Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Russia and China Provoked by Missile Defense

The 1972 ABM treaty prohibited the developmemt amd use of anti-ballistic missiles.  Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union amd the emerging threat of rogue states seeking nuclear weapons like Iran and North Korea, The US withdrew from treaty in 2002.  Since that time the US has been developing anti-ballistic missile systems and moving these systems into South Korea, Japan, Phillipines, Israel, Poland, Baltics and Ukraine. 

The US claim that these ABM systems are not focused on Russia and China but are ment to counter a rogue attack by Iran on Israel or North Korea on South Korea. However, China and Russia are interpreting the ABM rollout into their neighboring countries as the US preparing a nuclear first-strike them.

These reports are very troubling however you interpret them.  On one hand, if Russia and China are legitimately worried about the US planning a nuclear first-strike; Russia and China may be justifiably provoked into attacking the US first. On the other hand, if Russia and China know that the US ABM system posses no real threat but are falsely telling their citizens that it is a threat; is still bad. Russia and China telling their citizens that the US is preparing to attack them may still be used to convince their citizens to attack the West first by providing them with a false justification.  These reports provide justification war however you interpret them. 

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