Saturday, March 12, 2016

Russia and China Nuclear Modernization

The Whitehouse has repeatedly released notices to the Congress concerning the fact that Russia is in violation of the START2 and NEW START treaties.  Russia has been stockpiling fissile uranium instead of decommissioning old nuclear weapons and recycling uranium and plutonium into fuel.  Instead of decommissioning and downsizing, Russia has been expanding and modernizing their nuclear arsenal.  Much of this arsenal is likely stored at the Yamantau Mountain underground complex which has never been inspected.  

Additionally, while the US has unilaterally de-MIRV'd all our minuteman 3 missiles and taken them off "launch on warning", Russia's modern ICBM's have up to 10 independent warheads that are maneuverable to avoid US anti-ballistic missile systems.  US nuclear doctrine has changed since Pres. Clinton's PDD 60 that the US would now absorb a nuclear first strike and then decide to retaliate afterwords.  However, after such an attack, we would have nothing left to retaliate with.

Why have our leaders made us naked before our enemies?

Consider that President Putin has repeatadly said that he would use nuclear weapons if the US violated the soveignty of states like Syria and Iran.  With low oil prices, we are already in an economic war with Russia. How long can Putin hold out before he decides to act against the West?  Consider that Russia simulates the use of nuclear weapons with every military drill they conduct. Also consider that Russia  has built over 5000 nuclear shelters for its people in Moscow alone and that it is currently deploying its next-gen S-500 anti-ballistic missile system in the Arctic.  Our aging single warhead ICBM's should be easy targets if any are launched in an retaliatory strike.

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