Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Matrix on Hope

I was watching a TV version of "the Matrix" and I was surprised about the movie's message about the connection between prophecy, hope, free will, and choice.  In the movie, super intelligent robots take over and enslave the humans (can't happen).  Anyways, slavery works best when the slave believes they are free. So the machines hook up all the humans to a virtual reality system referred to as the Matrix.  The humans, in reality, are captive in a life-support cocoon, but their minds are engaged in a virtual reality simulation. The machines were using the human mind for its computational power. The movie has to do with a few human's realizing they are living in a virtual simulation, unplugging themselves, and then the ensuing struggle to stay alive, deal with real life, and ultimately defeat the machines.

Neo, the story's protagonist, learns that the current version of the Matrix is not the first but actually 6.0. The first version was created too perfect and happy which caused the humans not to believe it.  So, in the subsequent versions, the Matrix was made less ideal by allowing people free will and the power to choose. 

So, the interesting thing about the power to choose was that this power to choose was tied to hope. And to give the human's hope, the Matrix had to create a new program called the Oracle. The Oracle was a grandma type figure who liked to give out candy and chocolate chip cookies.  But she also provided optimistic prophecies about the future that the humans could have hope in and then live accordingly. 

I do not recommend seeing the movie because even with editing there is violence, language and modesty issues.   You can get the same pure teachings in the Book of Mormon. But, I was fascinated that a Hollywood movie would deal with such substatative themes of how free will, choice, hope, and prophecy are connected.

I should mention that Neo is not "the one" in the Oracle's prophecy that must unite with the Source.  Smith is "the One".  That kinda means the Oracle lied. So, we shouldn't look to the movie for any further inspiration.

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