serves to reaffirm the believers devotion to Jehovah, the grove was the antithesis of the temple. 

After the fall of Babylon, the religion of Babel went underground, and became a Mystery Religion where only the elite and the initiated participate. And the region was shrouded in secrecy and symbols. The elite and initiated then create an alternative religion for the "Goyim" which was overly strict in its outward observance yet morally permissive. The religion of the masses emphasized work and absolute submission to authority. 

Ships of Tarshish:
Something else happens about the time Moses delivers Israel. Money is invented. Now people had a common medium of exchange, lived in larger cities, and could better specialize in the production or trade of a particular good or service. The creation of money did something else. The control of money facilitated imports and exports and rivaled the power of governments and religion. Before the rise of the Roman Empire, the Phoenicians dominate all sea trade. Different groups throughout history have controlled trade like like the Phoenicians such as Silk Road Caravans, the Venetian's, the British East India Company and Walmart.

At the time of Jesus Christ, the Babylonian Mystery religion had infiltrated Jewish leadership as well as controlled the Roman Empire. It was this infiltration and apostasy of Israel that led to the martyrdom of Jesus Christ and the eventual destruction of Jerusalem, the temple, and scattering of Israel. The element of corrupt Babylonian religion within Judaism is referred to as mysticism or Kabbalah. Like Judaism, Christianity and Islam both struggle against Babylonian corruption in Gnosticism and Sufism respectively.

Rabbinical Judaism:
After the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem by Zarubbabel and Joshua son of Jozadak, Ezra the scribe was sent by Artaxerxes with the king's gold to buy influence.  Ezra at the command of Persia and not God displaced Jeshua as the High Priest and establish the current Jewish rabbinical system that was enforced by property confiscation.  The consequence of Israel's acceptance of this scholarly system in the place of revelation resulted in the cessation of prophets for the next 400 years until John the Baptist. Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical divinity and theological seminaries continue this apostate scribal tradition. Most Christians today, like the Jews, are build upon an apostate doctrine of modern religious scholars, scribes and pharisees and reject divine relelation through living prophets and  apostles.

Failed Democracy:
The Greek and Roman Republics were experiments in direct and representative democracy. However, prosperity brought complacency, and these governments were soon infiltrated, morals and ideals subverted and corrupted until they were transformed into Empires and destroyed from within.

The first step to destroy the Greek and Roman democracies was the demoralization of the people through sexual immorality, substance abuse, and materialism. The consequence of these sins leads to greater poverty through broken families, decreased health and productivity. Greater materialism lead to the middle class neglecting the needs of the poor.  Likewise, the demoralization of America is the first step in the destruction of American democracy.  The US Constitution is the basis for all other constitutional governments.  If the US Constitution falls, all constitutional government falls with it.  Only a return to virtue, morality, and charity can save Constitutional government.

Once the Roman Republic had a large poor population, Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his standing army and overthrew the Roman Republic with promises of greater economic equality.  The Caesar's promise of free bread and circus served to enable the poor to continue in their poverty without accountability or reform and enabled the rich in their materialism to continue to shirk their responsibility and neglect the poor.

Trade Deficit:
The fall of the Roman Empire centered around a trade deficit with China and a welfare state promising free bread and circus. Roman sent gold to China in exchange for spices, hashish and opium. The need for more gold led to the need to expand their territory and bring in more tribute. However, there were not enough citizens to supply the Roman Legions. The Marian Reforms (Dream Act) granted Germanic Barbarians rights to land and citizenship if they served in the Legion. Later, when benefits were cut back, Odoacer, led the Barbarian Foeterati in an insurrection that was the fatal blow to the Empire from within.

State Religion:
Not long after the martyrdom of the Apostles of Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire realized that it could not stop the spread of Christianity. They just could not feed enough Christians to the lions. So instead, they decided to take over control the religion. The Empire called many ecumenical councils, and blended pagan and Christian observance into a new state-sponsored religion. Satan said, if I can't stop Christianity, then the Christians will have my official version of it.  Like the two snakes of pharaoh's magicians before Moses, Satan's religion became the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox to give the illusion of choice.

At this time, the Catholic Church over-interprets the doctrine of "usury" by prohibiting the collection of any fees on lending. This prohibition did two things. 1. Because the average person could not cover the costs of lending, a credit black market appeared. 2. Credit-starved Europe languished for 1000 years in a serf/feudal, third-world state without development.  The earliest banking institutions were Jewish-owned pawn shops called Lombards. Jews didn't fall under the Catholic prohibition of collecting usury.

Christian Rivals:
However, the Roman Empire had a problem. Even though they had killed off all of the Christian leadership, there were 4 other early Christian capitals that claimed equal religious authority to Rome: Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Constantinople. Rome was having increasing problems maintaining religious control. So, they had to destroy them. The problem is that doing so would not appear Christ-like.  The first thing Rome did is call for a crusade to take Jerusalem. However, you will remember the crusaders stopped off at Constantinople on the way to Jerusalem and sacked it. They also took Antioch.  

Mother of Abomination:
Rome couldn't come up with a legitimate reason to attack Alexandria ao they devised another plan. They created another religion to do it for them. It has come out by ex-Jesuit Alberto Rivera that it was revealed to him in a meeting at the Vatican that Rome created the religion of Islam. Islam was then used to destroy all the Christians out of North Africa, Spain, and finally Alexandria. It is said, the red fez represents a traditionally white hat dipped in the blood of Christians and Jews at the city of Fez, Morocco. The Muslims penetrated deep into Spain killing non-Catholic Christians and Jews until they met Charlemagne. The Muslims never attacked Rome.

Venitian Black Nobility
Behind the Western and Eastern Holy Roman Empires, behind the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches, rested the true power and influence in Midlevel Europe.  Wealthy families in Venice, Italy like the Phoenicans before them, the British East India Company and Walmart that would follow, controlled most all trade in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, and trade to Asia via land and Indian Ocean. Buying low and selling high, the elite Venitian nobility made their fortunes exploiting the resources and wares of poor counties and distributing them to their consumers. With these riches, this secret oligarchy controlled empires and world religions.  

It was the Ventian Black Nobility that called for the Crusades via the Catholic Church promising blood atonement and forgiveness of sins for shedding the blood of Muslims and redeeming Jerusalem.  What is less well known is how the crusades involved purging Spain of the Sephardic Jews and their rival Lombard pawn shops.  Also during the 4th Crusade, the crusaders couldn't pay the Venetians for passage to Jerusalem. So, the Venetians had the crusaders attack and pillage Constantinople to come up with payment.

A recent study in Great Britian investigated the wealth of European families through history by tracking admissions to elite Universities like Oxford.  Using this method the study found that many elite families trace their wealth back as early as the 1100's. Accordingly, the elite saying goes, "if you didn't make your fortune in the Middle Ages, you are 'new money'".  These same family desire and are working towards a restoration of the Tower of Babel/Holy Roman system.

The Catholic Church created two orders to administer the Crusades: the Templars and Hospitallers (Order of Malta). The Templars assisted crusaders and pilgrims in their passage and protection to Jerusalem. The Hospitallers operated the hospital in Jerusalem. Conspiracy always is there to profit on both sides of any conflict. Because its nearly impossible to protect gold from robbers, the Templars created a system of banks or Templar houses where pilgrims could deposit their gold, mortgage their land, and receive a ciphered document allowing them to make withdrawals at Templar houses along the way. This new banking system was so lucrative, subsequent crusades focused on cleansing Europe of the Sephardic Jews and their Lombard pawnshops. 

After hundreds of years the Templar became the most powerful order of the Catholic Church. Since many could not afford to pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Templars/Masons in France encouraged small towns and cities throughout Europe to take out enormous loans and build magnificent cathedrals. They also sold them knock-off Christian relics promising them increased religious tourism to stimulate their economy. The "Pilgrims Guide" was published letting tourists know where to sleep and eat and which Cathedrals to visit. Many towns never could repay their loans and were forced to hand over control of taxation and industry to the banks.

Fractional Reserve:
Templar Houses start issuing gold and silver certificates instead of actual gold. Then they realize that most people never withdraw their gold from the bank and they can issue more gold and silver certificates than actual gold in deposit. And then they make loans for more money than they actually have in deposit.  Thus, fractional reserve banking and lending is born. 

Friday the 13th:
King Philip of France had taken out large loans with the Templars to fund his war with England. The Templars created the "Sangre Real" myth (Christ's descendants intermarried with the Merovingian Line) to rival the King's "Divine Right". Philip tortured Templars (Friday the 13th) into true and false confessions and uses these confessions to convince the Pope to disband the order. King Philip seizes Templar assets in France, Elsewhere, Templar assets are transferred to the Hospitallers (Order of Malta). Templars flee and become the seed of Scottish/York Rite Masony, Rosicrucian, and Teutonic Orders.

After the disbandment of the Templars, the Hospitallers absorbed most of their non-French assets including important Mediterranian trading ports on the Islands of Cypress, Rhodes, and Malta. The Venetian Black Nobility transferred the knowledge of the superior wootz Damascus steel to Saladin and kept this technology from Europe to keep Jerusalem divided.  

Mongul Empire
Venetian Banks organized the Mongols under Ghangis Khan. The bankers transferred technology to the Moguls, via Marco Polo's father, regarding the stirrup allowing them to shoot a bow and arrow white still in the saddle. The Mongols were used to scour China of its gold. Chinese gold was then used in Europe to crash the value of the Florin, bankrupt rival Florence banks, sending Europe into a depression. At this time, the Mongols invaded Europe and spread Black Death. 50% of the population of Europe died of the plague. Europe then entered into the Hundred-Years War.  Florin banking money was funding the renaissance and reformation movement and had to be crushed.

100-Years War:
Constantinople forsakes the iconoclast movement. The Hundred-Years War ends with the Turkish siege and fall of Constantinople. Finally, Rome has destroyed the last rival Christian capital. Religious scholars flee throughout Europe and become the seeds of the Reformation. The crescent moon and star on the flags of Turkey, and many Muslim and Communist countries, represents the conjunction of a crescent moon and Venus on the night of the fall of Constantinople.  After 100 years of plague, invasion, war, and famine, over 50% of the European population had died. 

Dark Ages:
Despite the supposed adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire, mid-evil Europe descends into the Dark Ages filled with feudal serfdom, illiteracy, ignorance, brutal religious persecution, and continual war, famines and plagues. 

Renaissance and Reformation:
The De Medici Family restart banks in Florence, bankroll a new controlled Renaissance, and eventually buy the Papacy. Hapsburgs rule the Holy Roman Empire.  The Renaissance serves as a materialistic controlled distraction from the true Protestant Reformation begun by John Huss in Bohemia many years before Martin Luther.  If it is Protestant religion and art the people want, then you will have the authorized version of it.  True Reformers like Wycliff and Tyndale sucessfully translate and publish the Bible in English despite terrible persecution against English Lollardism. However, King James, by direction, soon after provides the world with the Authorized Version.

The Peace of Westphalia was a series of peace treaties signed in 1648 in Osnabruck and Munster ending the Thirty Years War (1618-1648).  Before this treaty Europe was controlled by the Holy Roman Empire. But in the Westphalia System nations became independent of the Hapsburg-controlled Catholic Empire. Huguenot in France, Dutch and German Lutherans, and Moravians in Czech Republic fought to establish national sovereignty to preserve greater freedom of religion for Protestants.  The Peace of Westphalia was a disasterous blow to the power and control of the Venetian Black Nobility over Europe.

Fabian Globalist like Brent Scowcroft testified before US Congress criticizing the Westphalia System saying it led to the 1st and 2nd World Wars and championing a return to a global neo-feudal system of government which like the Holy Roman Empire would also be a detriment to religious  and economic freedom.

Despite the Westphalia System, protestants in Europe still experiences terrible persecution.  Many groups like the Puritans emigrated to the Americas for religious freedom.  Colonies like Plymouth were established with "all things in common" instead of "all things common" in an attempt to live the pure religion that Christ and the Apostles had established among the Early Christians.  However, Plymouth communalism did not recognize property rights and the colony failed over and over again. Without property rights, everyone wanted to look for gold instead of produce food.  Eventually the failed Colony was forced to recognize property rights and reverted to the Law of Tithing.  The Colony was immediately successful and celebrated the first Thanksgiving. While conspirators  use this as an example of the failures of Communism and virtues of Capitalism, this story has nothing to do with Capitalism and the failure of the Pilgrims and Puritans should not be used to condemn the Biblical United Order.

American Revolution
America declares its Independence over desire to have control over currency and credit and not just "taxation without representation." The Masonic-sponsored Boston Tea Party served to confuse the main purpose of Revolution from the beginning. Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, begins Bavarian Illuminati on May 1, 1776. Illuminati driven out from Bavaria and taken in by Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Colberg-Gotha. British, and Dutch Royal Families are Saxe-Colberg-Gothe. Fabian Socialists/Illuminati sponsor the French Revolution and destroy the French Monarchy.

During the Colonial Period, if you wanted to start a business, you were forced to go to the City of London and London Banks for a loan.  You may have had a great idea for a business, but if you weren't a 'good 'ol boy' you weren't getting the money unless London could somehow exploit you. If the idea or invention was really good, the banks could just steal the idea for themselves.  The US Revolution was faught for the feedom of religion, speech, press, but also the economic freedom of inventors, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and labors to innovate, improve, and build a perfect society. US innovation is a major part of what has made America great.  Conversely, Cuba has been falling apart since the globalist-funded Cuban Revolution with no signifcant innovation except how to keep their 1950's cars running.  A free and independent national currency together with a free and independent local banking system is at the heart of innovation.  Global consolidation is destroying us, not saving us.

Holy Roman Empire:
Daniel in the Bible is show an idol with the head of gold, shoulders of silver, belly of bronze, legs of iron and feet of clay. Daniel is told that the head represents Babylon, shoulders Persia, belly Greece, and legs Rome.  The feet represent a government system in the Last Days that would be completely and permanently destroyed by Christ's Kingdom that would be established during the days of the kings represented by the feet of clay. The Holy Roman Empire (Legs of Iron) officially ended with Napoleon winning the Battle of the 3rd Coalition and forcing Emperor Francis II, to sign the Treaty of Pressburg Dec 26, 1805.  Joseph Smith is born Dec 23, 1805.

Banking Empire:
Nathan Rothschild received word first that Britain's Duke of Wellington was victorious over France's Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo June 18, 1815. Rothschild begins selling consuls (stock) causing a market panic and crash. Everyone assumes England lost. Then just before the official announcement is made that England was victorious, Rothschild buys up all the British consuls for pennies on the dollar.  In this one single move, Lord Rothschild owned more than 1/2 the British Empire. Rothschild sends his sons  to start banks across Europe. Rothschild Banks operate on fractional reserve lending and create money for lending out of nothing.

American Civil War
American Civil War fought over question of tariffs trade. North Industrializes early. South industrializes late due to dependence on slaves. Eventually the machine beats the man. South resents having to pay higher prices to the north for machinery. South prefers to purchase cheap slave-produced imports from India. Pres. Lincoln takes out a loan from Rothschild in London but later learns the Rothschild bank in France is funding the South. Pres. Lincoln stops repaying debt and starts printing greenbacks. North wins the war. Pres. Lincoln is assassinated by the bankers.  The US Government used to generate most of its revenue via tariffs instead of the unconstitutional unvoluntary income tax.  Tarriffs also served to protect US industry and manufacturing from cheap foreign slave-labor.  Without tariffs, so-called free trade has destroyed US manufacturing resulting in the weakening of US independence and self-reliance.

Meiji Revolution:
After failing to extract gold from China via the failed Opium Wars, the European Elite decide to use the Japanese. The British sponsor the Meiji Revolution in Japan, corrupt the youth, arm them with the gatling gun, and overthrow the Shogunate. British use Japan to invade China terrorize and loot the country for its gold.

US Federal Reserve
1911, Globalist Elite meet on Jekyll Island, GA to plan a private US Central Bank known as the Federal Reserve. Globalist arrange opposition leaders to the FED go on a cruise with JP Morgan to discuss the issue. JP Morgan insisted that the lifeboats be removed from the deck. JP Morgan conveniently missed the boat, the Titanic filled with wealthy opposition to the FED was purposely piloted into an iceberg and sunk. Men were prohibited from entering into lifeboats at gunpoint.  Federal Reserve Act pushed through over Christmas Holiday. Globalist controlled Woodrow Wilson elected POTUS and signed the Federal Reserve Act. Every POTUS since has been a member of Bohemian Club or Bilderberg Group, and a globalist puppet; republican or democrat.

England fains weakness, and United States fooled into entering WW1 between British and Germans . The sinking of the explosive-filled Lusitania was a planned event to win support for the war despite Pres. Wilson's promises to not get involved. WW1 is the beginning of the US Military Industrial Complex, and beginning of US Intelligence Service. Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire, Spanish Monarchy, Russian Monarchy were abolished. Weakened England loses control over poppy and opium in Afghanistan. TC Lawrence sent to organize the Arabs against the Turks in Saudi Arabia. The Arabs given the land and helped to develop their oil if 1. They only sell oil in British Pounds 2. They deposit all oil proceeds in British Banks were the bankers can lend 10:1 on the amount of money deposited.

US purposefully provokes Japan into attacking Pearl Harbor in a false flag operation. Obsolete battleships left in dock and valuable aircraft carriers knowingly removed. United States fooled into entering WW2 between British, Germans, and Russia. US thinks it won WW2. General Eisenhower pulls General Patton's gas just as they have the German's surrounded and could have ended the war a year early. General Patton is late getting to Berlin and Poland, and FDR gives away all of Eastern Europe to Soviet Union. FDR and Churchill give millions of Cossacks who fought with the Nazi's against the Communists back to Stalin who has most of them murdered or placed into the Siberian Gulag Archipelago. General Patton wakes up to the reality of the conspiracy and is assassinated (Target Patton: the Assassination of General Patton). Japan, upon seeing the US coming from the South, and Russia approaching from the North was surrendering but the US dropped atomic weapons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the 2 cities in Japan with the highest percentage of Japanese Christians. US Transfers nuclear secrets and nuclear material for a bomb to the Soviet :Union.

US helps China hide gold from Japan in the Philippines. China is impressed that the US appears to not take any land following WW2. China lends the US 1 Trillion in gold in exchange for US Treasury Bonds to fund Bretton-Woods and to establish the US Dollar as the world reserve currency with a promise that the US would help develop the 3rd world.

Bohr War
Cecil Rhodes sets up the Round table. Rhodes invests in gold and diamond mines in South Africa and triggers the Bohr War against the Dutch.  Gold and Diamonds discovered in South Africa.  British need to exterminate Dutch farmers from the land to effectively mine and profit from the discovery and exploit the black South Africans to work in the mines.  The real "blood diamonds" and wealth mined from South Africa has been used to fund the globalist economic conquest of the world.

World Bank:
International Monetary Fund established to make loans for 3rd-world countries. In the end, a few people in the 3rd-world get rich, The people are worked like slaves to large globalist corporations. Corporations pollute the environment and then leave the people with a debt they can never repay. The IMF trades debt foreignness for eternal control over the countries own naturalization resources. America spreads central banking control. The US is responsible for the overthrow of legitimate governments in many countries, replacing them with corrupt leaders who support the globalist-supported central banking control.

Controlled Opposition:
Robert Welch, founder of John Birch Society warns that liberals and socialists in America desire to destroy America by weakening the currency, driving up deficits and debt. Nationalizing education, give up national sovereignty to international bodies and governments., and expanding social welfare programs. Robert Welch answer to the threat was education alone. However, Welch forgot to mention the demoralization of America. Therefore, without re-moralization, education is no good because darkness cannot comprehend the light.  You cannot educate a demoralized individual.

John Birch was a CIA informant that was assassinated attempting to escape China with a great secret that Western money was funding both Mao Zedong and Sun Yat-Sen.  Remember, the conspiracy loves to play both sides because they know the average person loves to pick sides.

Bank of International Settlement:
Ben Bernake tells Milton Friedman that he was right all along that the FED and not tariffs (Elder Reed Smoot) caused the Great Depression by contracting the money supply. Ben Bernake makes several speeches about how contracting the money supply in a fractional reserve banking system will trigger a depression. and that the FED was responsible for the Depression and not tariffs. Bank of International Settlement Basil I Accords contract money supply in Japan causing Japanese Lost Decade. 2007, Bank of International Settlement Basil 2 Accords limit fractional reserve requirements, and together with LIBOR manipulation, and housing market abuse, triggering the Great Recession. Exactly what happened to Japan happened the the US. TARP, QE2, QE3 are zero-percent loans by the Federal Government used to supply banks with money which they purchase their own stock and are purchasing US bonds which artificially props up the stock market. Sterilization is keeping the money out of the real economy where it can trigger greater inflation.

Vietnam War:
Served to perpetuate the Cold War but really end French control in South East Asia.  Globalist bankers wanted contol over opium production by the Hmong in northern Loas, Thailand and Vietnam in the area referred to as the Golden Triangle. The Pentagon Papers revealed the Bay of Tonkin incident was a false flag to get the US in the war.  In addition to deeply flawed war-fighting tactics, all US Military movements were given over to Vietcong contibuting to the drawn out quagmire of a conflict.

US Space Program:
With the demoralization of America in the 60's and the sexual revolution, and abortion, the US Space program was powerful propaganda causing the US people and the world to believe that, despite our demoralization, God was blessing the US with technological and economic prosperity.  Movie director Stanley Kubric was tasked with pulling off this careful deception.  It is unlikely that humans can survive the radiation of space outside the protection of the Earth's magnetic field.

CIA Black Ops:
The CIA has always been heavily involved in the War on Drugs.  Why the involvement?  US Legislation allows any money, property, guns, etc seized during a anti-drug operation to be kept by the CIA to be used in their operations.  The consequence of this law is that the CIA has a funding source independent of Congressional oversight. Congress has no idea what nefarious operations the CIA does with this seized drug money.  Investigative Reporter Gary Webb found out and attempted to tell the world before being mysteriously suicided with 2 bullets to the brain.

After US helps Mujaheddin get Russia out of Afghanistan, unexpectedly, the Taliban take over and prohibit Bacha Bazi (pedophilia), and Poppy growing. Poppy growing emergent sent to Burma. Military takes over government to block globalist control. and opium production. Aung san suu kyi uses as propaganda against the military government. 911 used as a false flag terrorist attack to convince the US to go to war against Alqeada in Afghanistan. Yet, alqeada turns out to be Saudi Arabian supported. And once in Afghanistan, the US goes after Taliban referring to the new objective as "target drift". US and British forces have control of opium production and tell the media that they are phasing opium out slowly but stats show that opium production is up 300% since before the Taliban.

Arab Spring:
The US went to war against Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria and Iran because these countries were selling oil in alternative currencies other than the dollar or attempting to establish a gold-backed rival currency.  Middle East involvement establishing American reputation as bully of the world  and to distract from the Russian and Chinese military build-up and modernization.

Bohemian Grove:
Every President of the United States since Woodrow Wilson has been controlled by special interests and a member of the Bohemian Grove which is owned by the Bohemian Club in San Fransisco. Globalist meet and discuss world domination at Davos Switzerland, Bilderberg, the Boule, G20, Chatham House, Council on Foreign Relations, Tri-Lateral Commission, Club of Rome, International Monetary Fund, World Bank United Nations, Green Valley Media conference. etc.

Controlled Opposition:
If I am the conspiracy and I have all the money in the world, if I am going to start a destroy the US Constitution club, I might as well start a save the US Constitution club at the same time. Why would I do this?  People like to take sides and if there is already an opposition leader, I might as well support it instead of forming my own party and competing with it. By starting an opposition party, I can control the opposition. I can control the arguments. I can even win some battles, but in the end, in the last seconds of the struggle, I can throw the game.

Technology Suppression:
The United States has 3 times the oil reserves in ANWAR Alaska as Saudi Arabia?  Why, if the US can be energy self-sufficient do we insist on supporting the corrupt Middle Eastern countries by buying their oil instead of pumping our own?  Because if the US or any country could be completely autonomous, we wouldn't need global government.  Following WW1, national boundaries were drawn up in the Middle East and Europe to purposefully create states that were not self-sufficient and foment ethnic and religious wars.

In our current petro-dollar system, and real discoveries or advancements in renewable and independent energy are suppressed. Consider the geo-political consequences if every individual home could cheaply generate its own power. A discovery like this would bankrupt the current system and those in power have all the money and resources to maintain the status quo.  Science geniuses are identified early in our current system and put to work for the benefit of the elite.  Parents are told that only the globalists appreciate the talents and potential of their gifted children and that only they have the resources to support them in their education and research.  However, instead of these discoveries going out for the benefit of the whole human family, scientific discovery and technology like the thorium reactor, Tesla technology, Farnsworth fusor, quantum physics/spring theory, magneto-plasmadynamics, and Moray's direct beta-voltaics are suppressed.

Jewish-Anglo-American Establishment:
America, Europe, and Israel are controlled at the top by corrupt politicians that have sold out their country even before running for office.  CIA, MI6, and Massad work together to secretly enforce the will of the establishment under the pretext of "national security". If the CIA cannot easedrop on an American citizen, they have MI6 or Massad do it for them.  Republican or Democrate, Tory or Labour, Lobor or Likud, all these candidates are controlled and even pre-selected to win electrons.

Since WW2 many globists have infiltrated the Jewish State and religion like the US and UK. While many bad actors whose secret associations were responsible for the Jewish Holocaust, now claim to be Jewish and hide behind the legal muscle of the Anti-Defamation League. This is not a Jewish or Zionist conspiracy but a globalist conspiracy that purposely keeps the nation of Israel divided and keeps the Jews from worshipping God on their own temple mount.  Conspiracy is precisely why the Jews were did not permitted to possess the temple mount after the 6-Days War when they had already taken Jerusalem. 

By the way, you can judge a man's heart by his attitude toward God's temple and especially toward the God's requirements of outward and inward ritual purity with regard to the House of the Lord.   In fact this is precisely a major purpose and function of the temple to reveal to us the true heart of man; both our own heart and others.  The servants of Satan might be able to throw money at the temple for politucal advantage, but they cannot tolerate the inward requirements of ritual purity.

Soviet Union:
The West secretly supported the Communist Revolution in Russia.  According to an editorial in Pravda, the Western-backed reds promised greater equality if the armed militia  stayed away and allowed them to conduct their bloodless coup. After the Reds took control, they told the militia they could keep their guns but only need to register them.  The militia registered and then the Reds slaughtered them.

Cold War:
After WW2, the US sent the plans and nuclear material to the Communist Soviet Union so they could develop a rival nuclear program sparking the Cold War.  Cold War Soviet Union cannot maintain control over Eastern Europe so they fake their demise while keeping secret control over Eastern block nations via fake western-friendly leaders. The Soviet Communists split up assets and become the Russian Capitalist Oligarchs.   But according to "the Perestroika Deception", the same Communists still are in power.  Yet, western oil companies come into Russia and build up an lucrative natural gas and oil infrastructure to sell gas and oil to Europe at inflated prices. 

The Russian Federation has entered into numerous nuclear disarmament treaties with the US. While the US unilaterally disarms its nuclear arsenal by taking its ICBM's off "launch on warning" (PDD 60), de-MIRV'ing all 450 remaining Minutemen III missiles, and keeping more than half our ballistic missile subs docked in port at Kings Bay, GA.  All the while, both Russia and China have been secretly modernizing and expanding their military and nuclear arsenal with ICBM's that are each able to deliver 10 independent nuclear warheads.

Nuclear War:
The end goal is to provoke Russia and China to attack the US via a nuclear first strike and invasion. Currently, Chinese see the world economy set up to benefit American's.  America and Euope has not acted honorably in their promise to lift the third world out of poverty.  Instead the West has exploited the third workd.  According to China, why shouldn't the global economy be set up to benefit China?  So, China and Russia are prepping to decapitate the West with a nuclear firststrike. China and Russia won't eventally win WW3, but The goal is to have US citizens loose so much faith that they are ready to abandon the US Constitution to be saved by global governance beginning with NATO.

Russia and China are modernizing their millitary and nuclear capability. At the same time, the US has been unilaterally disarming.  US missile defense technology is ineffectual with a kinetic, non-explosive warhead. Mutually Assured Distruction (MAD) is a myth.  Bill Clinton in PDD 60 took our aged nuclear arsenal off "launch on warning" and changed our military strategy to retaliate after absorbing a nuclear firststrike.  President Obama now carries the nuclear football and our enemies know that he will, like Bengazi, stand down after an attack and also because there would be nothing left to retaliate with.

Genetic Slavery:
Fabian Globalists want to implement the Georgia Guidestones. They want to breed and domesticate humans like dogs by genetic subtraction. The elite would keep their full expression of genes while the rest of us . Globalists will, one day, require all babies to be produced in a test tube. Human embryos will be screened for genetic disease while allowing parents to pick other traits like eye and hair color.

The consequence of picking genes will disrupt the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.  Considering how people pierce and tattoo themselves, it is shortsighted to think that everyone will think blond hair and blue eyes or even a round head is beautiful.  After several generations, humans will have breed themselves into various human breeds akin to chihuahuas, pugs. and labro-doodles.  The globalist will make genetic manipulation required telling us it is our duty to cleanse the human genome from genetic disease.  However, while there may be greater phenotypic diversity, there will be less genotypic diversity resulting in less adaptability and genetic fitness. Governments could also surreptitiously delete or alter genes that affect temperament, creativity, motivation, or faith like the so-called "God gene".  Like the domesticated dog, for all its diversity, it never will have the strength to stand up against the wolf, forevermore.

Globalist seek to run the world using automated machines and to eventually have all human's become connected, then assimilated like the Borg into the Internet of things. Technology is luring us away from real life into the virtual world via addicting and immersive video games and social media that today is evolving into VR headsets and haptic/tactile augmented reality but tomorrow will involve direct neurologic implants. All behavior will be controlled through suggestion and conditioning. In this  state, the human race will be completely enslaved while believing they are free. The future Matrix will eventually be able to surveil our thoughts and eliminate anyone who even begins to suspect that something is wrong with the world.  Also, good but apathetic citizens are too consumed with video games and other diversions to stand up against our steady and incremental loss of liberty.  "We are all consumed with everything that doesn't matter and cannot feed us."

Artificial Intelligence:
The Globalist Elite love to talk about artificial intelligence. In their view for us, humans would not interact with each other.  Eventually we would be raised by robots, and direct intimate contact even between husband and wife would be forbidden. Human intimacy would be only expressed virtually or completely artificial.  If they had their way, we would not have families. We would be conceived in test tubes and grown in artificial wombs.  People would be raised in orphanages by robots.  Orphanages today already serve to research the minimum requirements necessary to raise a human. Orphanages also create more orphans which are trafficked to consumer nations for adoption.  

Brady Haran's Computerfile discussed the potential problems of unleashing a Terminator/ Sky-Net-type artificial intelligence computer system in the world.  If a stamp collector instructed an AI program to collect as many stamps as possible, the AI program might start out bidding on E-Bay for stamps, but in time might conclude that trees are stamps and might order that all trees be cut down and turned into stamps. Eventally, the program might see stamps and people as both made of carbon and determine a way to turn people into stamps.

The Super-Entity:
The reality is that a Sky-Net-like AI system has already been in operation for decades. The current scarcity-based/ capitalist/ monetarist economic system is already carrying out its ultimate moral-less directive to do whatever necessary in business to return the greatest profits to the stockholders (it's not personal, it's just business). We are all cogs in this fantastic, inhuman, and brutal world-wide machine.  

Several months ago the Zurich University of Technology performed a study on over 50,000 multinational corporations and found that all companies are controlled by only 147 super companies. These 147 companies they named the "Super Entity".  The interesting aspect of the study was how the 147 companies were identified because the same individuals served as controlling stockholders in each of these companies.  CEO's like presidents of nations are puppets and only represent the interests of the stockholders. Presidents of nations are controlled by their advisors which are controlled by lobbyists and the same special interests.  All labor, commerce, private central banking, and wealth in our current system serve to enrich the joint-stock trusts of several thousand elite families.

Georgia Guidestones:
The Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, GA is a monument set up by the neo-feudal globalist elite with 10 goals written in 8 languages for a global government that calls for a reduction in global population by 95% to 500 million.  With robots and mechanization, the elite believe that 500 million is a more manageable number.

If we let this murderous conspiracy have their way, we and our posterity will be turned into genetic and virtual slaves.  This the legacy we are leaving our children, and our children's children.  If these modern-day Gadiantons achieve their design, there will be no revolution that will ever hope to free us. There will be no Jubilee Year forgiving debts, allowing the prisoners to go free and allowing us to return to the lands of our inheritance.  If we allow these Fabian Globalist to destroy our constitutional government, like the Nephalim from before the Great Flood, our genetic corruption would eventually lead to our permanent enslavement and total destruction.

Skull and Bones:
This is an occult idea and secret society.  Yale University and many other colleges have Greek fraternities that recruit members at an early age.  The Boy Scouts of America has the Order of the Arrow that conditions young boys into getting used to elite societies.  These organizations tend to transmit the false idea that their members are smarter and better. Skull and Bones conveys the message that they are not the eyes, or the brain or the muscles, but they house the eyes and brain and the muscles couldn't operate unless they had the bones to attach to and pull against.  Their hidden presence provides necessary structure and support for society and civilization.  

This 3-petal lilly flower is an occult symbol that represents the compartmentalization of society between "those that fight, those that work, and those that pray".  In reality, a perfect society would not compartmentalize its people in this way.  In reality, all men in a society should work, pray and be a member of the militia led by professional officers like in Switzerland and as the US Constitution directs. The Boy Scout's use of this symbol represents the opposite of this idea that men and boys should dedicate themselves to their duty to God, country, and community.

The ouroboros is a symbol of a snake consuming its own tail.  This represents the elite's exploitation of the poor by keeping them poor.  The elite exploit and manipulate the poor to help achieve many of their social engineering goals.

Overton Window:
The Overton Window is the range of ideas the public will accept. A political policy viability depends on its acceptability in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too extreme to gain or keep public office. This window can be moved slowly and incramentally via media propaganda to favor acceptance and faster via crisis creation by offering more extreme ideas as the "only solution". 

Global Utilities:
Local government has become indispensable in our lives by offering public utilities like water, gas, sewer, trash, electric and education.  In reality, a perfect society would have homes that like living biological cells, generated their own power and burn their own trash and have independent access to all knowledge.

World Government is attempting to become indespensible in our lives by administering the internet, convincing us of the threat of global climate change, protecting us from terrorism, providing and requiring certain vaccines, providing central banking control to continually bail our bankrupt socialist governments by suggesting a VAT tax and new global reserve currency (Special Drawing Rights), and providing a militarily to save us from their engineered Communist threat. The current derivative/bond market balloon may use the threat of economic collapse to allow globalists take management control of our retirement and pension funds. 

Chronic Inflammatory Disease: 
Global policy has raged war against acid rain and sulfate content in American soil.   which is the bread basket of the world. They have spent billions to scrub sulfur from our oil, gas, and coal. Round-Up serves also to sterilize the soil of microbes.  This sterile compacted soil makes more of the nitrogen fertilizer available for the corn and soy, but makes the already sulfur poor corn and soy that makes up an increasingly greater part of our diet, even more sulfur deficient. The USDA has a daily recommendation for every element and vitamin except sulfur despite it making up .25% of the body.  Sulfate is required by the liver to detoxify thr blood and are an essential constituent of Glycosaminoglycans (GAGS) which are essential for cellular signaling and linked to nearly all inflammatory illnesses like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and hundreds of other rheumatological and autoimmune diseases.

Estrogenic compounds in soy lethicin and in milk, and certain plastics, are working to feminize the population which has affects on both body and temperment.  Men including police officers and military are increasingly using testosterone replacement and other synthetic anabolic steroids to counteract these effects. 

These societies are a vehicle to deseminate a false version of morality that rivals true Christian morality.  Also, at the highest levels, it is used by globalists to hide their operations behind the mask of humanitarianism and public relations.  These groups care very much that their left hand knows exactly what their right hand is doing.

Artificial Scarcity:
Evil derives much of its power through the supply and demand, scarcity-based economy.  A gold-based economy illustrates this point.  Gold is the oil in the world economic engine. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough gold to fund the liquidity needs of the world economies especially when gold is purposely taken out of circulation. Empires like Rome and Nazi Germany went to war to secure more of it.  Like gold, our economy likes everything but drugs and alcohol to be scarce. In a scarcity economy, people can easily be manipulated and controlled by dealing out resources and privilege. Scripture reveal that "the Earth is full and there is more than enough and to spare."  ANWR in Alaska has 3 times the oil reserves as Saudi Arabia, but our corrupt politicians won't allow us to be self-sufficient and pump our own oil. As a consequence, our money in the US and Europe goes to prop up corrupt Middle Eastern and Russian governments. 

Human Guilt: 
The media makes the white male feel guilty.  We are made to feel guilty for so-called "white privilege", guilty over displacing the Native American, guilty over slavery, guilty for being a first-world nation.  That guilt is then used to manipulate us into accepting lax immigration enforcement. Media guilt-propaganda has also worked to convince the world that if things get bad, most people say they would rather just die. People have been convinced that they don't add any value to society but only contribute to selfishness, racism, imperialism, and global warming. We are being convinced that the very air we exhale is polluting and destroying the Earth. Western families are disintegrating. Marriages are failing, young men and women are foregoing marriage and children.  The elite, at the same time, look to take further control of the world and award themselves life-extension technology.

Path to Destruction:
The fall of constitutional government follows the following pattern:
1. Demoralization of society via materialism, substance abuse, and sexual immorality.
2. Greater poverty:
A. familial psychosocial neglect due to parent's materialism leading to increased psychological disorders, and poverty of the mentally ill.
B. sexual immorality leads to broken families, single mothers and increased illigitimate poor.
C. substance abuse leads to decreased productivity, poor health and increased idle poor.
D. all these influences lead to a general increase in stress and decrease in quality of nutrition leading to a decrease in health and education and increased poverty due to poor health and decreased education.
3. Materialistic rich neglect their responsibility to aid the poor because poverty is their own fault.
3. Greater divide between material rich and poor
4. Evil sweep into government control with the promise of economic equality and socialism.
5. Socialism enables the poor to stay poor, and enables the materialistic rich to continue to stay materialistic and neglect the poor.
6. Evil in control of the government, stay in government, and can continue to errode freedoms so long as they continue doling out "free bread and circus".
7. Eventual fall and failure of free constitutional government.

Constitutional Government and Pure Religion:
The US Government is 18 Trillion in debt and is using the fear of economic collapse to get Congress to enter into unconstitutional secret trade agreements that only ever prove to further weaken domestic mining, production, manufacturing, and business.  These secret trade deals that sign away our sovereignty are not the only way to save this country.

The first step to deliverance is faith in Jesus Christ and then repentance. We need to repent of our drug use and sexual immorality. The recreational use of any mind-altering substance is wrong. Our brain rewards us for productive behavior, any illicit triggering of our pleasure centers without legitimately earning those neuro-chemical rewards is an exploit and cheating ourselves.  Why climb the mountain when I can just sit here on my couch and simulate the feeling and reward?  Using recreational drugs should not be criminalized.  There is no victim but distribution of recreational substances should be criminalized as in the days of Prohibition.

Return to Virtue:
We need to repent of our sexual immorality. Any sexual activity before marriage and outside of marriage is wrong.  All birth control has a known failure rate and recreational sex, like drugs, is an exploit.  Also, all children have the right to receive a full genetic inheritance from both a male and female and to be born into a family and raised by both a loving mother and father.  Same-gender marriage is the civil rights issue of our day. It is the children's rights that are being violated.  Same-gender couple should be allowed to live together and receive all inheritance, medical decision-making, insurance and tax benefits as any other couple except the right to create and raise children. Children is what differentiates marriage from civil union.

Pure Religion:
We must repent of our materialism.  Any poverty anywhere in society is an injustice and a threat to our freedoms.  Rev Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a member of the Boule and was controlled and very immoral.  But he had a change of heart and shifted his focus from the issue of race to the issue of poverty and was promptly assassinated.  It is the responsibility of people through the church to provide welfare services and not government.  The reason for this us the Church will more likely provide accountability and rehabilitation while the government cannot. I do not propose heartlessly cutting people off government welfare. Instead, if churches started doing their job, people would no longer need government assistance and come off it themselves.

Hanging by a Thread:
Latter-day prophets have foretold of the day when constitutional government would hang by a thread.  We can only secure our constitutional freedoms by a return to virtue and ending poverty in this nation. The end to poverty will also require a change in our economic system from our European-style fractional reserve capitalist system to a full reserve free enterprise system called the Safety Society System.  The Safety Sociey System is a constitution-based economic system that institutes the US Constitutiin mandate for a national currency "coined"(printed ot otherwise created) by Congress whose value is also regulated by Congress.  A regulated currency means Congress would use a simple interest/fee-based community lending system to prevent inflation or deflation. 

Gary Allen explains that those who cannot accept conspiracy are forced to conclude that everything that happens is a result of an accident, mistake, based on human greed and incompetence. I cannot think of a more faithless and hopeless outlook than that.  Those who recognize the reality of conspiracy also see that while the slow decent of society has been devised by the craftiness of men, the solutions to our problems are also within our God-given power.

Some reject the reality of conspiracy because they just can't see how a relatively small group could keep such a global con-job a secret. Wouldn't someone talk?  In fact, the globalist really don't keep their plans a secret.  They just implement them so gradually, most people don't take much notice. Other mechanism Fabian Globalist use to keep secrets involve compartmentalization. Not everyone who is involved understands the big picture. Some people are motivated by benefits, pay-offs and bribes, others are black-mailed.  Most people are good and are just given a good reason and they do it without asking too many questions.  When they do ask they are told "its a matter of national security". People who work for the millitary can't talk about what they do but are always fooled into believing that they know more about whats going on then everyone else because they are "privy" to insider information that they can't disclose.  Others have been fooled into believing global government is a good idea. Still others just want to join up with the winning team.

Leadership of Guilt:
Those who live a sinful lifestyle are told that it is the fault of society that they feel guilty.  Society doesn't accept you and that is why you are unhappy. They are told their work will change society for the better where their sinful behavior will one day become socially acceptable and then they will finally experience happiness in wickedness.  Globalists actively recruit those with a history of serious moral sin to positions of leadership because this group can be counted on to betray their family and country believing they are acting for the greater social good.

Unpardonable Sin:
Ultimately, at the top of the conspiracy pyramid, I suspect there are a few who secretly wish they could no longer go along with the plan. There are many deathbed confessions without anyone there to record and publicize them.  However, these high-level operatives have entered into blood oaths that if violated would result in not only their butal death but also the torture and extermination of their entire family line. Furthermore, many at the top have been convinced that the evil acts they have been required to perform to be at this high level are so heinous, they have committed the unpardonable sin and the power of Christ's Atonement cannot possibly save them.

In reality, the scriptures do hold out hope for those who feel they have committed the unpardonable sin. Brigham Young taught about this and the conspiracy attacks this teaching vehemently because this doctrine threatens their very existence. Brigham Young, the Book of Mormon and the Bible teach about how to repent of seemingly unpardonable sins.  In reality, only blasphemy against the Holy Ghost (Cremation of Care Ceremony), is said to be unforgivable.  You can't exist in any part of heaven if you ignore, deny, resent, and try to destroy your conscience.  We all have a light within us that tells us right from wrong.  People will argue that there is nothing wrong with abusing chemicals for recreation like alcohol, tobacco or even caffeine but then they will turn around and still refer to them as "my only vice" and abusing themselves with them as "being naughty".  When will people stop excusing themselves in denying their conscience?

For those like Sherem in the Book of Mormon and the thief who was crucified next to Jesus Christ, these two examples suggest a path to redemption.  First, Sherem and the thief accepted Christ as their Savior.  Next, they openly confessed their sins. Lastly,  they voluntarily submitted to the required civil and spiritual punishments without lawyers, or endless appeals.  Think of how wonderful it would be for a couple of witnesses from the top to come forward and make a full confession and then voluntarily submit to the required punishment, without a plea deal, sealing their testimony with their blood. I would forgive them.  Ultimately, it is up to God to judge.  This teaching isn't blood atonement?  This isn't shedding someone elses blood for your own redemption.  What Brigham Young was talking about was true repentance, making a true confession, taking responsibilty, and accepting the atoning blood of Jesus Christ.

Children to the Fathers:
As I have engaged in family history and genealogy studies, I have been impressed by the goodness of my ancestors.  I am here because I have ancestors who believed in hard work, and honesty, Christian morality, and raised healthy families that transmitted these values to the next generation.  Everything we do in society should be to facilitate families in raising a righteous generation to possess this nation.  We now hear that the death-rate of caucasian populations in Europe and America now exceeds the birth-rate.  The key to our ability to overcome will ultimately be the providence of God. But for those of us in the game and on the field in these final minutes, when it appears like the righteous face insurmountable odds, the key is for the righteous to repent and return to virtue, and forsake sin.  Then the people of God need to continue to work hard, bare children and raise our families as the ultimate expression of faith and optimism and unite together in difficult times.

Fair-Weather Fans:
The Golden State Warriors won the 2015 NBA World Championships. I am sure there are a lot more warrior fans this year than ever before. Everyone loves a winner. This was maybe a bit like how it was in heaven. How many of us loved God because of how supremely awesome He is? God is the supreme champion. However, down here on Earth, the tables only seem to be reversed.  We are placed in a situation where it appears like the bad guys are winning and God is asking, "who's on the Lord's side who? Now is the time to show."  God will most definenately trumph, but whose side will we be standing on?

Evil secret societies prevent infiltration by requiring insiders to perform unspeakable acts. In this way, the insiders know whom they can trust because any moral person could not bare to perform them.  In the original but opposite way, God's Holy Temple works similarly.  God's temple requires God's people to perform good works of righteousness and devotion. In this way, God's people know whom they cam trust.

This trust issue was a big deal for Joseph Smith in Kirtand and Missouri. In D&C 101, God chastizes the Missouri Saints for not building a temple where they would have been able to "see the enemy afar off".  Instead, the Saints were infiltrated by agitators who formed a decret group of "Danites" and fomented animosity with neighbors resulting in theur later expulsion from the state.  

The US and Jews without the Holy Temple have had the problem of being infiltrated by evil and having atocities committed in their name.  Jews in Russia were blamed for attempted coup against the Tzar.  Jews in Germany were blamed for treason in the Boufour Agreement in WW1 getting the US into the war in exchange for Palestine. The US has been guilty of treatment of Native Americans. slavery, and recently endless war and meddling in the Middle East.