Monday, December 05, 2016

Pipelines and Railroads

Again, the US Federal Government is doing all sorts of things it was never meant to do, and failing to perform the enumerated duties in the Consyitution that it is supposed to do. 

The US Constitution specifies that the Federal government is to build post roads and regulate interstate commerce. These principles were used to justify Eisenhower's construction of the interstate system of US Freeways. Anyone who has traveled by car can appreciate the wisdom and blessing of this Federal system. 

However, when it comes to a federal railroad system and oil pipeline, the US Federal Government has left these duties up to private companies.  The consequence is that it is cheaper to transport goods from overseas to regional ocean ports than tansport goods by rail across the US.  
Federal oil and gas pipelines would bring down oil and gas prices and make transporting goods across the US even cheaper. But the will of globalist government is to prevent the US from being self-reliant and keeping oil proces artificially elevated. 

The Federal or State government is never to exercize eminent domain on behalf of a private company.  Government can legally exercise eminent domain for such national transportation projects. 

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