Friday, April 01, 2016

Obama Disarming, Putin Arming

President Obama held another nuclear security summit.  During this summit Pres. Obama made his case for unilaterally downsizing, dismantling and disarming the US nuclear arsenal. He says he is committed to continue to reduce US nuclear capability because he wants to set a good example to other countries to follow the US lead and secure their nuclear materials lest terrorist groups like Alqaeda or ISIS get ahold of nuclear materials and use them in a terrorist attack.

Yet, while the US has unilaterally complied with START2 and NEW START treaties, Pres. Obama admits that Russia "has not made as much progress as he would like".  He didn't even mention China.  I am not sure how President Obama can consider Russia's full-scale expansion and modernization of their nuclear arsenal progress.  The US has de-MIRV'd all our minuteman 2 missiles (1 missile = 1 warhead) while Russia has developed a new long range ballistic missiles fit with 10 independently maneuverable warheads.  Russia is also currently deploying their very effective S-500 anti-ballistic missile system in the Arctic. This recent article by Bill Gertz details Russia's nuclear expansion.  We shouldn't forget China's nuclear capability either.  This article by Bill Gertz in the Washington Free Becon demonstarates that President Obama has been successful at leaving us weak and naked before our adversaries.

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