Monday, May 23, 2016

Conversation with a Handler

"An enemy would imply some organized opposing force, aware and contending against the movement. No such creature exists. What does exist is guard dogs occasionally sniffing the wind, unfamiliar with the smell they catch. 

Should the guard dog pursue he'll find a massive, many-tentacled creature lurking in the bushes. He's powerless to oppose it directly. He's doomed at some point in his chain: his superiors, his superior's superiors... But let's assume the worst. An octopus can live on losing a limb."

At the very top, "the families" are very religious. Ironic how easily you are "handled" by your agnostacism and materialism. But the elite families who have ruled the world since the Middle Ages and before have had opposition, have had significant defeats. and do have opposition today. Here is a brief list of significant defeats of your employer. You know that every level of your organization withholds information. There is deception at every level. But here is some significant history by a few very successful "guard dogs".

1. Jan Hus of Bohemia, the original protestant reformer leading to Hussite Wars and inspiration to Wycliffe and later Czech Moravians
2. Wycliffe and Tyndale successfully publish and popularize Bible in English
3. 30-years War by Czech Moravians and the Treaty of Westphalia, Established political and religious self-determination in Europe. (Brent Skowcroft attacks Westphalian System in recent Senate Hearing, interesting controlled "Cultural Mormon")
4. Napoleon, War of 3rd Coalition, Treaty of Pressburg, Ended the Holy Roman Empire. 
5. American Revolution, George Washington, established Constitutional Government
6. Joseph Smith: restores the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church led by living prophets and apostles and continuous revelation, scripture, and organized world priesthood hierarchy.
7. Robert Baden-Powell founding the Boy Scouting Movement first established during the Boer War in South Africa when "the families" discovered gold and diamonds in South Africa and massacred the Dutch farmers. (Tragedy of Hope)

"The families" have been carying out a amazing plan (Georgia Guidestones) for the demoralization of the US, very soon-to-be nuclear war with Russia and China, the US abandonment of the Sovereignty to NATO, and the eventual genetic enslavement of all people by advanced fertility amd artificial genetic selection which disrupts Hardy-Weinberg genetic equilibrium creating greater phenotypic variation (human breeds) but less genotypic viaration (less adaptability). The planned domestication of the human species will not succeed. 

When Russia amd China push the button,(maybe just before Obama leaves office) we are ready, and we win!! No shots need to be fired.

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