Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tyramine and Sulfate

Sulfate is essential for DNA repair (folate cycle), antioxidation (glutathione), cell signaling (glucosaminoglycans), and neurotransmitter production (SAMe).  Chronic sulfate deficiency may lead to an array of inflammatory disorders marked by increased homocysteine in the blood and elevated tyramine-sulfate in the urine.  In addition to consumingTylenol and the preservative sodium benzoate which negatively affect sulfate metabolism, high-tyramine foods may also have a significant negative effect on sulfate levels. High-tyramine foods include amything aged, dried, fermented, salted, smoked or pickled.

  • Strong or aged cheeses, such as aged cheddar, Swiss and parmesan; blue cheeses such as Stilton and Gorgonzola; and Camembert. Cheeses made from pasteurized milk — such as American cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, farmer cheese and cream cheese — are less likely to contain high levels of tyramine.
  • Cured meats, which are meats treated with salt and nitrate or nitrite, such as dry-type summer sausages, pepperoni and salami.
  • Smoked or processed meats, such as hot dogs, bologna, bacon, corned beef or smoked fish.
  • Pickled or fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, kimchee, caviar, tofu, olives or pickles.
  • Sauces, such as soy sauce, shrimp sauce, fish sauce, miso and teriyaki sauce.
  • Soybeans and soybean products.
  • Snow peas, broad beans (fava beans) and their pods.
  • Dried or overripe fruits, such as raisins or prunes, or overripe bananas or avocados.
  • Meat tenderizers or meat prepared with tenderizers.
  • Yeast-extract spreads, such as Marmite, brewer's yeast or sour dough bread.
  • Alcoholic beverages, such as beer — especially tap or homebrewed beer — red wine, sherry and liqueurs.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

General Mattis Testimony May Sink Hopes

When asked by Senator McCain if he supported a permanent military presence   in the Baltics, General Mattis looked down briefly and then reluctantly responded, "I do sir". Gen. Mattis also agreed with Sen. McCain that Russia and China currently posed the greatest threat to the "World Order" set up after WW2.

If Russia had any hopes of working with a Trump-controlled US, General Mattis testimony during his senate conformation hearings may have just sunk them. During the presidential campaign, President-elect Trump questioned the extent of US and NATO's involvement overseas.  But with General Mattis appointed as Secretary of Defense, it is looking like US foreign policy may continue on a similar course. 

The Mattis testimony is very immediately dangerous for the US.  If Russia and China were holding out to see if they could work with Trump, if it looks like Trump is going to support continued NATO "deterrence" in Eastern Europe, then Russia and China may decide to "act" now during the confusion of a US presidential administration transition.

Forgiveness of Seemingly Unpardonable Sins

What BY is teaching, I believe, is not Blood Atonement. Blood Atonement is about shedding blood of an another animal or human to pay for your own sin, ie Crusades, Jihad, etc.

What BY was teaching, in my opionion, was the doctrine of Sherem and the malafactor and what one must do to have a hope of forgiveness in Christ after committing a seemingly unpardonable sin.

This could be a very important doctrine that Satan hates because there's many people who, no doubt, feel stuck in deep dark conspiracies and they stay in them believing falsely that they've committed so much Sin, that they are beyond the reach of the atonement of Christ and they've committed the unpardonable sin and then there's no hope for forgiveness for redemption .

But, remember the Lamanites who preached the gospel of Christ to the more wicked part of the Gadiantons and by doing so, destroyed the Gadiantons and secret combinations from among them . and I think it was teaching how people could be forgiven of a seemingly unpardonable sin that made this possible.

what Sherem and the malefactor did was go through the steps of repentance.

1. accept and defend Christ
2. accept that they sinned
3. publicly confessed sin
4. freely accepted their punishment without appeal or plea deal. (even capital punishment)

I dont think having blood literally shed on the ground is a necessary ingredient. Again, If we believe in Christ, only His blood forgives sin. But the steps to repentance do require restitution and paying our social/societal penalties. (Why Sherem knew he was going to have to die).

What we get out of this is trustworthy confessions about what is really going on. Multiple witnesses sealing their testimony of their many sins and the sins of the great conspiracy with their own blood (so-to-speak).

The comspiracy loves to send us false insiders/defectors who claim to be "born again", but they never comfess or are punished for their sins. If they were true insiders they woukd have many terrible terrible sins to confess wgich is how the conspiracy prevents itself from being infiltrated.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Unlikely Fulfillment

It seems unlikely that the GAS vision would be fulfilled at this time.  MLK day is its last chance (last holiday before inauguration).

However, NATO is positioning tanks/etc in Easterm Europe as we speak, and there continue to be mysterious Russian airplane crashes, and dead diplomats (Putin driver, Turkey, Greece); that keeps the pot simmering.

The US Congress has just voted to extend Iranian sanctions which is more like Iranian stimulus.  Iran is to recieve a massive shippment of Uranium from Russia this week.  This Uranium shipment might be the tipping point for Israel.

I think for the pot to boil over, Israel would have to go rogue and unilaterally launch an offensive against Syria and Iran. Some big sudden action like that would trigger a response and turn the world against Israel.

I remember Pres. Obama joking at the Whithouse correspondence dinner how it was maybe "the last white house correspondence dimner" and the "end of the Republic never looked so good".  This was in responde to Michelle Bachman warning that Obama could bring about the "Biblical end of days".  Pres. Obama joked abour this also withva little too much sarcasm.  Pres. Obama tended to tell alot of the truth during his Whitehouse correspondance dinner monologues.

My father spoke with David Horne tonight. In collaboration with his brother,  an MD who was age 15 at the time of the George Albert Smith Family Home Evening (David was 11), there were two ERRORS in the written document to be used only among his family that got on the Internet: 

1. "Whether or not the candidate was of Greek extraction." 

2. "The war would begin on a National Holiday before the inauguration." 

David Horne said further that the conflict would be over Russia demanding the return of Alaska.

There have been several semi-recent media warnings of Russia wanting to invade Alaska. If Trump were to drill in  ANWR, gas would go to <1$/gal and the Russian economy would be sunk.


Drilling in ANWR could also end up bad for the US is cheap gas sunk the fracking industry making oil too cheap to make fracking worth it.  If Russia were then to take ANWR after the US became dependent on its cheap oil, them the US would be in trouble.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Obama Scraps ABM Aegis Ashore Phase 4

[quote]The United States would have missiles in Europe which carried an atomic bomb. ... and would withdraw its missiles to satisfy the Soviet Union.[/quote]

Nuclear missiles have been removed from Europe. Aegis Ashore land-based ABM systems in Romania and Poland carry kinetic warheads.  In 2009, the US cancelled the Bush missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. But in 2015, the US placed Aegis Ashore system in Romania that only targets warheads after their deployment. Aegis Ashore is to be placed in Poland in 2018. It is my impression that the the SM-3 missile used in Aegis Ashore cannot carry a nuclear warhead.

Putin has indicated that he was concerned that US missile defense missiles could be tipped with nuclear warheads at any time without Poland or Romania knowing anything about it. However, it seems Pres. Obama has diverged from Pres. Bush's original ABM plan (cancelling the 4th phase) which was, as Romney commented, "a gift to Russia".  Was this "gift" the withdrawal of Aegis nuclear warheads? Remeber Obama telling Medvedev he would discuss ABM after his reelection? 

(Obama scraps Bush ABM plan)

(Cancelled 4th Phase)

(Cancelled 4th Phase)

(Gift to Russia)

("After my reelection I'll have more flexibility")

(Putin discusses the 4 phases of the US Aegis Ashore ABM system in Romania.  The 4th phase was "the fouth sends out its own nuclear weapon in response" and says the US could easily place a nuclear warhead on Aegis Ashore missiles.  But Aegis Ashore Phase 4 is exactly what Obama cancelled.

(“U.S. abandons fourth phase of European missile defense system that causes the greatest objections from Russia.”)

(ABM 4th Phase = early "intercept targets prior to the deployment of multiple warheads = Ground-Based Midcourse Defense, exo-atmospheric kill vehicle")  

Monday, January 02, 2017

Epsom Salt Challenge

Sulfate is something we don't get enough of in our diets (even organic diet) and it is used everywhere in the body . The Federal Government does not even consider Sulfate an essential mineral. This is because the body can generate sulfate from cystein amino acid in protein. However, the conversion of cystein to sulfate is very expensive in terms of B12, folate, and B6 required. Sulfate is the 4th most abundant anion in the body yet it is not required to be a component in fertilizer and soy and corn protein fed to organic beef are very sulfer/cystein poor sources of protein. Sufate is used everywhere in the body.

1. heparin sulfate = natural blood thinner
2. cholesterol sulfate = major component of brain tissue and cell walls
3. glutathione = major antioxidant of the body (taking Epson Salt boosts glutathione = confers increased protection gainst Radiation exposure)
4. condroiton and glucosamine sulfate = major component of cartillage in joints
5. sulfur vs. nitrogen fixing bacteria in the gut = keeps bowel flora balanced and healthy
6. taurine = sulfonamine component of bile salts (popular additive in energy drinks)
7. sulfate conjugation = the liver uses sulfate to detoxify the body by conjugating drugs and toxic chemicals with sulfate to increase their solubility so they can be safely excreted by the kidney.

Many inflammatory diseases show elevated homocystein. The body can convert cystein amino acid into sulfate when it is deficient in sulfate. The conversion of cystein to sulfate requires multiple vitamins such as B12, folate, and B6. You can lower your homocystein levels with extra B12 and folate but this does not reverse the inflammatory process because elevated homocystein is only a symptom of the real problem of sulfate deficiency. If your body is deficient in sulfate it will cannibalize it from body tissue which results in inflammation and increased homocystein levels.

Take the Epsom Salt challenge by taking 1/4 tsp Epsom Salt dissolved daily. I see 80-year-old and 90-year-old African American's in the ED here in Augusta that are not here for themselves but here with their children who are sick. These healthy elderly African American's who generally are not on any medications or very few, do have some interesting home remedies (vinegar, castor oil, etc), but they all have one thing in common which is Epsom Salt.