Monday, October 03, 2016

Russia Ends Plutonium Agreement and 40 Million Person Drill

BBC reports that Russia is withdrawing from nuclear deal whereby they agreed to reprocess weapons-grade fissile (uranium and putonium) from old nukes into fuel-grade material. 

Russia was never complying with this treaty. Russia had been reprocessing old nukes but then stockpiling fissile material for new bombs this whole time and the whitehouse knew it since 2000.

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Continues State of Emergency since 2000

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Executive Order that Russia cant be investigated even though they are known to be in violation of nuclear treaty.

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Prematurely Ends State of Emergency

Russia has built several thousand nuclear  bunkers/shelters in Moscow alone and will be hilding a massive nuclear civil defense drill from Oct 4-7 involving 40 million persons. 

5000 nuclear shelters built in Moscow in 2012. 

John Kirby of US State Department threatens Russia with more "bodybags", aircraft being shot down and terrorism in Russian cities. 

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