Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Daniel's 70 Shabuas

This could be wrong but:

I see Daniel's 70 shabuas/weeks could begin with "The Law of Return" on 5 July 1950.  This was a law by the Jews for Jews (not UN) to return to Israel.

That means Daniel's 70 shabuas/weeks would end in 2020. The Lord's watchmen will see eye-to-eye in 2020.  This is NOT Christ's "coming in glory" but the beginning of the establishment of the New Jerusalem in America and/or temple in Jerusalem. 

During the middle of the last 7 years of Daniel's 70 weeks (3 1/2 years) will be the "Abomination of Desolation" and the "Burning of Babylon". Nuclear first-strike by Russia and China on the West would be winter 2016, "after the POTUS election but before the inauguration" (GAS vision). 

2020 will be the 120th Jubilee or 6000 years since Adam left the garden.  A Jubilee is a full 50 years not 49 years. 1820 was also a Jubilee year. 2020 is also a 1/2 hour in Gods time following the opening of the 7th seal (1/2 hour of silence).

Events that may also occur are that the US goes to open war with Syria and Iran to re-fulfill Daniel's goat vs. ram prophecy and then the US government passing some sort of gun legislation to fulfill an element of the GAS vision ("government would take away the guns of the people").  At some point the US may be divided into 4 like Greece did and a devastated US would give up sovereignty to NATO to prosecute WW3. 

Pres. Obama himself joked at the last Whitehouse correspondence dinner, "this is my last and perhaps the last whithouse correspondence dinner", and "the end of the Republic looked so good".

This follows his comments about Michelle Bachman saying Obama would "bring about the biblical end of days". Obama responds "What a legacy; thats big; Lincoln and Washington didn't do that".

The US is moving our ABM systems into Poland, the Baltics, Ukraine, and South Korea, Japan, and the Phillipines. Threat or not, Russia amd China are telling their people that the US these ABM systems are not for North Korea or Iran but US preparations for a nuclear attack on them. 

All Free Laundry Detergent in the Dishwasher

We are traveling and staying in villas that have a washing machine and dishwasher.  I have used dishwashing detergent in the washingmachine before and discovered that All Free Detergent packets work great in the dishwasher. The dishes came out clean without residue. The key with using laundry detergent in the dishwasher is making sure that it doesn't contain strong perfumes and that it doesn't make suds. Also, the laundry detergent packet dissolves away completely. 

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Usury and Media

Elder Porter gives a great presentation.   It is a bit long but in a nut shell he says 1. The Book of Mormon lands are "This Land" of North America and not Mesoamerica 2. LDS members, because of the warnings we have in the Book of Mormon, are particularly responsible (together with all people of faith) for protecting the Constitution and constitutional government from secret combinations that are overrunning our land. I particularly like his definition and description of what a combination is. 

Elder Porter is not just saying 'isn't it interesting that Book of Mormon lands may be in North America, and that we have allowed secret combinations to overrun the land'; but he is saying 'it is imperative and critical that we recognize, understand, and believe these truths.'

But, Elder Porter talks so matter-of-fact on these issues, and I have had a terrible time expressing these same views at all. I get treated like there is something wrong with me.  I also feel like I can't talk on these issues because the prophet and 12 have not spoken on them recently. (since Pres. Benson's direction that every LDS should read "None dare call it conspiracy"). It seems we are still in the Pres. Hinkley "be optimistic" phase yet Elder Bednar comes to Augusta and says "Right now is as good as its going to get".   We are not in the "awake to your awful situation" phase.   You can be awake and still optimistic, of-course. 

Also, the prophet and 12 have been speaking in parables lately which communicates certain things to those of us who are awake. (ie "Are we prepared" setting fires put chickens in a molt", and "Summer with Great Aunt Rose").  I see the wisdom in not "setting fires" and preparing to visit Great Aunt Rose.  

While Joel Skousen thinks its a grave sin to not be awake.  I disagree and think many people are like Lehi who Nephi commented that his mind was too pure to see the "filthiness of the water". Ruth has a pure mind like Lehi and doesn't like to think on these things and I respect that.  She wants to pass on an idyllic life and America to her children.  But I am maybe more like a Nephi, whose eyes water my pillow because of my weaknesses and because of the suffering of so many of Gods children, and I also see the filthiness of the water.   And like Nephi, I may spend some time talking about the filthiness of the water (eg Great and Abominable Church).

Some might think its not productive to bother with any of this.  But, I may disagree. I think that by understanding the problem we can better understand solutions.  For example, I was reading the Koran and if you spend a bit reading it, you immediately get a sense for what their "beef" is with the West.  If the West would be a moral people and we would also reform our banking system (Safety Society System) and reject the collection of "usury" which is how we empower evil and how we join in the spoils of the secret combinations, then they'd have no beef with us.   You may say, evil people will always persecute the righteous.  But thats not what the scriptures teach. 

Proverbs 16:7 When a man’s ways please the Lord, he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him. 

It seems like in each election the citizens do consider the virtue of our leaders.  The candidates and media go to great efforts to appear that they are Christian and a family person and have forsaken any past sins. But the media covers for certain of these candidates making them appear devout Christian, and devout to their family.  On the other hand, other candidates are victims of character assassination. I have been fooled many times on this. 

So, we need a distributed, free and local media. (4th branch of government)  Consolidation of the media breeds corruption.  So, the antidote is decentralization. Via the internet, we could have a system of local reporters that upload local written articles and video to a central website (not unlike AP or Reuters).  However, unlike AP and Reuters, reports on local stories could only be uploaded by local media.  If there were a TV station that wanted to report on a non-local event, they wouldn't send out their own reporter, but upload a report and video by the local reporters only. Any media could pay for the reports which would go to the reporter, but a certified media outlet would get a discount for using the service exclusively. Since everyone gets streaming TV via the Roku box, every community can now have truly independent news channels without the control of the FCC or Big-media. 

These are just a few examples of solutions that come when you identify the problem.

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Russia and China Provoked by Missile Defense

The 1972 ABM treaty prohibited the developmemt amd use of anti-ballistic missiles.  Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union amd the emerging threat of rogue states seeking nuclear weapons like Iran and North Korea, The US withdrew from treaty in 2002.  Since that time the US has been developing anti-ballistic missile systems and moving these systems into South Korea, Japan, Phillipines, Israel, Poland, Baltics and Ukraine. 

The US claim that these ABM systems are not focused on Russia and China but are ment to counter a rogue attack by Iran on Israel or North Korea on South Korea. However, China and Russia are interpreting the ABM rollout into their neighboring countries as the US preparing a nuclear first-strike them.

These reports are very troubling however you interpret them.  On one hand, if Russia and China are legitimately worried about the US planning a nuclear first-strike; Russia and China may be justifiably provoked into attacking the US first. On the other hand, if Russia and China know that the US ABM system posses no real threat but are falsely telling their citizens that it is a threat; is still bad. Russia and China telling their citizens that the US is preparing to attack them may still be used to convince their citizens to attack the West first by providing them with a false justification.  These reports provide justification war however you interpret them.