Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trump is an Insider

I think TPTB wish to elect Trump and will get him elected just like they got Schwarzenegger elected in California and Jessie "the Body" Ventura elected in Minnesota. Yes; I believe Jessie Ventura, Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones, and Ron/Rand Paul are playing for the same team. (guilt by association) They are all controlled opposition assigned to debate our side for us.  Libertarian movement is Gadianton controlled 3rd-party. 

Libertarians like Neal Boortz and Herman Cain (Atlanta) are essentially conservative without the morals (pro-drug legalization) . The Libertarian Party also supports free trade which has destroyed our country economically. You never could explain how Ron Paul got his record-setting "pork" in bills but always voted "NO" on them.  Yes, There was an obvious conspiracy against Ron Paul in 2012.  Obvious conspiracy was perfect for the conspiracy crowd.   The conspiracy against Romney was much more subtle. 

I think you have a blind spot on Libertarianism.  I have had several temporal witnesses that it is controlled from the dark side. 1. I worked with the son of a national organizer (T*** "P****" d******) 2. Local black pastor tried to participate on the national level and reported on local radio talk that they vehemently resisted his invitation for Christian prayer. He called one day frustrated and disheartened to warn that the Tea Party was not what it seemed. 

I agree abusing yourself with recreational drugs should be legal. But, distributing recreational drugs should be illegal because there is a victim, and there is harm.  The addicted user does not have capacity.  (capacity is medically determined).  I sign 2013 forms in Georgia every day allowing me to take legal authority over addicted patients who are incapacitated by drug and alcohol addiction and hold them up to 72-hours against their will until they can be evaluated by psychiatrist or until sober. 

Gay couples can live together in civil union if the choose. Both are consenting and have capacity to make bad choices. Gay Marriage is wrong because it harms the potential child.  Children have the right to be raised by a mom and a dad, but also on a more fundamental level, to receive a genetic inheritance from both a male amd female. (the technology to do otherwise is being rolled out). 

The intent of recreational use is tied to the formulation of the recreational drug. If cannabis has medical uses it need not come in a smokable form. Alcohol has clear medicinal uses also, but medicinal alcohol is not packaged in a "beverage", recreational formulation. 

This is why I suspect Trump is an insider.  Although the media seems continuously outraged at all the continously outrageous things he says.  The media continually make excuses for them and tell us "people like him because he speaks his mind" etc etc.  Rush Limbaugh sends a lot of time explaining to the Republican base why Trump is leading with fringe Republicans.  The numerous other GOP candidates keep the Republican base divided. 

Romney was similar but opposite.  The conservative media seemed to be for him but kept up the veiled attacks like "he just doesn't have enough to put himself over the top", "he just doesn't connect with voters" "Romney would be no better than Bush" etc etc. Then when Obama won, they  immediately told us that women and minorities outnumbered the traditional Christian conservative voters. I agree, Romney is not an insider but asleep to reality, allowing himself to be outmaneuvered by TPTB. 

Cruz, was a plant to take attention away from Mike Lee with his phony, ineffectual filibusters. Mike Lee is a real outsider who sleeps in his DC office. (good fruit)

If Trump gets Elected. Russia and China will see a window of opportunity with Obama too good to pass up.  Putin is not playing chess but poker.  And, even though he may not be holding a Royal Flush or Full House (i.e. be completely ready to take on the West), he will go "all in" when he is made to think that he has the better hand.