Thursday, May 26, 2016

Response Part 2

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. "The light shineth in darkness but the darkness comprehended it not." Your side believes this that is why the demoralization of the US is first step to conquest. Nevertheless, you may not understand what I'm say.

The LDS Church is in opposition to Satan because the LDS Church is exactly what it claims to be. The Church of Jesus Christ is Christ's only true Church. 

The Conspiracy understands that the LDS Church is their opposition and exactly why the Church was chased from New York, to Ohio, to Missouri, to Illinios, until they were forced to leave the US for Mexico. Then Pres. Buchanan (gay), sent an occupying army to Utah/Deseret to keep its thumb on the LDS. Bohemian Club likely poisoned President Wilford Woodruff who was invited and spoke at the Bohemian Club the night before falling ill and dying suddenly. 

Even if you are or are not a real handler. I do believe the system exists. Syndney Blumenthal and the Clintons for example. The LDS have a similar world-wide system to reenforce its ideals called "home and visiting teaching" and missionary work. We help families, say prayers together, read scriptures together, be self reliant. Its a beautiful system of social and spiritual therapy. It works across cultures. 

Although there seem to be some "handled" LDS like Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney, Harry Reid, and cultural Mormon Brent Scowcroft (Bush handler). Some knowimgly and some unkowingly. But the top leadership as a majority are not controlled. My father-in-law and several past neighbors are General Authorities. Now certain of my neighbors growing up I do suspect are on your side do to the work they do, philanthropy, and topics they choose to discuss when public speaking. The Conspiracy loves to call LDS occult and part of the conspiracy. That is a Conspiracy thing to do to accuse your enemy of doing or being exactly what you are. 

The major message of the Book of Mormon is a warning about a future global conspiracy bent on bringing about and end of nations and destory the freedom of all nations. 

Wesley Powell, Lewis Morgan, Ephraim Squier, falsified and concealed the link between Hopewell Culture, Algonquin (Great Lakes) Native American tribes and the Book of Mormon and their Ancient Israel connection. Morgan (son of Palmyra Methodist preachers) characterized the Native Americans as Savages resulting in their being denied Constitutional rights.

(I suspect TPTB have a furure plan for Native Americans. Sick that the people who put them in the reservations in the first place may fool them into their employment; Kinda like how Democrats use inner-city population. Democrats put people in the ghetto and use them as a voting block or social unrest aka Saul Alinsky). 

Why doesn't the LDS Church notify the world? 1. Pres. Monson suggested lightimg fires would only serve to paralyze productivity. 2. No need to come out in open opposition 3. if your prepared, less important if you know why or for what. 4. God doesnt want fair-weather fans. God is purposely making life to only appear like He is losing. But God holds all the cards even if TPTB think they are 10 steps ahead in their global chess game.

The LDS Church believes the US Constitution to be inspired by God and akin to scripture. Constitutional governmemt is part of thr LDS religion.

We are going to have nuclear war, likely just before Obama leaves office. Continued ISIS autrocities which Putin believes the US is supporting, Continued encroachment in Syria, Iran, and moving NATO assets into Poland and Baltic states will bring the desired response and why TPTB built up Communist Russia and China in the first place. 

LDS and others will conduct a peaceful conquest upholding Constitutional government beginning in the West simply by maintaining order.

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