Friday, March 11, 2016

Chicago Tension Foreshadows Cleveland Conflict?

Global government has been looking for a trigger for political or racial tensions, conflict, and then gun confiscation.  The Republican Convention will be held in Cleveland in 3 day.  There has already been very concerning tensions today in Chicago resulting in the canceling of a Trump rally. A group of Democratic Bernie Sanders supporters crashed a Trump rally seeking to and successfully disrupting the gathering resulting in its cancellation.

I hope the Republican Convention concludes peacefully and without conflict. I hope Bernie Sanders would recognize that the actions of his followers prevented the free assembly of Trump supporters violating their rights of assembly.   If Sanders understands anything about the Constitution which he seeks to defend, I hope he would condemn this disruption by his supporters.  Sanders supporters are also free to peaceably assemble but not when their assembly conflicts with the peaceable assembly of Trump supporters.

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