Saturday, March 12, 2016

New Economy: Free Enterprise without the Capitalist

The federal government has a simple job.  But it seems the government is doing all the things it is not supposed to do and is not doing the basic things it has been entrusted to do.  The government is to protect.  It is to protect the borders.  It is  to protect business with tariffs.  (tariffs did not worsen the Great Depression) Government is to protect from war but our military is far behind Russia and China. The Constitution also commands Congress to coin our currency and regulate its value also a duty abdicated by Congress. The major issue if the Revolutionary War was fighting for our right to control our own currency and credit. The major economic issue of the Civil War was about tariffs. If we forget these issues, we voluntarily give up the freedoms our forefathers gave their lives to protect.

Our current fiat central-banking system is on the brink of failure.  Only endless money printing is keeping us afloat. A Gold-backed currency alone is also insufficient because there is not enough gold. Traditional European fractional reserve lending is not Constitutional but has led to a history of continual market instability. When banks lose their fractional reserves, they become insolvent and fail. This led to the creation of bigger and more corrupt banks.  Yet it was the big corrupt international banks engineering the market instability in the first place. 

Banks lend based on small fractional reserves they keep in reserve in the form of stocks. If the stock market crashes, they lose their reserves and cannot lend and become insolvent.  Full reserve lending is the answer according to economist Milton Friedman.

A stable and Constitutional banking system immune from failure would create a currency based on land, real estate, gold, oil and a basket of real assets. A stable and Constitutional system would be full reserve. We don't need the the Bank of International Settlement whose Basel I Accords crippled Japan and whose Basel 2 Accords triggered the 2008 housing collapse. 

Currently, big FED members banks borrow $1000 from the FED and can lend $10,000 or more based on a 10% fractional reserve requirement.  This is the "money multiplier" principle and means that in reality, the big banks are creating a majority of the currency  (out of thin air) and not Congress. Congress loses out on earning revenue on all the prime interest on money creation.

1. Federal Congress to coin all money via the US Treasury.
2. Money created is done at the moment of loan origination for only real assets like land purchases, hospitals, mining, factories. (on-demand)
3. Local non-profit Safety Society System banks assure credit worthiness and service loans. They make money on loan origination fee and and small monthly service fees. 
4. Federal government earns revenue on 100% money creation and charging a simple interest rate.
5. Simple interest rate (fee) gives saving the advantage over borrowers, regulates value of currency, and prevents inflation (hidden tax).
6. Communities and groups can apply together for larger loan approval.  We don't need the capitalist with his unelected machiavellian economic power to give us museums and aquariums.
7. Home loan borrowers earn equity on their first payment.  No amortization schedule.
8. Missed monthly payments are deducted from equity.  
9. Default doesn't occur until a person loses all equity then the bank can repossess a real asset.  No borrowing for stocks or derivatives.  This becomes an instant reverse mortgage and built-in mortgage insurance policy.   
10. Depreciation is deducted from equity.
11. Speculative investing would never be done by the Safety Society which restores Glass-Steagall. Let venture capitalists continue to do all the speculation as they do now with no bail-outs.
12. 100% Deposited money is protected at the Safety Society and never re-loaned.
13. Repaid money is returned to US Treasury and retired.
14. Money Supply x Velocity = Price (Inflation) x Growth.  Since money is only created as needed, the money supply never exceeds or lags the need. 

Welfare is the Business of Religion

Amendment I: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

The US Constitution establishes a separation of Church and State.  This doesn't mean that the State need to divorce itself from any reference to God or morality, but it means that the Federal Government must not interfere with the free expression and practice of religion.  

Both welfare and marriage are establishments and institutions of religious practice. James 1:27 says that pure religion involves the business of visiting the fatherless and widow.  Welfare is the business of religion.  That means federal social welfare programs encroach upon and usurp the rights and duty of religion in violation of the First Amendment.  Additionally, marriage is also a religious institution therefore the government should make no laws about it. 

Sure, the government is good about the redistribution of wealth and taking from one and giving to another. But while government is good at printing checks, the government cannot effectively address virtue issues ofttimes at the heart and cause of the situation. Thus, government welfare keeps people dependent on the welfare and cannot rehabilitate the dependent citizen leading to self-sufficiency and true freedom. 

Only Religion can effectively care for the needy and provide true accountability.  Pure religion also is meant to keep its people "unspotted from the world". This accountability the government can never do.  Government needs to get out of the business of religion, and religion needs to administer its basic prime directive by carrying the burden of both providing welfare and teaching and expecting virtue.  Remember, Christians are not to take the Lords Supper unworthily which provides the basis for divine accountability and expectation.

Socialism is also unconstitutional because the federal government derives its power from the people.  Accordingly, the government cannot operate beyond the rights of the people.  If it's illegal to walk into your friends house and take something, the federal government shouldn't be able to either.  Since the government is a man-made institution, the creature cannot exceed the power of the creator.
Marriage is also the business of religion.  Yes, marriage is the greatest civil rights issue of our day.  But the civil right that has been violated is the right of children to be raised by both a mother and a father, and soon as advanced fertility technology is being rolled out, to receive a full genetic inheritance from both a man and a woman. This is the only difference between marriage and civil union. Let same-gender couples have all the insurance, employment, tax, medical-decision making benefits. But same-gender couples are not married and should not create offspring together using advanced fertility technology.  But even knowing this, the federal government should be unconcerned with this this because marriage is religion and governmemt should make no law with regard to religion.  It can only prosecute afterwards for harm.

Russia and China Nuclear Modernization

The Whitehouse has repeatedly released notices to the Congress concerning the fact that Russia is in violation of the START2 and NEW START treaties.  Russia has been stockpiling fissile uranium instead of decommissioning old nuclear weapons and recycling uranium and plutonium into fuel.  Instead of decommissioning and downsizing, Russia has been expanding and modernizing their nuclear arsenal.  Much of this arsenal is likely stored at the Yamantau Mountain underground complex which has never been inspected.  

Additionally, while the US has unilaterally de-MIRV'd all our minuteman 3 missiles and taken them off "launch on warning", Russia's modern ICBM's have up to 10 independent warheads that are maneuverable to avoid US anti-ballistic missile systems.  US nuclear doctrine has changed since Pres. Clinton's PDD 60 that the US would now absorb a nuclear first strike and then decide to retaliate afterwords.  However, after such an attack, we would have nothing left to retaliate with.

Why have our leaders made us naked before our enemies?

Consider that President Putin has repeatadly said that he would use nuclear weapons if the US violated the soveignty of states like Syria and Iran.  With low oil prices, we are already in an economic war with Russia. How long can Putin hold out before he decides to act against the West?  Consider that Russia simulates the use of nuclear weapons with every military drill they conduct. Also consider that Russia  has built over 5000 nuclear shelters for its people in Moscow alone and that it is currently deploying its next-gen S-500 anti-ballistic missile system in the Arctic.  Our aging single warhead ICBM's should be easy targets if any are launched in an retaliatory strike.

Bohemian Club Influence

According to this ABC report, the elite in politics, business, education, media and finance get together during the last 2 weeks of July at the Bohemian Grove in Sanoma County, CA. There, among the redwoods, these elite secretly discuss policy that affects the nation and the world.  Every president since President Taft has been a member excluding Presidents Clinton and Obama.   A famous Bohemian grove photo shows President Eisenhower at the grove with fut ure Presidents Reagan and Nixon. 

Can we not conclude that Presidential and other political candidates could be pre-selected by the elite and then placed before the American people?  These pre-selected candidates with financial and media backing would possess an alternative allegiance  to the aims of the Bohemian members over what is best for America.

For instance, Brent Scowcroft, a Bohemian Globalist, testified before a Senate panel that they were responsible for liberalizing the Westphalian system.  While Scowcroft spoke ill of Westphalia saying some blame it for all modern conflict, The Treaty of Westphalia is where European Protestants derived its freedom of religion after the 30-years war.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Chicago Tension Foreshadows Cleveland Conflict?

Global government has been looking for a trigger for political or racial tensions, conflict, and then gun confiscation.  The Republican Convention will be held in Cleveland in 3 day.  There has already been very concerning tensions today in Chicago resulting in the canceling of a Trump rally. A group of Democratic Bernie Sanders supporters crashed a Trump rally seeking to and successfully disrupting the gathering resulting in its cancellation.

I hope the Republican Convention concludes peacefully and without conflict. I hope Bernie Sanders would recognize that the actions of his followers prevented the free assembly of Trump supporters violating their rights of assembly.   If Sanders understands anything about the Constitution which he seeks to defend, I hope he would condemn this disruption by his supporters.  Sanders supporters are also free to peaceably assemble but not when their assembly conflicts with the peaceable assembly of Trump supporters.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Herndon-Reston Virginia Holiday Inn Express

If you are taking your family to Washington DC, and you have cheap airfare to Dulles International Airport, I recommend staying at the Herndon-Reston Holiday Inn Express.  In addition to clean comfortable roooms and friendly staff, and the included breakfast, this Holiday Inn Express has a great shuttle service.

The Herndon-Reston Holiday Inn Express is located close enough to Dulles Airport that they provide a complementary shuttle  service to the hotel.  In addition, this hotel is located close to the Weihle-Reston METRO station.  The hotel shuttle will happily take guests from the hotel to the METRO and back.  At the end of my trip, they happily picked me up at the METRO station and dropped me off at the airport.  The shuttle also took me to and from church on Sunday morning.  They also are happy to take any guest to any restaurant within a 3-mi radius.

It costs me about $120 for pay for 4 people to travel to DC and back to the Weihle-Reston station 3 times with a 4th short hop from Smithsonian to the Capital South station. Remember that it is more expensive to travel during weekday peak hours.

When you get to the Dulles Airport, make sure you don't just hop on any Holiday Inn shuttle. There are several Holiday Inn hotels in the area and they all pick up guests at the same curb spot 2H.  The Holiday Inn Express uses a blue and white shuttle van while the regular Holiday Inn use larger green and white shuttle buses.