Friday, June 10, 2016

Russia Violating New Start Treaty

Bill Gertz is one of the few reporters that follows the Russian military modernization and buildup.  Gertz in his latest article in the Washington Free Beacon reports on the many violations by Russia of the New Start treaty.  

I'm not sure why this is reported as anything new.  Russia has been in violation of every nuclear agreement. The whitehouse has declared numerous states of emergency to Congress reporting that Russia has been stockpiling fissile (bomb-grade) nuclear material intended to be converted into nuclear fuel.

Russia has been benefiting from high oil and gas prices since 9/11 to modernize its military and nuclear triad. Now with low oil prices, economic sanctions, and Russia being cut off from suppliers in Ukraine, US belligerence in Syria, Poland, and the Baltics, look for Russia and China to make their move.

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