Saturday, March 12, 2016

Bohemian Club Influence

According to this ABC report, the elite in politics, business, education, media and finance get together during the last 2 weeks of July at the Bohemian Grove in Sanoma County, CA. There, among the redwoods, these elite secretly discuss policy that affects the nation and the world.  Every president since President Taft has been a member excluding Presidents Clinton and Obama.   A famous Bohemian grove photo shows President Eisenhower at the grove with fut ure Presidents Reagan and Nixon. 

Can we not conclude that Presidential and other political candidates could be pre-selected by the elite and then placed before the American people?  These pre-selected candidates with financial and media backing would possess an alternative allegiance  to the aims of the Bohemian members over what is best for America.

For instance, Brent Scowcroft, a Bohemian Globalist, testified before a Senate panel that they were responsible for liberalizing the Westphalian system.  While Scowcroft spoke ill of Westphalia saying some blame it for all modern conflict, The Treaty of Westphalia is where European Protestants derived its freedom of religion after the 30-years war.

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