Friday, September 23, 2016

Remnant of Jacob

President Monson said in a July Ensign article several years ago that if the US did not repent of our sins of immorality and substance abuse that we would follow the fate of other democracies/republics like Greece and Rome.  Rome was corrupted by the import of drugs via the Silk Road and the immorality of cities like Pompeii. The consequence of these sins was broken families and greater poverty. In response to the poverty problem, the Roman Ceasers came to power promising greater social equality and promising "free bread and circus".  But according to James 1:27 it is the Church's business to elevate poverty and uphold virtue,

Roman's socialist programs, and trade deficit with China, put the Empire under great economic strain.  Rome was forced to continually be at war with their neighbors to collect tribute to supply their economy with gold which was the liquidity/oil of their economic engine. Unfortunately, Rome began to rely upon hired Germanic Barbarians to supply their Legions with solders. Eventually, those Foeterati troops revolved and divided the Western Roman Empire forever.

God warns the Gentiles in the Last Days that if we did not repent of our wickedness that a "Remnant of Jacob" would be among us and tear us into pieces like a young lion. Who is the "Remnant of Jacob" (Alma 46:23-24; 3 Nephi, 20:16, 21:22-23; Mormon 5:12; Mormon 7:10; D&C 109:65) and how will the Gentiles be 'tread down and torn in pieces?' (see Micah 5:8, 3 Nephi 21:12).  Alma and Amulek were described as young lions scattering a family of goats when they came forth after being miraculously delivered from the prison. 

Seven Trumpets:1st Trumpet: Hail, Fire and Blood burn 1/3 trees and all grass
2nd Trumpet: Mountain in the Sea turns to blood and kills 1/3 fish die and 1/3 ships
3rd Trumpet: Woomwood star contaminates 1/3 rivers and 1/3 springs
4th Trumpet: 1/3 part of Sun, Moon, Stars hidden
5th Trumpet: Another star falls, Sun is dark by smoke and Scorpion Locusts torment man 5 months
6th Trumpet: Armageddon kills 1/3 man, 2 Witnesses prophesy and call plagues
7th Trumpet: Christ Appears and Wrath unleashed

The Fall of Rome followed the 7 Trumpets Pattern:
1st Trumpet: Alaric leads Goth attack by land
2nd Trumpet: Gaiseric leads Vandal attack by sea
3rd Trumpet: Attila the Hun conquers by river valley
4th Trumpet: Odoacer leads Germanic Foeterati in Insurrection (empire fractured)
5th Trumpet: Arabs (locusts) invasion
6th Trumpet: Ottoman siege of Constantinople
7th Trumpet: Wrath = Plagues of Dark Ages

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

GDP to Credit Gap

(Credit to GDP Ratio by country)

I think this is explaining that you have an economic recession when when you have decrease in GDP rate (business) and decrease in money supply/credit or overall negative (financial) during the same period.  

So, by Keynesian Economics, big government can minimize recessions by expanding the money supply, lowering interest rates, and supplying credit during periods of a negative business cycle. (Giannini Loans following San Fransisco EQ/Fire-- Bohemian Grove member) 

So, I guess that China is exhibiting an over-expanded credit/money supply and if there is any contracture in GDP rate, they won't have the room to financially buffer against recession. 

Interesting how this will play out with China Yuan/Renminbi joins the SDR.  BIS Basel 3 has strict credit and capital requirements to join the club.  I suppose IMF is promising China greater longterm inflows of capital if they join up but I'm not sure what China can and will do about its GDP/Credit Gap.

Bank of International Settlement Basel 1 Accords implementation clamped down on Japan triggering their "Lost Decade". 

BID Basel 2 Accord implementation popped the US housing bubble in 2008. 

Will Basel 3 pop China's bubble?  Or, did Basel 3 create the credit to GDP ratio as Chinese banks were required to hold 10.5% -11.5% reserves (CAR)?  Basel 3 requires 8%.  These banking reserves likely are held in the form of domestic bonds which may explain the credit gap. 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Dynomak Polywell

Derek Sutherland working at MIT and the University of Washington has developed a leading candidate in the race for workable fusion. Filo T. Fansworth, who developed the CRT television, first concieved of the idea of achieving fusion with his Farnsworth fusor which used inertial electrostatic confinement to accelerate duterium atoms and achieve fusion safely producing neutrons, helium, and excess energy.  

Robert W. Bussard developed the idea of the Farnsworth fusor into his Polywell which added electromagnetic confinement. Bussard reported a fusion rate of 109 per second running D-D fusion reactions at only 12.5 kV in his WB-6 device.  However, like Farsworth, Bussard died before convincing the federal government of industry to further fund the technology. Richard Nebel has continued the work on the Polywell only to face similar funding issues. 

Derek Sutherland at the UofW has developed a device called the Dynomak. which operates similar to the polywell.  Sutherland is facing similar funding problems.  The source of funding issues seems to be emdless war, and the US putting all its fusion budget into the huge international ITER Tokamak prohect. According to globalist policy, why would you do on a tabletop what you can do in a huge multi-billion dollar project. This is kinda what happened when laser and plasma wakefield accelerator devices were found to accelerate Hadrons to higher energies than the CERN LHC accelerator.

Jayoung Park with limited US Navy funding is continuing work on the Polywell.  The Navy is funding the construction of a small-scale Magnetic Grid (MG) Insulated Wiffleball Polyhedral Device WB8.   The WB8 design uses circular coils around each main face cusp axis.  The device uses emitter electron gun arrays and an ion beam drive.  The WB8 machine operates in magnetic fields with pulsed currents and operates at a magnetic field strength of 0.8 Tesla. 

A futher refinement of the device called WB8.1 or PB11 will exhibit aneutronic fusion combining protons with boron-11 without producing damaging neutrons. Other aneutronic fusion experiments use Petawatt, picosecond lases to create a boron-11 plasma and another to create a stream of protons that smash into the plasma, producing slow-moving helium (alpha) particles but no neutrons. The laser-generated proton beam produces a tenfold increase of boron fusion because protons and boron nuclei collide directly.

A few thoughts I have on this are that it is typical of an oil-dependent government to give lip-service to fusion, put mega billions into a monster boondoggle, but starve out other sensible research.  Also,this seems alot of trouble to make an alpha particle when Thorium could be bread to produce them. These articles talked like the direct conversion of alpha particles to electrons was easy (alpha-voltaics).