Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Dam is Breaking on Book of Mormon Evidence

This article talks about Ron Meldrum's explaimation of how John Wesley Powell, Ephraim Squires, and Lewis Morgan are responsible for the most sinister archeological coverup in world history.  Powell, Squires, and Morgan are responsible for labeling the Native Americans "ignorant savages" and promiting the policies of manifest destiny which denied Native American rights of life, liberty, and property. 

Also, these 3 suppressed, concealed, mischaracterized, and destroyed Hopewell Culture archaeology sites and artifacts to hide the fact that the Native American's decended from a culturally advanced civilization in thr American heartland. 2 of the 3 men are sons of Methodist ministers who lived and preached around Palmyra, NY in 1830 at the time of the discovery of the Book of Mormon.  No doubt, part of their motivation was to discredit the Book of Mormon.  (Joseph Smith won the congregation away from John Wesley Powell's father)

The dam is breaking with regard to Book of Mormon historical and archaeological evidence. DNA evidence proves a major pre-Columbian east-to-west migration of a middle-eastern population.  This population became the Hopewell and Woodland Cultures and are the principle ancestors of the Great Lakes Algonquin Tribes.

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