Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bad Idea: B61-12 Upgrades

The US is looking to upgrade a small arsenal of nuclear weapons stored at several european military bases.  The B61 weapon is a nuclear dumb bomb that can only be dropped by a bomber aircraft. The US is looking to upgrade the tail section of these devices to turn these dumb bombs into smart bombs.

Upgrade or not, this plan to upgrade these weapons is less than pointless but inflammatory.  Smart or dumb, these nuclear bombs have no tactical or strategic use. They can only be carried and dropped by aircraft that can easily by taken out by Russian anti-air systems long before these bombers reach their target.

The senselessness of these upgrades is that Russia has said that it is using them and the continued development of the US anti-ballistic missile system as an excuse to violate every nuclear treaty and roll out numerous upgraded straegic nuclear medium and long-range missile   systems.

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