Friday, January 08, 2016

Federal Abuse of Power

I work with medical colleagues who come from all over the world.  We were discussing Obama's town hall meeting and executive order for gun regulation and registration.  My friend from Pakistan talked about witnessing a man pull a gun on another man over a dispute over a 2$ lunch. Violent experiences like this were part of the reason for him coming to America with his family.

We both agreed that gun's should be regulated in sensible ways. But I told him that according to the US Constitution, the responsibility for such regulation was the duty of the State and not the Federal Government.  The Federal Government cannot be trusted with any powers above that which the Constitution enumerates. Over the last 100 years we have seen a slow and steady increase in Federal power as well as abuse.

The abuse of federal power is what Ammon Bundy is upset about. Federal bureaucracy is bankrupting western ranchers.  While I do not support Ammon Bundy's armed occupation of the Oregon Refuge, I do sympathize with some of the rancher's complaints against the Federal Government. 

The Obama administration has been found to be abusing the power of government agencies to persecute his enemies.  Here are some examples:

1. IRS selectively audit citizens who donated to rival presidential candidates.

2. BLM bureaucracy bankrupting western ranchers.

3. Auditors selectively auditing and penalizing private democratic medical groups driving physicians to be hospital employees or employed by contract management groups. 

4. Unequal Medicare reimbursement of contract management groups vs. private democratic groups.

5. DOE preferentially targeting and closing down coal-fired power plants.

6. Using behavioral data and tactics to manipulate citizen behavior.

7. Deal federal land mining rights to special interests or prevent mining at all causing us to be dependent of foreign imports.

In addition to being involved in actuvities the dederal government was never meant to be involved in, the federal govermemt us failing to do the jobs it is expressly commissioned to do. 

1. Not protecting boarders.
2. Not coining 100% money.
3. Not regulating value of money and preventing inflation.
4. Not protecting us from Russia/Chinese nuclear threat.
5. Not protecting domestic manufacturing by not collecting tariffs.

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