Thursday, February 25, 2016

Romney Testing Media

I have written before how Mitt Romney is clueless when it comes to how the real world works.  Despite being LDS and specifically warned about the reality of conspiracy in the Book of Mormon, Romney loaded down his 2012 presidential campaign with CFR Globalists and seemed surprised that his campaign was sabotaged and he lost the election in the home stretch. Romney doesn't understand that US Presidents have been members of or at least controlled by secret organizations like the Bohemian Club for the last 100 years.

Romney just came out with some last-minute advice for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio to attack Trump on his tax returns. Up to now, Romney is probably sitting perplexed on why tax returns were such a big deal in 2012 and yet no one in the media or any campaign has even brought up the issue in 2016.

Wake up Mitt!  Cruz and Rubio won't attack Trump on his taxes neither will the media make an issue of it because Trump is exactly the guy the establishment has wanted all this time. Cruz and Rubio might say they don't want to run a negative campaign so they don't feel to make it an issue.  The media won't make it an issue claiming that since Cruz and Rubio aren't interested, then why should they be interested.

Even if Trump is forced to disclose his tax returns and a "bombshell" is discovered, I expect the media to go on making excuses for Trump (as they have this entire campaign) telling us that despite the revelation, Trump supporters don't care and are still supporting him.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Kissinger and Putin

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Why is Kissinger still a thing?  Putin says he values Kissinger's opinion on global issues.  Why should Putin trust Kissinger and what is Kissinger telling Putin to do? The problem here is that Kissinger is not elected or appointed and we have no idea what he is telling Putin.  There is no oversight on Kissinger's advising.  

Kissinger is free to talk to whomever he wishes. The problem is that I don't feel like Kissinger's opinions reflect my values and I don't like world leaders listening to him because it is exactly his globalist opinions that have brought us to the precarous point in history in which we now find ourselves. 

World leaders have settled upon a cease-fire in Syria. Putin asks that the border of Syria and Turkey closed because he has been upset that oil is flowing into NATO member Turkey while supplies and arms are flowing from Turkey into Syria.

Additionally, Saudi Arabia is prepping to send in 350,000 troops into Syria to create a "so-called" safe zone in Syria.  Putin and Medvedev have said multiple times that they would consider using tactical nuclear weapons to defend Syria and that an escalation of the conflict in Syria would lead to permenant World War.


Superfluid Vacuum Theory

The universe could be a Bose-Einstein Condensate.  A BEC is a superfluid that exhibits no friction. This superfluid forms an aether in which electromagnetic waves propagate.  Matter and mass involve the interaction of vortices within the aether. This leads to the quantum vortex theory of matter.  

Gravitational waves have been measured in 3H-B BEC superfluid by a group in Finland. Now Gravity waves produced by merging black holes have been measured by sensitive laser interferometers at the Advanced LIGO facilities. The detection of gravity waves confirm predictions made by Einstein's General Theory of relativity. These gravity waves may also support the superfluid vacuum theory of the Universe.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Keeping the Faith in Tribulation

After listening to your "year in review", It is my opinion that you could be more careful that your words about LDS Apostles do not unintentionally degrade people's faith. 

1. President Monson worked very closely with President Benson and President N Eldon Tanner and Elder McConkie.  And these 3 were as awake as can be in my opinion.  Tanner was a politician, banker, oilman that set up Alberta and the LDS Church on the road to great prosperity. I think Elder Tanner had to be very awake to accomplish what he did for Alberta (oil) and the Church (investments).  I consider President Tanner to be the most effective LDS Politician. Unfortunately, we've had too many ineffectual LDS politicians through the years. Both Elder McConkie and Pres. Benson foretold a nuclear holocaust. 

2. We should not speak evil of the ruler of thy people.

"And they that stood by said, Revilest thou God’s high priest? Then said Paul, I wist not, brethren, that he was the high priest: for it is written, Thou shalt not speak evil of the ruler of thy people." (New Testament, Acts 23:4-5)

3. We are to pray for our enemies.

"But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;" (New Testament, Matthew 5:44)

4. Christ, Amulek, and Capt. Moroni called Pharisees, Zeezoram, and Ammoron "children of hell" but none of them were proper leaders of the people.  Capt. Moroni was bold but respectful in his letter to Pahoran. 

5. President Monson in his Ensign Article "Are we prepared" gave a parable about not wanting to set fires lest we cause the chickens to molt and stop being productive.

6. President Uchtdorf's talk "The Summer with Great Aunt Rose" was a parable about dealing with the coming Tribulation.

7. Elder Bednar was in town last month golfing at Augusta National (not necessarily an awake thing to do) but said over our pulpit, "right now is as good as its going to get".

8. Elder Rasband at Regional Conference gave a talk reminding us that we need to stand in holy places which are our homes, Stake Centers, and temples.

9. In my opinion, America is a type of Christ that will be crucified but soon after resurrected. Accordingly, our leaders, like Christ, are "brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth." (Old Testament, Isaiah 53:7)  We cannot avert prophecy. 

10. Awake or not, Food Storage is the perfect defense against nuclear war.

11. Following nuclear war fallout period, remaining survivors gathering at Stake Centers (convert Stake Centers to shelters and pool resources) is the perfect defense. The Church distributed plans on how to do this a few years back). The plans were dealing with housing Hurricane evacuees but it still works for the nuclear scenario: Pool remaining resources, strength in numbers, agreed upon leadership, strict values keep out undesirables, don't need to turn away beggars daily as have already consecrated resources to group.  (no safe room required)

12. You said that God always gives His people a choice. When it comes down to it. Babylon will fall. There is no saving it and only Zion will remain for the pure in heart to turn too.  Not the tea party, not the Liberty movement.  The Tribulation is meant to help Gentiles turn to Zion and God's priesthood authority on the Earth. 

13. The LDS Church is going to some considerable expense covering shipping charges for the delivery of Food Storage.  You can get door delivery of hundreds of pounds of Food Storage by UPS for next to nothing since the canneries closed operations in the East.   

14. Wheat is a great food storage item because I suspect people won't kill you for it as they wouldn't know what to do with it. Wheat with water all by itself (unlike rice which requires beans) can sustain life. You may need pine needle tea for Vitamin C.  Since pine needles are old growth, they won't take up as much radiation, I suspect. 

15. Just because a person is not awake to conspiracy doesn't necessarily mean that they are ignoring their conscience or not in-tune with the Holy Ghost. Some people are like Lehi, whose mind was so pure, Nephi said that he (Lehi) did not notice the "filthiness of the water" in his dream. I think many of our wives are like that.  Nephi on the other hand did notice the filthiness of the water and preceded to tell us about it in exceedingly great detail.

16.  We should be careful eroding faith in the Lord's anointed servants and priesthood authority because the next major spiritual attack of Satan may be "if you are prophets, seers, and revelators, why didn't you warn the world or even your church that this was about to happen".  

Monday, February 08, 2016

Spring Theory: Phonon-Photon Coupling

Newtonian physics (F=m.a) does a really good job of describing most of the world around us except when things get really small (quantum mechanics) or get going really really fast (relativity). On the atomic scale, behavior such as blackbody radiation, the photoelectric effect, and the emission/absorption spectra of gases was believed couldn't be explained in terms of Newtonian physics. In response, an empirically derived quantum mechanics was born to describe this behavior on the atomic scale.

Quantum mechanics is not referred to as a physics because "physics" assumes we know "why" and "how" something behaves the way it does. Quantum theory is categorized as a "mechanics" because many aspects of this theory come from experimental measurement without necessarily knowing "why" or "how" or "what" is really happening.

This is where plank's constant come in: E = h.v. or E = h.c/f. h is described at the smallest package or quanta of light that an atom can absorb or emit. However, planks constant (the basis of quantum mechanics) is a measured constant, and while very useful, it is not derived from for more fundamental laws.

Recently, there are claims that Planks constant (h) can be derived from Newtonian first principles. h is derived from Newtonian first principles by describing light and the atom in terms of a capacitor and a spring. If this is true, this means that instead of being rival theories, quantum mechanics would become a subset of Newtonian physics.

C = e0 . A / D
C = capacitance (charge/voltage or field resistance . volume)
e0 = permittivity of free space (resistance to forming an electric field in a given medium)
A = area
D = distance

The second assumption is relating the wave behavior of light to a tsunami. In the same way a tsunami changes behavior when it approaches, land, so do photons change behavior when they interact with an atom. When a tsunami enters into shallow water its velocity slows. However, to keep its energy flux constant, the wave increases in amplitude. therefore, a tsunami that out in sea might by nearly imperceptible may grow to great height when it reaches land.

C (speed of light in a vacuum) = lambda (wavelength) X f (frequency)
Vt (speed of quantum transition in an atom) = lambda (compressed wavelength ) X f (frequency)

In this theory, a 1/2 wavelength of light becomes a small capacitor which separates a positive and negative charge by half its wavelength. Therefore, measuring the interaction of a photon inside an atom we would use the velocity of transition and compressed wavelength of the photon inside the atom. The frequency of the emitter matches the frequency of the wave that is emitted. But the wavelength itself can be contracted depending upon the medium.

C = e0 . A (area) / D (distance)
C = e0 . (Vt/f)^2 / (1/2 . Vt/f)  
C = 2 . e0 . Vt / f

E (energy) = Q^2 (charge) / 2 . C (capacitance)

E = [Q^2 / 4 . e0 . Vt ] . f or E = h . f
h (plank's constant) = Q^2/4 . e0 . Vt
if Q = e = charge of an electron than
Vt = 1.094 X 10^6 m/s (speed of transition)

E = [Q^2/(4.pi.e0) ] .[1/x] (Coulombs equation)

F = -k . x (Hooke's Law)
F = force
k = spring constant (stiffness or springiness) = Fmax/xmax at Coulombic barrier
x = distance (stretch)

Coulombic Barrier: point at which strong nuclear force overcomes electrostatic force
Fmax = 29.053 Newtons
xmax = rn = 2 x 1.36 fm (fermi or momentum spacing)

If f = w/2.pi and w = (k/m)^1/2 then f = 1/2.(1/pi) . (k/m)^1/2
If v = fx then v = 1/2.(1/pi).(k/m)^1/2.(x)
If k = Fmax/vmax then v = 1/2.(1/pi).(Fmax/2.rn/mn)^1/2. (2.rn)
If Vt = c.Alpha/2 then v = rn/pi . (Fmax/^1/2

E = hf = hc/lambda = mc^2 lambda = h/mc Therefore Vt = c. alpha /2 
alpha = fine structure constant = coupling constant = impedance matching

The idea of the speed of the quantum transition in the atom is that for energy to be transferred there has to be a 100% impedance match. In Ham Radio there is an impedance as the radio signal leaves the radio after which there is an impedance in the coax leading to the antenna. Finally there is an impedance of the antenna. For energy emitted by the radio to cause the antenna to resonate and emit energy, that impedance must match or the energy is reflected back into the radio. In the same way, this understanding of quantum mechanics using newtonian physics explains the impedance matching needed for energy transitions to occur in the atom.

Frank Znidarsic is claiming to have derived Plank's constant from Newtonian First Principles by assuming that light is a capacitor and the atom is like a spring. They come up with a more fundamental constant which is he calls the "Speed of Quantum Transition." This value supposedly is the speed of light as it travels through an atom. It is the transitional relationship between phonons and photons (phonic-photonic coupling), and is assocated with the the concept of imedance matching between nuclear energy transfers. He says the the Vt constant of 1.094 Mhz-m or m/s comes from several antigravity, cold-fusion, superconductivity and BEC experiments where high freqency DC electricity was used to stimulate energy transfer.  I think it is also was part of the secret behind the Moray Device and conductive spray paint antennas that transmit under water (conductive paint and triboluminescent quartz).

I believe these concepts are not new but have been suppressed.  Just as Isaac Newton was chosen to reveal Calculus and the Laws of Classical physics to explain Halley's Comet (seen as a bad omen), I believe that the Great Global Conspiracy already has a mastery of these principles and the resultant technologies which they are preparing to roll out after nuclear war to usher in our acceptance of their New World Order Government together with genetic manipulation technologies.  They will claim a unified world goverment will bare fruit of technological advancement and prosperity. However, I believe these technologies have already been developed but have been suppressed for decades now.